Cindy Anthony's testimonies

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Feb 3, 2009
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CA: stating her name.

LDB: address?

hopespring drive

LDB: that is in Orange co FL?


LDB: how long live there?

october of 1989

LDB: live with?

husband George, Lee and Casey

LDB: when you moved in, where did you come from?

moved from where I was born, in Ohio.

LDB: prior 1989 you lived in Ohio all life?


LDB: when moved to FL how old lee and casey?

seven and three

LDB: when moved were you employed?

had to wait for temp license in FL, but it took a month before I could get permit

LDB: family in FL?

my parents had retired to FL and my in laws George's parents they were called snowbirds and I have a brother that lives here.

LDB: children go to what school?

Lee in the first grade, Casey too young

LDB: is there an elementry in your

Hidden Oaks

LDB: any of your kids go there?

It got finished when Casey was ready for school, Lee had gone to another school...

LDB: how far is Hidden Oaks from your house?

end of hopespring and suburban and it dead ends at the school, around the corner from our home.

LDB: did your children walk to that school?


LDB: how long of a walk is it?

maybe five minutes

LDB: in 2005 were you blessed with a grandchild?

Caylee Marie

LDB: Caylee's mother is?

My daughter Casey

LDB: how long before Caylee's birth did you know Casey was pg?

? (sorry) I was working and Casey came up to my work and told me she had something important to tell me. I did not have an office, she wanted to talk in private and we actually went and sat in the car and spoke.

LDB: prior to this discussion had you been to a wedding?

yes, the youngest of my three brothers was getting married. We had planned a trip to Myrtle Beach.

LDB: attended with Casey?


LDB: at that time did you have any suspicion she was pregnant?

I really wasn't suspicious until the day of the wedding, Casey was having female issues, she always had issues with her periods.

LDB: preceeding then did you have a discussion about her menstrual cycle

, we were on the same cycle, we would talk about bloating. And bloating was bit with us, actually talking about looking like we were pregant.

Casey started putting on weight. She was sitting at her job at Universal. Not up and walking as much. She had issues before that when she was not active...I thought she was filling out.

LDB: five or ten pounds

it is noticable on someone her size.

LDB: how much PG weight did she gain

she did not gain very much, pretty much all baby

LDB: was this something you were trying to hide?

absolutely not. we notified the whole family. planned a shower. lee and mallory and his parents. we told everybody.

LDB: did you indicate to Casey that you would continue to care for her and the child


LDB: preperations for Caylee?

my parents anniversary, we wrote it in Caylee's baby books, we took her shopping for materity clothes, turned the room into nursey...when Casey found out she was pg she was seven months.

LDB: theme for nursery?

Winnie The Pooh, Casey was a fan of WTP, a no brainer to do WTP

LDB: show you something marked "bc" can you see that?

CA: Caylee's bed. (okay I feel sorry for Cindy now)

a few thing that are not normally on it, but yes that is Caylee's bed.

LDB: there is a stuffed animal on the left side of photo, is that one of Caylee's bears?

yes, one of her bears.

LDB: any significance over the other bears?

no, just one of her bears.

LDB: entered into evidence.

HHJP: received in evidence

LDB: permission to publish to the jury. was this pooh theme repeated elsewhere in the room?

LDB: curtains, sheets? baby blankets?

yes ma'am

LDB: you said you all turned a computer room into Caylee's nursery?

yes ma'am

LDB: (asking for another picture to be put on)

a picture of our house layout.

LDB: take a look and tell me if it accurately depicts the house?


LDB: permission to publish?

HHJP: yes ma'am

LDB: the room we have been talking about is it on the diagram?


LDB: please point out. right below it is another room what is it?

when we did Caylee's room that was Lee's bedroom

LDB: Lee lived there at the time of Caylee's birth?

yes, now it is just a spare bedroom. Computer things in there.

LDB: next room labled Casey's room, what is that area?

yes, Casey's room. A dining room.

LDB: room off of dining room?


LDB: a patio on the back, how do you get to the patio?

either through master bedroom or the living room, the master has sliding glass doors and there are sliding glass doors in the living room.

from the kitchen there are sliding glass doors right here.

LDB: any door or window bars to prevent intruders from coming in and out.

just the lock on the sliding glass doors

LDB: also noted in the diagram is the garage, where is the front door in relationship to all these others.

the front door is right here and goes into our living room, we have two dead bolts on the front door, unless someone comes to the front door we don't go through that door.

LDB: how do you go in the house?

we go thru the garage.

LDB: do you recognize?

air view of our home and neighbors home

LDB: ever had this vantage point?

not prior to july 15 2008

LDB: is this a fair representation of your home?


LDB: what has changed?

we extened our patio...last fall I re patio ed...took the grass completely out of the yard since 2008 we were unable to grow grass, mulched and my husband extended the patio down the walkway to the shed.

