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Child Find - Canada
: It works to deliver education and prevention programmes , pertaining to child safety, advocates for the rights of children/youth, and assists in the search for missing children and youth The CFC is the oldest and largest and most comprehensive missing children's organisation in Canada with a presence in an estimated 68 communities , being served by approximately 2500 volunteers and staff. Child Find focuses on prevention, education and location; advocates for the protection and rights of children and youth; operates a toll free hot line for tips on missing children, produces and distributes brochures and booklets on child safety issues, photos and posters of missing children and youth, children and baby identification kits, cards and passports and provides assistance in search rescue , reunification support and referrals . CFC is a grassroots/community based national non-governmental organisation. CFC works in cooperation with Canadian and International Police forces, government departments, non-profit searching agencies, customs immigration, external affairs, Social service agencies and the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of the Child.
Bereaved Families of Ontario
Has a member of your family died? You are not alone. Bereaved Families of Ontario provides compassionate non-denominational mutual aid support for families and individuals who have lost a significant person to death. Through our affiliates, we offer support after the loss of an infant, a child, an adult child, a parent, a brother or a sister, an adult sibling, a grandchild or a spouse.
Our affiliates also support parents, guardians or family members helping a child grieve. As well, they support the unique circumstances faced by survivors of violent death, survivors of completed suicide, and families seeking pregnancy after loss.
BFO, a project of Bereaved Families of Ontario (Canada) provides a place to discuss your experiences and learn about grief with others who have been there. Their services give you a chance to talk, in a confidential setting, about how your loss affects your life. They feel that by sharing with others who have been there, you may learn how to cope by gaining insight into your own thoughts and feelings. This site includes a series of helpful articles for friends, family and co-workers of someone dealing with a death.
Victims of Homicide Support
Victims of Homicide Support Society of Edmonton is a self-help group designed to offer emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder. The group provides ongoing emotional support to help parents and other survivors deal with the pain of their loss and rebuild their lives.
Victims of Homicide provides a meeting place where bereaved persons can come together on a regular basis to share their grief and recovery.
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