CA - Patricia Gomez, 23, Belvedere, 26 Dec 1979

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    Patricia Evans Gomez
    Marin County, California
    23 year old white female

    [TD]Height (inches)[/TD]
    [TD="class: view_field"]66.0[/TD]
    [TD]Weight (pounds)[/TD]
    [TD="class: view_field"]100.0 to 110.0[/TD]

    Hair: Brown; Light brown, shoulder length hair with bangs. Hazel-blue eyes

    Both ears pierced
    long, thin, "Romanesque" nose

    Clothing and accessories are described below:
    Long-sleeved red velour blouse,possibly with black horizontal pattern. May have had long sleeved blue sweatshirt over the blouse. Probably wearing green corduroy slacks but may have been wearing blue jeans

    Sandals. Possibly wearing red knee length socks with a green heart design.

    Circumstances: Gomez was last seen in Belvedere, California on December 26, 1979. Reportedly heading for San Anselmo
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