LDB: cosmetic changes?


LDB: no changes to the structure of the home or the placement of the shed?

absolutely not

HHJP: received into evidence
LDB: what is it you describe as being different than 2008

we had grass and now we have a paver patio

LDB: ?

we had grass and we put chips and stepping stones, as an area for our two dogs to relieve themselves.

LDB: a line here, is that concrete?

yes, used to be lava rock and chips, at that time george was keeping lawn equipment and meant to do in 2008 but never got the chance we concreted it.

LDB: ?

our main shed, we use them all now as our main shed, this one is our larges shed and this one and this one are the same size.

LDB: is the entire side and back fenced?


LDB: the only way to get to back from front would be how?

from this gate which is locked. the shed is right against it, so no one could come in, there is a locked gate here.

LDB: how do you lock it?

a gate with a latch and we have a pad lock on it.

LDB: what is this item on the right side of the yard?

Caylee's playhouse

LDB: ?

Above ground swimming pool

LDB: how long have you had pool?

2002 since

LDB: you recognize it?


LDB: what?

the front of our house in 2008

LDB: may I publish? the front in 2008?

yes ma'am

LDB: is that the front door you described?

yes ma'am

LDB: publish? If I may have "ao". do you recognize?

yes ma'am. That would be if I am facing my home, the left hand side of my house and the only gated way to my back yard.

LDB: at this point I see "ao" into evidence

HHJP: received into evidence

LDB: publish

HHJP: you may

LDB: what is this item?

our garage door

LDB: asking for next pic. you see?


LDB: depicts?

if you come thru the gate that is a pathway to our backyard.

LDB: accurately represent?

yes ma'am

HHJP: received in evidence

LDB: permission to publish?

HHJP: you may

LDB: what are these two items?

our other two sheds

LDB: what is (long pause)a structure beyond the sheds

behind is our swimming pool

LDB: how high is the, what I will call the lip the top edge?

a little over four feet, under five

LDB: if you are standing next to it how high on your person is the lip

depends where I am in the yard, on level just above my breast.

LDB: the lowest point on your person?

probably chin level, below? If I am standing on the lower part...just below my chin. The reason being because beyond the pool there is almost a foot difference um a step down, once you get around the corner there is a step down. when we put the pool in the yard slopped, maybe a foot difference.

LDB: as you come around the pool. Let me see if I can fix our...and look at the arial.

when I was talking about it being mid sternum...right on the pools edge if you were on the outside you would be standing on a concrete patio...we made a retention wall, this area here is a patio, you are asking me where the level is it would be up to my nose.

LDB: Let me switch to "ar" do you see the photo? what is it depicting?

as soon as you would step out our screne patio if you step out this is pavers, it is our back yard.

LDB: does it depict your back yard?

yes it does

HHJP: received in evidence

LDB: ?

our screne patio

LDB: ?

Caylee's Playhouse

LDB: this direction

the other property line, lead to the other shed by Lee's room and Caylee's room

LDB: does that photo depict the portion of the yard from another angle?


LDB: publish?

HHJP: you may

LDB: mrs anthony, the items that are shown?

Caylee's toys, her picnic table, you can see Caylee's mailbox.

LDB: this is the mail box?

yes ma'am

LDB: does "at" depict a section of the yard in july of 2008?

yes (crying)

HHJP: received in evidence

LDB: publish this one your honor?

HHJP: you may

LDB: ms. anthony the playhouse? what kind of floor?

patio stones, we didn't want her to be on grass when she was playing, we put patio stones down.

LDB: how long in your yard?

a month before her second birthday, wanted it for her birthday party, had a playmate coming over and something we wanted her to have.

LDB: who is we?

George and Casey and I, it was expensive and we wanted it in our budget it was an expensive little house.

LDB: the landscaping?

george and I

LDB: the mailbox did you buy that?

yes ma'am George and I (crying )

LDB: do you recognize?

our living room, you can see part of our dinning room and in the back is the patio.
LDB: Mrs. Anthony is this how you get to your patio?

our most frequently used enterance, yes

LDB: a lock on the door where would that appear?

right there

LDB: zoom into that portion. what kind of a lock is that?

its a latch it goes up and down

LDB: do you need a second?

HHJP: we will take a recess.

all rise.
HHJP: let's return the jury.

all rise for the jury.

LDB: Mrs. Anthony we were talking about the sliding glass doors, we were talking about this area of the door. Is some sort of lock?

on the handle

LDB: describe

you flip it up and down

LDB: all glass doors have a screne door?


LDB: in this pic the screen is open is that always?

depends on time of day going in and out, time of year if air is running. if we are in the yard going back and forth we would leave it open instead of opening two doors

LDB: practice is to keep it closed

yes, unless it was a cool door sliding glass door open and the screne closed.

