CANADA Canada - Eramosa Twp, Ont, WhtFem 550UFON, 25-45, off Hwy 7, Aug'05

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
I agree jessica- on the stubbornness of the OPP although I think it's Canada wide. What's with that?

I also agree she was killed by someone she knew - someone she had been intimate with but not necessarily for very long.

Something struck me as odd while reading the last few posts - all of her clothing was made in Montreal. A woman does not usually buy clothing according to where the garments were made - it' about the look and compatibility of one's closet.
This led me to think she was passing though Montreal just before she was killed and purchased some needed clothing. Unusually warm weather? Did not anticipate the length of the trip?

She could have come up through the US into Quebec and beyond. Jmo.
Montreal is still considered a hub of design and manufacturing even though a lot of the clothing is made off shore. In 2005 it was still pretty well the location in Canada for fashion. I wouldn't make it any more complicated than she lived in Montreal or at least in Quebec and bought her clothes there. Atmosphere is part of the Canadian Tire conglomeration now but I don't know about in 2005. Rivage is a lingerie line that is mid priced range. Everything she wore looks like it was definitely bought new for herself rather than a mishmash of thrift store finds.

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