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The New Yorker
By Douglas Starr , JUNE 26, 2014

"The paradigm is the assumption that, when you make a call on your cell phone, it automatically routes to the nearest cell tower, and that by capturing those records police can determine where you made a call—and thus where you were—at a particular time. That, he explained, is not how the system works."
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“I received a text message from her at 10:37 a.m. that day asking me if I was coming home for lunch,” Keith Papini said. “I usually don’t bring my personal phone in on my job. So I didn’t respond to that message until 1:39 p.m. that day.”

Assuming the police can verify the phone location, and I'm sure they can, there's just no way Keith would be able to get away with this, unless he had an accomplice.
Police can get location records from her phone, from his phone, and his vehicle had GPS tracking, which usually keeps a log.


Easy, right? So why haven't they cleared him?
It is unusual to have kids in daycare if not employed. Most people would have a babysitter because they would not need consistent M-F, M/W, or T/Th care and day cares usually do not reserve a spot if not consistent.
In reality we all have different personalities, different daily needs, different lifestyles and different opinions. We can all project how we feel/see the situation and state what is the norm for us or for our specific group of friends and associates. I just don't see how it is relevant if we feel it is unusual or not. Sure her daily activities may lead us to have more insight into her life and give clues to why she is missing.Some people would rather have a daycare than a babysitter. As for the cost, family could help, we don't know. What I do know is that I can't state what most people would or wouldn't do regarding daycare vs no daycare, babysitter vs daycare. I can only state what I would do. I want this mother home with her children.To me it seems the only significant thing that daycare has to do with this discussion is what she did during the day and If she followed a routine or not and like stated by a previous poster if daycare was a recent decision. Once again this is my opinion.

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Respectfully, I don't think anyone really thinks that. They might say that, because they don't want to be around their kids, but I truly don't think anyone actually believes that putting their preschoolers in full time daycare is beneficial to the children. Obviously, if they can't provide a rich environment for the children because of health issues or personal crises, then daycare is better for them at that time.

I believe that anyone who says daycare can do a better job than I can do of socializing my two preschoolers just doesn't want to do it and they're looking for an excuse. IMHO.

Not trying to start a SAHM/vsdaycare fight, I just think someone who doesn't work who has their children in full time daycare indicates a basic unhappiness with their situation.

I understand what you're saying. And through something I've experienced with some friends, I can see this being a possibility. My husband and I know a couple that had two small children- both worked full time jobs and their kids were in full time daycare. What I found odd was that when the mother had a day off, she would still put her kids in daycare. I wondered if she missed her kids at all since she was away from them five/six days a week as it is. She was also the controlling one in the relationship, and definitely wore the pants. The husband would do anything for her and thought she walked on water.

Anyways about a year after meeting them she left her husband and children and moved out of state with someone she was having an affair with. Months later she tried to take the kids away from their father, which the courts wouldn't allow. Also, this wasn't the first husband she walked out on- and luckily she didn't have kids with the first husband.

My point is- as a SAHM myself, I can understand putting the kids in daycare a few times a week. I mean come on- everyone needs a break from their kids. I would go insane without one. BUT IF she's a stay at home mom with no job, and chooses to put her children in full time daycare- does that really fit the bill of a devoted, super mom? Isn't that a little extreme? Is it possible that term was used because her family wanted LE to take this investigation seriously and not assume she may have left on her own?

Also, has it been confirmed whether or not she still had a job? If so, full time day care totally makes sense. And has it even been confirmed that the children were in full time day care?

Just exploring all our options. Not pointing fingers. I'm still on the fence between her being abducted, or her leaving on her own.
My gut tells me the husband didn't do it. It reminds me of the Kelli Bordeaux case. I believed the hubby was innocent from the beginning, while others were pointing fingers. It turned out he was.

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Her family said that jogging in the area is routine for Papini. She then picks up her two children from daycare in the afternoon and then spends the rest of the day gardening with them or doing other projects.

If this is true, and she jogged daily, the same time and same route, I would say that it is quite possible someone was watching her and then abducted her. Her sister in law said in another video that she would never disrupt her children's routine, and that they are on a very strict routine. It is probably someone who lives in the area, or takes that route she jogged to get to and from work. There are people who live way out in the sticks that would travel that route to get to interstate 5.

Source from the quote:
Is your smartphone being tracked? We asked an expert
Digital Trends
By Simon Hill — May 17, 2015 9:00 AM

"In the movies, people on the run are often hunted down because of their cell phones. There are countless scenes where expensive smartphones are smashed to bits, or dropped in rivers, to evade capture by nefarious government operatives or well-equipped mobsters.

Hopefully you’re not in that situation. But if you were, do you really need to go that far? We asked the experts what information your cell phone is really broadcasting about you, how to protect yourself, and what it would take to truly go off the grid."

Easy, right? So why haven't they cleared him?

This is shasta county we are talking about. They are not known for doing things in a timely manner. This area also has a horrible track record of people disappearing without a trace. Tera Smith, Court Jones, Heather Cameron, Ember Graham, and now Sherri Papini.
If her immediate and extended family fears she was abducted.. do they have some possible perp in mind ; but are not 100% sure and thus cannot name him/her ?

I realize we can't sleuth innocent people.. but I still am curious about her ex and any other relationships she'd had that may have been contentious ?
Some people hold on to stuff for years.

IF she left willingly, she may have had some help, which would be the reason her car was still there, the dogs didn't pick up her scent, why LE isn't calling it an abduction, and why they believe she's out of the area.

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