LDB: can you get right to back yard?

there are two doors as soon as you open the sliding glass door, there is a door right...there right here that there is nothing in the way. There is a clear path.

LDB: are those storm door?

screen doors

LDB: ?

Locks on those

LDB: on handle?


LDB: how high?

my hip?

LDB: you mentioned there are three sets of sliding doors, master bed, living room and kitchen,


LDB: they are all same?


LDB: anything in your bedroom that is...

I keep a chair right there and sometimes the chair is in the way. It is easy to move but it can be moved.

LDB: when you go out the master sliding glass doors where are you?


LDB: do you use it?

depends if I am out there and need something from my bedroom...unless cooking out and wanted to get from kitchen from back yard.

LDB: would you say this door in 2008 was the main door you used to get in the back yard?

oh, definitely yes.

LDB: Do you recognize that as interior of your home in 2008?

yes ma'am

HHJP: received into evidence, you may.

LDB: Can you tell us what we are looking at?

If you come thru our front door we have a foyer and look to the right, this is the wall to the living room and this hall way leads to bedrooms and a bathroom.

LDB: whos room is that?


LDB: what steps did you take to child proof your home?

Casey went out and purchased door knob devices you have to squeeze, I have a hard time with them, the outlet protectors in, rearraged where things were located under cubbords...things we could do normal toddler things.

LDB: in June of 2008 Caylee was how many months old?

34 months

LDB: at that age she is pretty mobil?


LDB: where did she sleep?

almost all the time in Casey's room, nap in her room at that time it was all the time in Casey's room nap

LDB: verbal?

yes, she could tell a story, a paragraph

LDB: was her language easy to understand?

once in a while I would have to ask her what she was talking about but you learn your child's speach and being around her all the time I knew what she was going to say.

LDB: Caylee lived with you


LDB: Lee, and did Casey live with you her whole life?


LDB: including with Caylee?


LDB: a time before when Caylee was away from home extended time?

I saw her everyday, if she spend the night I saw her the next day. I don't think I ever went 24 hours without seeing Caylee.

LDB: in june of 2008 your b day, did you take vaca?


LDB: dates?

not sure if we left monday or tuesday, my brothers wedding was...we left a few days prior.

LDB: ?

in 2008 I usually would take my birthday week off and I was off,

LDB: ?

I finished the friday...I had the entire week of my birthday off

LDB: spend it with Caylee?

not as much as I wanted to but for the most part I did

LDB: by father's day which was june 15th 2008 did you have Caylee with you?


LDB: what were your plans?

George had to work, was going in early. Kids had plans, visit my father at Mt. Dora

LDB: when you referr to your kids, it is Lee and Casey?

were they working?

Casey was working...Lee didn't know day to day.

LDB: George on his regular three to 11 shift?


LDB: you went to mt. dora with Caylee?


LDB: how long?

mid morning until two thirty three o clock, about a fifty minute drive and we arrived before noon and we left my moms home somewhere around two thirty.

LDB: while visiting your father did you take photos and video of Caylee?


LDB: (entering it so it can be evidence) What do you recognize?

That's our Caylee

LDB: when taken?

15th June 2008

LDB: at nursing home?


LDB: does that depict Caylee on July 15th 2008? Entered into evidence.

HHJP: received into evidence

LDB: the items in front of Caylee, you brought with you?

yes ma'am

LDB: we talked about Caylee being 34 months old. how tall?

38 and 40 inches. over three feet tall, just above my waist level.

LDB: weighed?

I can't remember, maybe 30 pounds.

LDB: light enough if you had to carry her?

if I had to

LDB: once you left the nursing home where did you go?

lunch with my mother at her home

LDB: did you return to hopesping? what time?

yes, I think we left my moms house like 3:30 and I think got home between four and five I am pretty sure we got home.

LDB: was Casey there?

no, me and Caylee. we put out things away. she wanted to go swimming and I told her she needed to eat something. I fixed her something to eat, got our suits on and got in the pool and was playing in the pool.

LDB: the pool, how do you access it?

there is a ladder and you can climb in

LDB: is this something that has to be done each time?

part of the ladder is permenant with bolts, the top of the ladder where the platform is, is bolted then there is a detachable exterior ladder, prior to Caylee becoming a toddler...when we didn't swim we took the whole ladder off easier to clean. during the season using the pool it was attached but once Caylee become a toddler we took the exterior off and put it next to the pool. Set it next to the pool, layed it on its side. so it would be convienent when we wanted access to pool.

LDB: how high is the lip on you?

the lip is chest area

LDB: so if you are standing at that level you can see the surface of the pool, at your height


LDB: the ladder the removable part how big is it?

taller than me, it is on a slant to walk up and I think there are three or four steps before you get to the platform, three or four rungs.

