CANADA Canada - Emma Fillipoff, 26, Victoria BC, 28 Nov 2012


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Jun 22, 2011
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Public asked for help locating missing Victoria woman

The Victoria police are seeking public assistance in locating a 26-year-old woman who has been missing since early Wednesday evening.

Emma Fillipoff has last seen on Burdett Avenue, between Blanshard and Quadra streets. Fillipoff tends to spend a lot of time in the downtown area, but does not have a history of being gone for long periods.

She is described as five-foot-five with a slim build and long blond-brown hair. She was wearing camouflage pants and carrying an orange purse.

A family from Perth, Ont. is begging for help as they search for a young woman, missing in Victoria, B.C. since last week.

26-year-old Emma Fillipoff may be dealing with mental issues, and for unknown reasons, had been living at a Victoria women's shelter. Fillipoff does not have a history of leaving for extended periods of time without checking in with her family, and that has both police and the Fillipoff family concerned.

Victoria police have been searching for the young woman, who was last seen the evening of November 26, but have yet to develop any leads.

She is described as a caucasian female, 5-foot-5 and a slim build. She has long blonde / brown hair and was last seen wearing camouflage pants, and carrying an orange purse.

If you see Fillipoff, or have any information about where she may be, please contact the VicPD non-emergency line at 250-995-7654 or CrimeStoppers 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

There is another picture of Emma at the link. I tried to copy it here but it was too big. If anyone knows how to reduce the size and post it, I'd appreciate it.
Emma has been missing since Wednesday November 28th 2012. Up until this time Emma had been calling her family more then four times a day for the past several weeks asking for them to come and get her or to help her.

Emma does not have alcohol or drug addictions; but is very quite, shy and is dealing with some other health issues. Her family is from back east. Her mother has been postering and leafleting all over the inner city. She is doing this 90% on her own.
I'm trying to understand....if she was asking her family to come get her and to help her, why didn't someone respond?
I'm trying to understand....if she was asking her family to come get her and to help her, why didn't someone respond?

They live in Ontario which is on the other side of the country, so it wasn't like they could just take a day trip to get her.

Why was she in Victoria in the first place?
I'm trying to understand....if she was asking her family to come get her and to help her, why didn't someone respond?

I'm not sure but her mother is there now, maybe that's how they know she was missing, mom came to get her and they couldn't find her????

Victoria has a fairly active community on Reddit - VicPD even posts there frequently. It might be a good place to keep an eye on for developments - As a local, I find the MSM in Victoria to be severely lacking.

Saw lots of Emma's posters last night when I was downtown. Glad her case is getting exposure that way, and hope she is found soon!

Thanks for posting that! Looks like there's another one too:

The one you posted has a comment asking for current pictures of Emma because the ones they have now don't reflect the way she currently looks?

This isn't getting much press coverage here - I haven't seen any updates in the local evening news. So strange the way people vanish seemingly into thin air :( Keeping her mom in my thoughts and keeping my eyes open for Emma whenever I'm out and about....
This link has photos of Emma

What is LE doing to find her? There is one post on her fb page saying her vehicle was towed in Sooke on Nov 28th. with all her belongings in it.

Where could she be? :(

- Emma was last seen in the immediate vicinity of the Empress hotel between 7:30-8:30 on November 28th
- Her red Mazda MPV 1993 van was found in the Chateau Victoria parking lot, with all her belongings in it, including her passport, laptop, and recently-borrowed library books (It was NOT a white van as previously believed)

I'm really starting to get scared for Emma, she's been missing for too long.My heart goes out to her family, they must be so worried about her. ON google maps I see there is a public library very close to where her van was found, I just wonder if she was heading to the library or had just left it.
Her mom was aware she needed help, per the above interview. She went to get her and Emma gathered her belongings and left the shelter she had resided at for 6 months... and no one has seen her?! Shades of Linnea Lomax. Her car HAS been located with all her belongings in it and "recently" checked out library books, but no sign of Emma.

Praying for a better outcome for this young lady.

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