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Sorry, I am behind and trying to catch up. The first kijiji ad we saw (large cupcake holder item) had a large black dog in the photo. The listing said something like, "cute pup not included." Many of us have wondered whose dog that was and where he or she is. There was at least one other kijiji ad that claimed there were no pets in the home so it could be that the cupcake holder and dog photographed beside it belonged to a family member or friend who was "piggybacking" his or her items in the sale.

The ad also says that the item was "In Canmore but can be seen in Calgary" - so the dog might be in Canmore?

Did anyone ever figure out who might be in Canmore?
Calgary to Mexico approx. 40 hours by car.

The kijiji ad said "moving out of the country", yet the L son didn't say this at the press conference.

How old are the L sons and do they still live at home. If they still live at home, where were they on Sunday evening?
What I don't understand is, why was Canmore even mentioned in that Ad? It was worded something like (just paraphrasing here), "Located in Canmore but will be available at the sale here in Calgary." So all that mattered was that it was going to be available at the sale on Jun 28 and 29.......what did it matter where item was located at time of posting the Ad? That struck me as odd.

I think it was in case someone from Canmore was reading the kijiji ad and wanted to see it without having to come to Calgary ??

Canmore is an hour outside of Calgary.

ETA: Deleted ref to L surname in Canmore ... tel directory brought up those in other locations. UGH !!
Bumping my post to show the back alley, and the Liknes' backyard and garage.

What was LE photographing near that back fence?

There is possibly a forensic van captured in this helicopter footage of their back yard.

What do we know about this laneway?

The garbage bins at the end of the allley (to the right on the photo) were searched. There were several blue and black bins for the approximately 8 unit, two storey building at the end of the alley (East). The tennis courts are there. The Liknes couple helped get funds granted for building the tennis courts.
I think we're ASSUMING that is blood...easier to assume, too, when you see the edited pics that were edited to make the darker stains on the driveway more apparent, in "red."

1. We have no idea if those are in fact 'drag marks'
2 We have no idea how long those discolored areas on driveway have been there.
3 We have no idea if those discolored areas of what were described as "darker fluids" are blood
4 We have no idea what forensic testing revealed

Drag marks spotted at home of missing family, large reward to be announced

Dave Dormer
Tuesday, July 01, 2014, 2:46 PM

"Drag marks could be seen near evidence tags on the walkway of a home where three people were reported missing Monday.

Police would not comment on the drag marks, which ran about eight metres from a side door to the driveway and appeared to be a dark liquid that was recently cleaned up."

Police may have had a clean up company hose down the area after collecting evidence, taking photographs, and to avoid shocking the public.
Both AL's and KL's business ventures strike me as very odd. One person with such a number of strange shell- like business models I can maybe see but both of them? Odd They were obviously making some money though. Just seems like they spent -particularly KL an awful lot of time creating such random businesses.
Given a proper scent article (i.e. for Nathan), the dogs would still be able to distinguish his scent from all others ("scent discrimination"). Still would be difficult to follow a youngster in circles around the property. One thing they could accomplish though is going in a radius further out from the house to see if his scent could be picked up a distance from the home (i.e. if a car was parked further down the street where Nathan would not normally walk to).

His mom made reference to a piece of clothing to smell like Nathan but smelled like soap. I wonder if she was referring to a scent article she was asked to provide. Surely she could have found something that he had worn recently that had not yet been laundered.

If Nathan's shoes were left behind at the Gpas, they would have been a good scent article. I suspect they were NOT there which would indicate that Nathan had not been put to bed yet.

The most recent scent article in the house was the clean clothes that mom brought with her at 10AM to pick up her son. She mentioned the smell today at the media conference where she was clutching his shirt, and her husband was holding a butterfly that Nathan made.

The dogs would have been confused even searching for the child ... but perhaps K9 will still attempt to make a discovery. Maybe it's better to wait for all the extra people's smells to dissipate and then look for the family members. Wasn't there a photo of police at the park near the river with dogs?
:seeya: This thread is moving fast. I'm going to open a new thread now. Will be back in a few minutes with the link. Then I'll lock up this thread.
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