LDB: is the ladder cumbersome

no, it is heavy. something a small child could not pick up but I have no difficulty.

LDB: did you take the ladder and put it up that day?


LDB: does Caylee wait while you do that?


LDB: does Caylee get in first?

at that time she can climb step, I hold her as she climbs each step I climb behind her and sit her on top...I go around her and get in pool and she waits and jumps into the pool in my arms.

LDB: why did you have to hold her?

I probably didn't have to, it was something I did. I didn't want her to fall she might have hit her head. It's like when you are helping an older person you are right there, like holding her hand when walking in a store. It is not something you think about but you do to protect her.

LDB: spend a lot of time in the pool?

that afternoon we did, probably an hour hour and a half, at least an hour.

LDB: floaties on her arms or another suit

at that age an actual life jacket over her suit and she was wearing her life jacket

LDB: while swimming did Casey come home?


LDB: get in pool?


LDB: take Caylee inside?


LDB: how did Caylee get out of the pool?

I told Casey it was time, it was getting cold I told Casey that Caylee had enough, I felt Caylee had enough and get her ready for her shower. Casey came out with a towel and I took her suit off in the was fun for Caylee to be naked in the pool for a minute and her mother received her with the towel and took her inside.

I took the ladder off and grabbed Caylee's life jacket and suit and went in the house.

LDB: anything else happen that evening?

it was a very emotional and special evening, I recall it like it was yesterday. One reason I wanted to take Caylee to see my dad, I wanted to document that day because I didn't know if that would be the last day Caylee would see her great grandfather. I told Casey about our day, I was excited to show her our day. We watched the video and we cried and Caylee was with us and she didn't understand why we were crying.

LDB: you are saying these were placed on the computer
Lauren Gibbs one of Casey's best friends at that time.

LDB: you know, met, recognize, describe for anyone?


LDB: where she lived?


LDB: when you refer to zanny? a person met?


LDB: picture or describe zanny from your own independent observation?

I never had a observation, no

LDB: where did zanny live in 2006 2008

supposed to be living in student living quarters in same place as Jeffery hopkins, I am not sure which apartment complex...that is where Casey told me Zanny lived.

LDB: it was your understanding based on what casey told you she moved around?

yes quite frequently.

LDB: you never picked Caylee up from zanny?

opportunity never arrose?

LDB: did you ask that Casey contribute to maintainace of home?

not money, but house hold chores. laundry, bathrooms, her room Caylee's room, cooking. Casey pitched in, I did not have to ask her but that was the requirements.

LDB: did not ask for money but wanted them to pitch in

I was more leienent with Lee than Casey

LDB: apart from having a lanyard did she get dressed and go to work

she would come to work and would be dressed to go to work. always had extra close most of the time she was dressed as if she was ready to go to work.

LDB: zanny that we discussed. did you ever find her?


LDB: were you looking for her?

yes, before I answer the time you are talking about? I never looked for her prior to july 15th

LDB: after that you looked for zanny for how long?

until six weeks ago

LDB: you testified you left for work on june 16th 2008 and worked a normal shift?

for a monday yes

LDB: did you talk to Casey at all on June 16th?

through out the day we left messages, as far as speaking with her I think we had a brief convo in the late after noon fourish maybe lasted a few seconds.

LDB: include her plans for that day?

she was going to spend the night as zanny's she knew she couldn't drop Caylee off at work with me...but on mondays are difficult I have a staff meeting and she told me she was going to take Caylee to zannys and she would crash when she got off work because she had an early day at work and that made sense to me. monday can be a late night depending what was going on but typically out by six on mondays.

LDB: george work?

His normal day to work

LDB: with George working 3 to 11 and the possiblity of you working late neither one of you could watch Caylee.

I could in the evening, I would have preferred for her to be there but it made sense for her to spend that night.

LDB: were you expecting Caylee and Casey to return to the home on tuesday?


LDB: did they?


LDB: what were you told?

they were in a lot of meetings, the nogiations were going to be lenghthy, she didn't know when she would get done and zanny had offered for Caylee to stay.

LDB: you had an explaination?


LDB: expecting them on Wednesday?

part of the day I thought they would I heard from Casey and they were headed Hard Rock is going to Tampa it would be fun to take Caylee. and we had not been able to take Caylee to Busch Gardens to show her the animals. Casey said zanny was free and one of caseys co worker was bringing a child and Caylee would have a mate.

LDB: name?

juliette lewis, annabell

LDB: after being told this did you have expectation?

she thought they would wrap up friday night and spend the day sat and come come sat even I expected them saturday evening

LDB: june 21st?


LDB: did you talk to Casey between the 18th and the 21st

yes everyday. normal thing, once in the morning and once at night.

LDB: Caylee like to talk on phone?


