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so how mnay children do you all think manson fathered at that ranch.
I have been fascinated in this case for years, perhaps being from the Ashland, Ky area and knowing some of Darwin Scott's (Colonel Scott's brother) grand-kids and also worked for Darwin's son. Know where the home of Ada Kathleen Maddox was when she met Scott, also know where the apartment is where Darwin was hacked to death, the owner claims there are still marks in the floor from the knife. It is strange for me to know that he did spend some time in the area as a toddler before he went to WV to live with his aunt and uncle.

I don't think anyone here would ask, but I won't post pictures of the house or apartment because people live there now and don't want thier homes on the web.
Lately on other forums I have seen talk of Helter Skelter not really being the reason behind the murders.

1- Helter Skelter as proposed by Vincent Bugliosi

2- Copy Cat murders to make them seem similar to the murder of G.Hinman by Bobby B. This would be to try to get Bobby out of jail.

3- Drug deal burn caused Tex? Linda? Charlie? to go with others to the two homes and kill.

4- Revenge from Charlie because the previous owner of the Tate home didn't help in his music career like he wanted. The LaBianca home was also next to another home Charlie visited before... also relating to music and drugs. Both these homes may have been hit to send a message to the previous owners.

5- Pure evil... just went out searching for people to kill.

*What is your theory?

Charlie missing out on his music career. Music producer had lived there. If you listen to him when he's coherent you can see he's charismatic and sometimes brilliant.
Could you give me a couple of example of his 'brilliance'? Charismatic I can agree with.
Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi has died. He can go to his rest knowing he put them away, and they haven't gotten out in over 40 years.

Bless him.
Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi has died. He can go to his rest knowing he put them away, and they haven't gotten out in over 40 years.

Bless him.

Wow, he's the same age as Manson and the "guru" is still flourishing! Things must be really rough in prison.:notgood:

Anyway, R.I.P. Vincent.
Charlie Manson is charismatic in a Hitleresque sort of way.
When Will Pop Culture Stop Glorifying Serial Killers?
Nothing is crazier than making icons out of creeps and criminals like Charles Manson.

"Charles Manson lives.

Not the sawed-off psycho who sent his creepy-crawly acolytes out to murder seven people – he’s dead and buried (well, cremated, actually). He died a year ago, in fact, on November 19 – just one week past his 83d birthday.

But his grisly legend? That won’t go away.

Quentin Tarantino’s all-star “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” — slated for release next year on the 50th anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders — uses Manson as an entry point for exploring a decaying L.A. So did the recent David Duchovny TV series, “Aquarius.”

Still to come? A slew of other “inspired-by” horror films already in pre-production, including the appropriately named “The Manson Obsession” and “Charlie Lives: The Family Returns.” There’s also a planned look at Manson’s life behind bars, “Taming the Beast.”

And that’s all on top of last year’s doc “Charles Manson: The Final Words.” And the feature, “Bigger than the Beatles,” about Manson’s stranger-than-fiction connection to the Beach Boys, and his desperate attempt to become a ’60s pop star.

But what is our Manson obsession?

And what can we do to rid ourselves of it?...

But if we’re going to be finally rid of Manson, we’re going to have to see our fascination with him as appealing to the worst in us – the part that slows down to gawk at gruesome car crashes. And if there’s ever going to be any justice, it will be because we’ve decided to stop focusing on the violence, and start remembering the victims, instead.

That’s the only thing will free us. And the only thing that will finally let us dole out the only punishment Charles Manson ever truly feared.

Forgetting him."

When Will Pop Culture Stop Glorifying Serial Killers?
Charles Manson follower, murderer recommended for parole

Jan 2, 2019

"A California parole panel on Thursday recommended for the first time that Charles Manson follower Robert Beausoleil be freed after serving nearly a half-century in prison for murder.

Beausoleil, 71, was not involved in the most notorious killings of actress Sharon Tate and six others by the Manson 'family' in 1969. He was convicted in the slaying of musician Gary Hinman that same year.

Hinman was tortured for three days, according to testimony at previous parole hearings, including when Manson cut his face with a sword.
Parole panels ruled against releasing Beausoleil 18 prior times.

California's incoming governor, Gavin Newsom, could block the parole in coming months. Termed-out Gov. Jerry Brown has consistently stopped releases for followers of the cult leader, who died in prison in 2017....

Beausoleil's attorney, Jason Campbell, said his client is no longer dangerous and that his release 'is long overdue.'

'He is a very thoughtful, insightful and compassionate person. He's not the person he was in 1969,' Campbell said. 'He's matured dramatically since then.'..."

Charles Manson follower, murderer recommended for parole | Daily Mail Online

Bobby Beausoleil

"Robert Kenneth Beausoleil (born November 6, 1947), better known as Bobby Beausoleil, is an American musician and multidiscipline artist[1] serving a life sentence in the California state prison system for the July 27, 1969 murder of music teacher and Manson Family friend Gary Hinman, a crime that also involved Charles Manson and several members of his commune.[2] Beausoleil has continued to be a professional musician as well as developing into a visual artist and creative media technologist during the years of his incarceration..."

Bobby Beausoleil - Wikipedia


( Gary Hinman )
I saw the ABC special on Manson killings. I really liked hearing the story of the Sacramento ? A reporter denied access to the crime scene , he goes off hoping to get a long shot of the home , but stops at a gravel spot on the shoulder of the road then sees a bloody rag and what looks like a knife handle, knowing this must be checked out he returns to the perimeter cop who , thinks it is nothing ,but tells a Det. who also isn't concerned. Later the lead Det. says we have nothing , it is then the other Det. tells about the claim of the possible knife , the lead Det. wants to see it but they can't find the place, they contact other reporters and find the Sacramento guy , and with flash lights finally recover the murder weapon .

so yeah the police need help sometimes
Manson crime-question related to NBA legend Kobe Bryant and all the others who died in that tragic helicopter crash yesterday (Sun., Jan. 27, 2020):

Does anyone know if John Altobelli, the Orange Coast College (OCC) baseball coach who died, along with his wife and daughter, was related to the guy who owned the home where the Sharon Tate-Manson murders happened: Rudy Altobelli?

They both lived in southern California, and both seemed to be closely connected to LA mega-celebrities.
Young athletes, a baseball coach and mothers among those killed in Kobe Bryan helicopter crash - CNN
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Not a Tarantino fan here, his film surprised me so much.
I thought he did a great job of showing these "Manson kids" for what they were.
Great, great movie, not exploiting what happened, and definitely not turning Manson into a hero.
Highly recommendable!
The hype over Charles Manson is completely romanticized. He was NOT a serial killer. He may have been "involved" in some murders due to his heavy influence upon naive drugged up hippies, but was it ever proven he even killed anyone? As it's been stated many times via various sources, he is nothing but a spineless coward and deserves no "credit" for anything. He isn't a serial killer, period and barely dignifies being discussed anymore. Jack the Ripper is far more interesting of a case which is always worthy of discussion. There's a reason why there's Ripperologists and no "Mansonologists".

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