Cape Cod Shark Sightings

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    Cape Cod Shark Sightings Spawn Tourist Frenzy

    Instead of harpoons, a surge in shark sightings off Cape Cod has tourists reaching for their credit cards. For example, shark apparel sales have grown 500 percent at the Cape Cod Beach Chair company, one of several local business owners cashing in on the tourism boom. Shark sightings off the coast have gone from two per year before 2004 to over 20. They're following the seals, experts say, which have grown in number because of conservation efforts...

    Great white shark filmed off Nauset Inlet


    July 21, 2014

    EASTHAM – An Orleans family had an up-close encounter with a great white shark while on a boating trip Saturday afternoon in the Atlantic Ocean off the Nauset Inlet, not far from Coast Guard Beach...
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    I just got home from Cape Cod. And really all I could think about were sharks when I was swimming. All I saw were a lot of crabs so many, and one ugly, overly huge what look like a spider. I was in the bay.

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