LDB: did you ask?


LDB: why could you not?

there was always a reason why Caylee was not with Caylee a reason I had missed her.

LDB: ?


LDB: what happened?

Casey told me that they did not finish on friday and they would meet on sat. the time she and juliette they did not get to enjoy the park with them. so juliette, and zanny all of them were supposed to have a day at the part and return home sunday night or monday morning.

LDB: so having been given that explanation you did not expect to see them until monday the 23rd.


LDB: did that happen?

why not?

I waited all day while at work. It was nearly three or four and I was getting concerned hey are you home yet? I was concerned enough to speak to co worker late that evening I heard from Casey

LDB: did you?

no, she told me not to panic there was a car accident. Rachelle, juliette, Zanny was ahead of her and got into a pretty serious car accident and so she had been all day at the hospital and first chance to call but assured me that she and Caylee were perfectly fine.

LDB: speak to Caylee?

Said Caylee was either back at the hotel because she said they had to turn at that point they were all at the hospital and someone had taken Caylee and anabell to walk around and Casey was calling me from the emergancy area...

LDB: bad timing again

LDB: june 24th the shed?


LDB: were you aware your husband called OCSO?


LDB: what time did he give you that info?

right around the time he reported it was in the morning before noon

LDB: okay. did you share that info at any point in time with Casey?


LDB: when

shortly after I spoke with George I spoke with Casey to find out how Zanny was and in casual convo I told her someone broke into the shed and stolen the cans and chuckled and I don't remember Casey's response. I thought it would lighten the day for her to break the convo up.

LDB: during that convo were you aware that George had seen Casey at the house earlier?


LDB: did you try to contact her after learning she was at the house? I thought you were in tampa?

yes, I said what are you doing home I thought you were in Tampa. She said zanny didn't have the insurance with her and Casey said she would drive to zanny's apt to get papers made arraingments with family member to get zannys information. she told me she stopped home to get things because she didn't know...why not bring Caylee didn't occurr to her so she just drove home and got it. She said she had seen her father and given him back the gas cans. she had taken them with her when she went to Tampa because just in case something was wrong with her gas gage, she explained she had to take the can to get gas run out of gas, so that's the explaination.

LDB: on june 24th?


LDB: it was your belief she had been gone since june 16th?

at that time I wasn't thinking about that, no significance to me

LDB: on june 24th given any indication when Casey and Caylee return?

I asked why she was doing all this and not a family memeber of zanny. I think your responsibility to Caylee. So I was asking her why and she said mom Zanny's mother is very ill and not able to leave and zannys brother was taking between zannys brother and sister between working it was her responsiblity to take care of zannys mom. Racheal's mom had hurt herself...and felt obliged to stay close to her. she felt like she needed Caylee so.

LDB: were you missing Caylee?

yes, I started missing her june 16th.

LDB: start sleeping with Caylee's items?

I have teddy, cuddle with at night because I was used to cuddling with Casey and Caylee before we go to bed.

HHJP: stretch break.
LDB: mrs anthony we were talking about you sleeping with a teddy bear?


LDB: did you discover the bear was missing?

I started sleeping with teddy that weekend and after four or five nights I noticed it was missing.

LDB: did you tell your daughter you were sleeping with teddy?

not during that time, after all of this

LDB: we will get back to that, lets talk about the time frame at the end of the week. on june 25 26 27th since they had been gone did you see them?

no I did not

LDB: were you expecting a return when the zanny at the hospital was done?

Casey said there was a concussion and maybe internal bleeding and keep her for observation. So Casey stayed up there with her, late thursday night, they brought Zanny to the hard rock and was coming home friday.

LDB: come home friday june ?

she would bring Caylee to work, I was hoping she would, we all loved it.

LDB: did that happen?


LDB: why?

sometime in the early afternoon Casey told me she thought she would be off that afternoon but she got back and had to go in for a few hours to work. I was supposed to see them at home later that evening.

LDB: did you see them?


LDB: why not?

that evening Casey called her friend jeffery had moved out of state and in 2008 at that time I was under the impression they had dated and Casey liked Jeff alot and Jeff was in town and staying in Orlando and had heard about Zanny and Zachery was Jeffs little son who was the age of Caylee and Casey thought it would be fun for Caylee to see Zach. I am just the grandma.

LDB: ?

yes jeffery was very close to Zanny

LDB: you testified that Jeffery was a suitor?


LDB: ever met?

no, many times supposed to me from the fall of 2006 thru 2007 up until probably um nov dec of 2007 Casey and Jeff were you know close, they started out as good friendship and grew as she described as someone down the road someone she would want to settle down with. We were going to go to sea world to meet him, christmas of 2007 going to meet Jeffs mom and get pics with santa...

LDB: that event with santa did not occur?

only with Casey Caylee and myself. I was told zack had an asthma attack.

