Found Deceased CA - Linda Lebeau, 27, Tustin, 6 Oct 1977


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Linda Louise Lebeau
Orange County, California
27 year old white female

Height: 66
Weight: 120
Hair: Brown: Full head of hair. Length was just above the shoulders.

Eyes: Blue

Scar on the left shoulder

Pierced ears.

Clothing and accessories are described below:
Multi-Colored striped sweater, black pants
Black shoes
Gold Chain (Necklace), Gold watch


Linda met with her ex-husband that evening at a restaurant near that intersection to collect money from him. She was last seen at a gas station at that same intersection in her VW bus. After filling up her vehicle, she got into the driver's seat and backed into the witness' car. She then jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards Red Hill Avenue. The male subject ran after her, grabbed her by the arm and after talking to her they both came back to the vehicle. She exchanged information with the witness and was never seen or heard from again. Her VW bus was found four days later at the Red Hill freeway onramp to the southbound I-5 freeway. Her purse was found in the vehicle and there was no appearance of a struggle.

Well worth the read, more at link

After about six months of dating, Durnall and LeBeau got married. She was his third wife and the new stepmother to his children. But the marriage turned bad pretty quickly, Doug Durnall said.

“I think Phil just wanted to have a wedding band on her. I know that later she was just not that interested in it. … The things she would tell me about abuse, I knew it was the wrong person. … When she said she was leaving him, that didn’t bother me at all,” Doug Durnall said.

After about four years, the couple divorced. Durnall moved out, and she got a new boyfriend – a co-worker at Addressograph Multigraph Corp., where she was an office clerk. LeBeau got a new girlfriend, but, based on a recent interview with this woman, it seemed he never got over his ex-wife, Gallo said.

The two had little contact, and there was animosity after the divorce. LeBeau broke into his ex’s apartment and took sentimental items from her new relationship, while the tires of her new boyfriend’s car were slashed and sugar was poured into his gas tank, Gallo and Doug Durnall said.

The day she disappeared, she and LeBeau were supposed to meet at Love’s Restaurant, which is now a Denny’s at 1571 El Camino Real, for LeBeau to give $300 to Durnall to pay back damage to her boyfriend’s car. Afterward she was at a Texaco, at what’s now a Starbucks, at Red Hill Avenue and El Camino Real. A witness said he saw Durnall inside her Volkswagen van arguing with a man. Then, for some reason, she backed her van into the witness’s car, got out of the van and ran away. The man, who investigators now believe was LeBeau, chased after her and brought her back. Durnall then went to talk to the owner of the car she hit. Sensing something was wrong, the owner gave Durnall his contact information in case she needed to talk.
RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California woman who was killed in 1977 has been identified by a cold case team, authorities said Friday.

A skull and other skeletal remains found in 1986 were identified this week as those of Linda LeBeau, who was reported missing in Tustin, the Riverside County district attorney's office said.

Remains of woman reported missing from Tustin in 1977 identified by the Riverside County Regional Cold Case Team

California woman killed in 1977 identified by cold case team
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She went missing in 1977 but the NamUs profile states estimated post-mortem 1 year...

NamUs UP # 7133

Unidentified Female (Race Not Determined)

Found on January 29, 1986 on a hillside near Hwy 74 west of the look-out, Lake Elsinore (Riverside County) California

Vital Stats
Estimated Age: 18-25 years
Race: Unsure
Weight: Cannot Estimate
Height: Cannot Estimate

Scattered assorted bones, Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only
Probable year of death: 1984 to 1985
Estimated postmortem interval: 1 Year

Partial skull and assorted bones found above ground on steep brush covered hillside. Gunshot to skull. No identification or personal items located.

Medical Information
It appears that this person has had spina bifida since birth according to our pathologist.

Fingerprints Not Available
Dental: Available for maxillary teeth only, no mandible.
DNA: Sample is currently not available
36 years later, police are trying to solve woman’s murder – Orange County Register

What went wrong?

The article keeps mentioning the Ortega Highway. I know it’s hard to fit the puzzle pieces together, but you’d think that a woman’s bones found along that road should have caught someone’s attention.

When they found ‘scattered skeletal remains’ they listed the date of death as a year earlier. I’d think that DoD of 1 to to 10 to 20 or more years earlier would be more realistic, and would have encouraged people to spread the net wider.

The diagnosis of spina bifida may have been misleading. Perhaps it was a mild case that was never diagnosed in the living person?

I’m not meaning to criticize anyone for not identifying her sooner, just trying to figure out why it didn’t happen.

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