California bill on teachers accused of sex crimes fails

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by TrackerSam, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Allegations of lewd acts committed by a teacher on students in a Los Angeles-area elementary school sent shockwaves across the community last year.

    But the outrage didn't end there. Amid a year-long police investigation involving dozens of photos showing the alleged acts, the school district -- faced with strict state rules -- could not fire the teacher.

    Instead, it paid him $40,000 to quit his job.

    Outraged by the Berndt case, California state Sen. Alex Padilla drafted a bill this year that would have allowed a faster way for schools to fire teachers accused of the most heinous crimes against children.

    While senators overwhelmingly voted in support of Senate Bill 1530, it was met with strong opposition from the powerful California Teachers Association.
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    I agree with the legislature. Although we need harsher penalties, we need them as they pertain to the investigation of sex crimes and the way that convicted offenders are monitored, treated, and sentenced.

    What we don't need is to make the stigma of an unfounded accusation worse or allow an allegation alone to be treated as a conviction, MOO.
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