LDB: since jeff hopkins and Zachery was in town, Casey and Caylee were supposedly where?

close to universal, a hotel hardrock or whatever? Jeff had worked there to and had connections. He was staying there and they were going to meet up and have dinner and Casey was supposed to come home late late that night.

LDB: did that happen?


LDB: why?

my impression of Jeff is he had a trust fund, he was well of and didn't need to work if he didn't want to. he invited Casey and Zanny and the kids to stay and Casey was jumping at the chance he was very stable as she described and kids the same age, and I thought who am I to interferer with that? she was a grown woman, independent person, she wasn't a kid. I never had control of Casey once she was 21 out of love where you were at, it wasn't manditoy her daughter she can do whatever but when they were available young woman who needs to move on with her life, I will not interfere with that.

LDB: ?

five or six weeks of vaca you have to use it can't carry over. took another one after having taken one.

LDB: through the fourth of july?


LDB: back on monday after holiday?

I believe I went back on monday

LDB: when you learned about the party suite at the hard rock were you expecting they were going to be there an extended amount of time?

I expected her to get clothes and that never happened weekends are me and George have plans, might have gone to the beach. I'm not sitting home all this time and just waiting for my daughter and granddaughter I had other things in my life to do to.

LDB: as that progressed daily communication with Casey?

yes, I communicate with her at all times. I thought I knew where she was.

LDB: the week of june 30th july 1st and you are off. did you find out if they were still at the hard rock in Orlando?

oh, um I am trying to that point I believe she was headed back to work on monday and zanny was going to watch Caylee monday night...I am sorry if I can collect my thoughts for a moment. I expected to watch Caylee on my vaca and I don't know if they were still hanging with jeff or not.

LDB: you thought if you are off, why have zanny watch Caylee?


LDB: did you express that?


LDB: were you able?


LDB: why not?

Casey was working an event that was set up for kids, make a wish foundation and there was a pool party event they were having for children on site and she said it would be fun for Caylee. I am not sure if jeff would be there with zack but annabell would be there with ?. I couldn't get in because I said I would like to watch Caylee and take pictures and she said no. There was an organized group who would watch Caylee. She would be able to come down during the day and check on her.

LDB: while you thought Caylee was being entertained at a far is universal?

thirty minute drive

LDB: at some point did you decide to drive out to universal?

yes, july 3rd

LDB: what prompted that?

earlier that day I had issues and I really wanted to talk to Casey about those issues and I really wanted to see Caylee. I talked to Casey earlier and...

LDB: money issues?


LDB: spoke on phone?

resolve issues?

no I wanted to do it face to face, I figured since I am at universal I might as well, I parked and went to guest services and talk to her and pick up Caylee.

LDB: once you arrive did you see Casey and Caylee?

no I called Casey from cell phone, she did not know I was coming. I said can I talk to you and she told me she was not there, at universal studios.

LDB: where was she?

in Jacksonville FL which came as a complete shock, what are you doing there? She followed jeff back to his condo in jacksonville and was going to try and rekindle more than their friendship because it has gone well those days he was in town and she didn't want me to know that she had left town with Caylee and it was a shock and I was upset. somewhere around three o clock.

LDB: did you think she was in jacksonville?

I had no idea, when she told me she was in jacksonville I didn't know what to think I realized she had lied to me for a few days, I didn't know what to make of it it all came to me very quick. I had my doubts she was in jacksonville

LDB: on july 3rd at some point did you get Lee to help?

yes, prior to that I called a friend in jacksonville and asked if he spoke to Casey.

LDB: who?

Ryan Pasley

I was at universal when I reached out to Ryan. Ryan said she had contacted him that they needed to get together he had not seen her yet by the time we had spoken so I started shifting my thoughts that she was in jacksonville.

LDB: you call lee?

I reached out to Lee if Casey had talked to him and he hadn't spoken to her for a few days.

LDB: after eight evening july 3rd, did you create a myspace account?

yes, I had never been on myspace before and Lee's impression was Casey was not in jacksonville, the chatter is downtown where the action is, Casey and Lee have a lot of mutual friends that Casey had mentioned she would be downtown during the fourth of july weekend and do search through friends if Casey was in jacksonville or in town. I was angry upset and felt betrayed that I didn't know exactly. I was venting. Plus Lee said he had seen new photos on myspace and if I posted it and asked Casey to be my friend I thought only Casey would see it. How she made me feel and hoping she would contact me through myspace. it was my way of venting without yelling or getting on the phone.
LDB: does it represent the text of the message you posted?

exclusive of the photo? yes

LDB: (not near mic) does the date and time also accurately reflect when you made the posting?

maybe a little later but in the evening that day was long for me.

LDB: the photo that is on that exhibit did you put the photo?

