CA - Martha Anaya, 28, Santa Ana, 12-Nov-2013

WOW! I am watching KCAL9 in real time and there was a segment on FOUR missing women from Santa Ana. There was an implication that all 4 were involved in drugs/prostitution which was also indicated from comments from topix above. I am surprised, I thought it was just Monique and Martha. There are 4 women missing

I will link when I can, it may be in the morning, but the TV slot was very concerning :(
I don't think this older article has been posted yet...


I'm sad for her two daughters.

There is something haunting about that photo; she looks like an old soul. Very beautiful girl.

I don't have time to read the comments Jash is referring to right now; life gets in the way. But I am praying (in the only way I pray) that this has a good ending. I'll be back as soon as I can to catch up.
Link to news story I saw last night. The comments are concerning.

** From the article linked above...**

"What police say the women have in common are past problems with drug abuse and prostitution."

**This was my fear when I read the article linked below where it is reported that: **

"Authorities said the woman is known to frequent the areas of First and Lyon Streets..."

** If you look on the google map this page - Post 5... you can see there are primarily hotels/motels on that corner... not a place to frequent repeatedly for social entertainment...**

**But... her cousin stated:**

"No, Martha does not do drugs, Rosa Salcedo said.
“She doesn't even drink. She can't handle hard liquor,” she said."

**However... I would imagine family members may not know... or may not wish to present to the public.. history of drug abuse and prostitution when their loved ones go missing... **

I cannot help but think one or more of Martha's friends and/or family members would know of her connections in the prostitution world...

I wonder ... If anyone knows.... That they are afraid to come forward with names because :

- They may be considered "squealers"... And be harmed (or have family members harmed)...

- Their own family members may be involved with the prostitution ring... Either as a prostitute... Or as the pimp(s) .... (A wish to protect family members)...

-Or... ???

I certainly hope that someone has been helping LE with names and facts... These poor women must be found! :please:

Not that I can find. I checked the sheriff's website, as well as some news sources. I don't like the Altadena sheriff's website, to be honest. They don't have any resources to run one themselves so a non-profit's doing it, with lots of outside links that look like sponsored ones.

There's a FB that is run by LE though. The story's there, but no updates yet.

actually... The Santa Ana River is mostly a dry riverbed...

Except when there are Uncommon rain storms... But that is more like decades apart...

But... It may be a place to look, anyway... Since bodies (sorry) could be dumped there...

In fact... I have not heard of bodies being dumped/found in the river bed... But these types of events may be covered up... Or hushed... Too...

The Santa Ana River Bed has a hike/bike trail along it... So it gets pretty much activity...
(I have hiked and biked along it ... As it butts up against my parents' housing tract...where I grew up...)

ETA... It has been cemented... And looks more like a cemented canal than a river now... Without trees/vegetation surrounding it...
Acc to this news source, there are 4 women missing since October. This does not include Monique, who is also missing. That is 5 so far, all with one location in common. I know Santa Ana can be risky, I tend to avoid it if at all possible, but this is getting scary.

I think this is a local (if, of course, these are crimes) and not someone taking advantage of the freeway system. JMO.
Oh dear, my bad! Monique is also Josephine Monique Vargas. So it is still 4 women. I'm sorry for the confusion!

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