CA CA - Max Greenfield, 25, Smith River, 17 March 2018

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    The two were then seen walking south across the parking lot adjacent to U.S. 101, until they walked out of the camera’s range. That man was later identified and questioned by law enforcement, and said he’d walked down the highway with Greenfield, but turned around and returned to the casino, Max has not been seen or heard from since then.

    I don't believe that this man walked with Max for no reason and then turned around and came back to the casino. He looked nervous, he keep looking toward the parking lot. He swayed Max to start walking into the parking lot so maybe he had an accomplice waiting out of the camera range that picked up Max. Max didn't have a car so I can't imagine he would walk too far at 2 in the morning. Max doesn't seem like he would just go off on his own. Not sure what a motive would be to murder Max unless maybe he though he had something valuable in the duffle bag and robbed him.
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    Looks like drugs to me...

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