I didn't I don't know how to post a photo


(side bar)
HHJP: sustained

LDB: after you posted that message did you speak to Casey about it?

a few days before she realized I created the myspace. I never got a response, I asked why she did not respond. She said I was being hard on her, she had told me she did not want to go on myspace. I didn't know it was everybodys space and she explained to me how everybody can get on there.

LDB: she read your posting?


LDB: did you discuss?

in reference to the courts ruling
(side bar)

And Jerry the Beaver. :winko:

CA on Stand w/LDB
July 3, myspace posting...Caylee missing and CA didn't know why..figure of speech she was missing inmy hear....felt kc betrayed her ...kc said she needed space..not trying to punish her...seeing Jeff H rekindled her feelings and KC explained some day she and caylee would be moving out and CA would have empty nest syndrome.....kc said JH was a wealthy man who lived out of town....CA feelings up to 7/3/08....thought KC was jealous....(object leading-overruled) brought up to CA by JG while they were dating....(object-sustained) discuss w/KC that CA thought she was jealous of her mom, kc said she left without telling CA even though she had raised, fed, sheltered, paid the bills for CAylee...kc didn't mention control her life @ that time....kc said she does need her space....a few days after 7.3.08 CA learned how to text during that time to her everyday and asked to speak w./Caylee ..missed her little voice....told at various times Caylee was napping or w/JH's mother....on a boat or beach in Jax; had thought she was going to come home weekend after the 4th of July....something wrong w/Pontiac...her boyfriend Jeff would take it to the shop...she stayed out of town turned into Mon or Tues. had to order a part and KC needed to get her brakes redone ...assumed that was correct....GA asked everyday if cA had spoken to her....cA told GA to leave her be...following weekend after 7/4 expected her to come home...received a text saying Jules is getting married....Jules is JH mother....she had cancer and getting married by hospital chaplain....this was Mon 7/14...kc was in Jax getting car packed and ready to go....Jeff & Kc would caravan back (he following her) and be back on on 7.16.08. ......on Sunday 7/13 planted new sod between sidewalk and street.....out weeding in front noticed a paper on the front door. Notice kinda blended in with the reflection from sun on the glass...believe note put there on Thurs or Friday....saw 10th or 11th date when it was posted on there....CA uses garage door for egress into home....certified letter from Johnsons....she didn't know anybody Johnsons neither did GA....GA was pick it up on Monday on his way to work....GA just started w/new job...expecting KC & JH on 7/15 thought she would be home sometime in afternoon....CA went to work that day...GA schedule 3-11 shift....GA went to post office to pick up letter around lunchtime on 7/15....GA called CA @ work to tell her about letter....kc's car in Orlando @ tow ahold of KC ....she had lot explaining to had been towed and it had been there couple of weeks....GA went and found out $500 and needed title...CA went and got $500 and went home to get GA. CA did not have access to car @ tow yard...GA pulled up close to CA & said this car stinks,raining, we need to get home.
GA pulled KC's car into right side CA's normal spot in the garage....CA left her car out...misty soon as CA got out of her car....she began to smell the car...(object-overrule) smelled like something died in the car...learned garbage had been in the car....after GA went to work between 2 and 2:30...opened trunk & hood & GA took battery out of car thought kc might try to take car and wanted to speak with her..kc's purse in car...Caylee favorite doll was in carseat....Caylee backpak in trunk and KC's shoes. Took doll, backpak, purse out of car....left stuff in trunk except backpak....doll smelled like the car....wiped doll w/chlorox wipes and sprayed febreeze on doll and in front and back of the car...smell in the car was pretty strong....

LDB- you are a nurse? exposed to rotting/decomposing flesh....
CA: work w/lots amputees and debrided flesh...student nurse we went to morgue.....@ that point I did not think something died in the car....I was in the garage the whole time GA was home...he went inside to get his things and then he left...technical difficulties

LDB: photo?

The pontiac sunfire that Casey was using, the back end view

LDB: want to enter into evidence and publish to jury

HHJP: introduced you may publish

LDB: if I may show you what has been marked as "e" for identification.

HHJP: brief recess please.
all rise for the jury.

HHJP: you may continue

LDB: we are going to look at what has been introduced as "47" in evidence. What is being shown?

the back of the Pontiac Sunfire

LDB: "e"?

the front view of the Pontiac Sunfire

LDB: does it reflect the way the car looked?


LDB: want to enter "e" into evidence

HHJP: entered may publish

LDB: you testified this is the front of the car? Can I have "f"? Do you recognize?

The driver side view of the Pontiac Sunfire

LDB: does it reflect the way the car looked?


HHJP: you may publish

LDB: if I could have "h" for indent? Do you recognize?

The front interior from the front passenger side.

LDB: you mentioned item, do you see them on the seat or are they removed?

