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Nov 27, 2004
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Carolyn Elaine Pruyser missing since May 17th 1984, from Peace River, Alberta.Carolyn's car was found not far from her parents home in Peace River.In the car was her purse & keys.Carolyn was 18 at the time of her dissapearance and just home from university.I attended school with Carolyn and I hope one day for the sake of her family the truth will come out on what happened to her.

I'm not sure if this is the same case. I used to help at Victims of Violence and a lady there had a roommate go missing. Something tells me it was carolyn but I may be mistaken. It was so long ago. Either way, I wonder if Gary Mcastocker was responsible for Carolyn's death. There's always been some speculation as I believe he lived in the area at the time. He was responsible for Tina McPhee's murder 14 yr old girl). Her mom used to come to my home for bible study and just visit and meet people.

Gary killed himself the same day he was to be brought in for questioning regarding Tina's disappearance. COWARD.
It is so sad the families have no closure on cases like this.After 21 years you would think something would have been found out one way or another.I don't think there is any chance Carolyn is alive.I was reading an article not long ago and cases like Carolyn's are left sitting as there is not enough money in the coffers for a cold case squad in Alberta.So unless a tip comes in thats it.And as in most cases someone out there knows something,its time her family had some piece of mind.
Well today May17th makes it the 22 year anniversary since Carolyn disappeared.I hope this is the year her family finally gets the closure and finds out what happened to Carolyn.
Hello My name is Dawn McAstocker I am Gary McAstockers youngest daughter. First off i would like to say the Tina McPhee case was never concluded , my father was never conficted. And im sure your going to say the only reason that he was not conficted is because he killed himself. Well although i dont know exactly what my father did but i will tell you this my father did it for his family we had suffered enough. So how dare you call him a coward. i will agree he took the easy way out, but he did it for us. i Dont appreciate you accussing my father of the disapperance of Carolyn because in all honest you dont know if he did or didnt. I will be the first to admit that my father was far from perfect. But he did have a good heart. He did bad things that i cant even forgive but he's still my father and i will not let someone go around accussing him of something there is no proof of.

And i know this was hard on Tina's family and i feel for them i truly do, and my sister lost her best friend (Tina) and i lost my best friend Tina's sister Heather. It was hard for everyone but my father was not convicted so you have no right to say "He was responsible for Tina McPhee's murder 14 yr old girl".
I do feel for you Dawn. It is a horrible thing that your family and yourself went thru as well, but here, we just throw out ideas and try to find facts to back it up. I understand that you are upset and in no way would anyone here post this just to make you mad, but that's what we do here, try to help those without a voice anymore :(
I am very sorry Dawn for the pain your family has suffered.Sometimes we forget the family suffers just as much as a murder victims family.I will tell you my belief is not that your father commited or had anything to do with Carolyn's disappearance,I believe and Carolyn's family believes it is a man from my hometown of Peace River.
I know there is nothing I can say to make things better for you,but I do believe people posting their ideas here only have the best of intentions in mind.

Take care & god bless.
I never once said he was innocent. Yes i know my father was in jail. I lived threw it... im the one who spent most of there child hood birthdays and christmas celebrating behind bars. Im sorry if i come of as not thinking about Tina's family, believe me thats not at all what i was trying to make it seem like. I loved TIna like a sister and i loved her sister too. I know my father was the one who picked her up. I know there was lots of evidence, i know because the police asked me if i saw anything that was stange or anything like this (At 8 years old) im the one who told them i saw blood in my fathers truck. or a red spot (as an 8 year old child would say). I wish nothing but the best for Tina's family. And the last thing i would ever want is someone thinking of my sadness rather then hers familys. There loss is so much grater. I think its just natrual for someone to protect the only image they have left thats good of there father. I mean what am i suppose to tell my 9 month old little girl when she gets older... sorry hun you grandFathers not around because he's a murdered. I mean i think its only normal for me to want to protect that 8 year old girls image of her father, who never did anything but good things for his little girl. ... My father could very well have done all this. I just want a YES he did it for sure .. proof put right infront of my face, or a NO he didnt.
Dawn, I've emailed you. If you don't get it, I'll PM you. I am sorry. I often come across as very harsh here..... (speak before thinking syndrome)....... I do care about all people and you included are a victim hon. :( I'm sorry

If you didn't get my email, let me know. HUGS. again, I came across too harsh.
Well another May 17th has come and gone.Another year goes by with no answers for Carolyn's loved ones.

23 years and someone out there knows what happene to Carolyn.Please let this be the year you get a conscience and come forward.Please do it anonymously if you must.Call crimestoppers 1-800-222-TIPS,email from an internet cafe in a different town.Just please do it.Carolyn's father passed away without the answers,please give some form of peace to the rest of her family.
And i know this was hard on Tina's family and i feel for them i truly do, and my sister lost her best friend (Tina) and i lost my best friend Tina's sister Heather. It was hard for everyone but my father was not convicted so you have no right to say "He was responsible for Tina McPhee's murder 14 yr old girl".

I pm'd you please respond
24 years ago today Carolyn went missing.Another year has gone by and still no answers.You know who you are,if you happen to read this out of some sick curiosity to see if people still care,do the right thing turn yourself in.Or if you know who did this,maybe a relative,boyfriend,husband whatever the circumstances just call Crime Stoppers.It is anonymous,Do the RIGHT thing,give Carolyn's family and friends some form of closure.Please.
Some of Carolyn's nieces & nephews started a Facebook group for her.

Twenty-five years have passed since 18-year-old Carolyn Pruyser vanished without a trace from a hillside overlooking Peace River, but time has not eased her mother's pain. Annemarie Pruyser thinks about her youngest daughter often, but May, the month Carolyn disappeared, is an especially tough time for her. While life blossoms all around her on the rural property where Carolyn and her three sisters were raised, Annemarie, now 82, mourns.

This is very sad.I pray the find out what happened to her soon.
Bumping for Carolyn Pruyser, whose family and community deserve to know where she is now.
Carolyn Elaine Pruyser, 18, Missing since May 17, 1984 from Peace River, AB

Carolyn Elaine Pruyser
Missing since May 17, 1984 from Peace River, Alberta, Canada.
Classification: Involuntary

Vital Statistics
Date Of Birth: August 30, 1965
Age at Time of Disappearance: 18 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'3", 130 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair; blue eyes.
Dentals: Available
Clothing: Blue jeans, blue Esprit jacket, grey shoes, yellow short sleeved v-neck blouse with red and yellow on the neck.

Circumstances of Disappearance

Carolyn was last seen at a Mohawk service station in Peace River shortly after midnight on May 17th.

Carolyn's car was found a short distance from her parents home. The keys and purse were still in the car.

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.


If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Peace River RCMP CIS 403-624-6615


Peace River RCMP 403-624-6677

Agency Case Number: 84-2335

NCIC Number: M-131847631

Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Source Information:
ChildFind Alberta
California Department of Justice
The Doe Network: Case File 705DFAB

Where is Carolyn? It's been 29 years (today) and I know you are missed, loved by many. Praying for answers!

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