CA - Stephon Clark, 22, unarmed, fatally shot by Sacramento police, 18 March 2018

Show us a link where he "charged at them" please. Thanks.

Before the shooting, the officers pursuing the suspect said they saw him face them and “advance forward with his arms extended and holding an object in his hands,” the report said. At the time, the officers believed the suspect was pointing a firearm at them.

Saying Clark advanced toward them would be more accurate than saying he charged at them. JMO

Officers who killed Stephon Clark reveal new details about the night he died
Clark's family last month filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers involved and the city of Sacramento.

The federal lawsuit alleges the young man was racially profiled, and the officers used excessive force in the shooting incident. The two officers failed to identify themselves or issue a verbal warning before firing approximately 20 shots, the suit said. The lawsuit also alleges the officers did not get him medical attention immediately after the shooting.

The California Attorney General's Office has said it is also conducting an independent investigation.

No charges for Sacramento officers who fatally shot Stephon Clark
Judge OKs $2.4 Million Settlement for Stephon Clark’s Children

The agreement settles the minors’ end of the $20 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Clark family this past January. Claims brought by Clark’s parents and grandparents remain and the parties are scheduled to appear in Sacramento federal court for a status conference on Oct. 24.

Judge OKs $2.4 Million Settlement for Stephon Clark’s Children

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