Casey's work purse, I removed.

LDB: aside from that item are the items shown on the front seat when you had access to the car.

the purse was covering those items that I saw.

LDB: anything else?

I could see one of my steak...

LDB: interrupts, aside from the work purse is it a fair and accuract depection of what we had discussed was remaining in the car?


LDB: "h" into evidence

JB: no objections however we want a side bar

HHJP: if you have no objections why a side bar?

JB: in reference of testimony.

HHJP: it will be admitted into testimony, approach.

side bar.

Pic of back of Pontiac Sunfire; pic of front of car; drivers side of view of kc's car; pic of interior through passenger side; CA said she removed Kc's work purse from front passenger seat ...CA said she could see one of her steak is correct except the items discussed she had removed.....(JB has no objections request a sidebar...HHBP asked why if no testimony.....admitted into evidence approach!)

HHJP: jury you are here by to ignore the steak knife.

LDB: "h" for identification introduced into evidence and permission to publish that to the jury.

(I missed why it is quiet because my cat Frankie acts like a baby... and has to have attention all the time!! ) :)
LDB: I am going to show you States "35" Mrs. Anthony do you see the item?

yes ma'am

LDB: were they in the car when you cleaned it?


LDB: ?

the back seat of the sunfire on the passenger side.

LDB: other items?

shoes and casey's dress slacks and in the well, the seat well on the passenger side behind the driver there was a pair of casey's dress boots.

LDB: you removed the boots and the slacks.

not the boots.

LDB: okay the slacks what did you do with them?

they smelled like the car so I put them in the laundry.

LDB: your laundry is right there in the garage?

yes ma'am

LDB: "L" for identification. Can you see that?


LDB: is that a fair and accurate portrayal?

that picture is taken after because the boots were in the well and the dyer sheets were not there I placed them there.

LDB: aside from the changes you made it is fair and accurate?


HHJP: admitted into evidence

LDB: Mrs. indicated the boots where in a different part of the car when you accessed it?


LDB: were they on the floor?


LDB: did you put the dyer sheet there?


LDB: depo remember taking?


LDB: you were sworn to tell the truth, I was there


LDB: do you remember given a different response?


LDB: at that point in time do you remember saying you put the dryer sheet in the car?

I had forgotten I did.

LDB: may I approach the witness. page 322 line 15...

HHJP: you may approach

JB: objection

HHJP: overrulled

LDB: does that help your recollection as to whether you put the dyer sheet in the car?

at that time that I made that statement I did not remember since then I have had flash backs of that day. I had been on meds and I explained to everyone that day I was in transistion of meds and I would do the best I could that day.

LDB: didn't you say in that depo you said you didn't have a reason you would put a sheet in the car.

at that point I didn't remember doing so, since then my memory has increased.

LDB: do you remember me asking you if there was anything affecting your memory?


LDB: remember I asked you if there was an issue with your memory and do another time.

yes and I said that was the best you would get from me at that time.

LDB: (long pause)
LDB: tell me if you recognize?

It's the blue colapsable bed from the trunk of Casey's car. it has Casey's purse Caylee's backpack and there is a hanger.

LDB: are these items you turned over to OCSO?


LDB: is that doll the doll that was in the car seat?


LDB: does this accurately depict the items in the blue bin, the items you turned over to the OCSO?


LDB: enter into evidence?

HHJP: yes entered into evidence

LDB: beside wiping down the doll, did you do anything with the work purse?

after I came back from work I went thru Casey's purse she was not returning my calls. I found a envelope and they were resumes for Amy H.

LDB: contact for Amy on those resumes?


LDB: blue bin?

I looked through the back pack just to see what was inside of it and that is all I did.

LDB: can you see "w"?


LDB: picture of?

inside of Caylee's backpack

LDB: is that what you saw in july of 2008?


HHJP: received into evidence may publish

LDB: you said you looked thru the back pack? remove anything?

her toothbrushes, I just went though and took out Caylee's things just because and then I placed them back where I found them.

LDB: where was it?

on the floor of the trunk.

LDB: the blue bin we saw in evidence where was it?

in the trunk of the car as well.

LDB: what items where in the bin?

plastic hangers.

LDB: did you vaccuum?


LDB: anything other than spraying fabreze?

brushed my hand over things and brushed debris away.

LDB: you indicated you went to work


LDB: when you went to work what condition did you leave the car?

all doors open, sun roof open trunk up and left in the garage.

LDB: did you close the garage door?

yes I did

LDB: how long at work?

probably and hour and half

LDB: attempt to contact Casey?


LDB: once at work you said?

I got there everybody knows I don't leave work in the middle of the day, I explained a bit because I left abruptly. I wanted to get a few things done so I could get home. I spoke with co workers and my immediate supervisior said go home but I said I needed to finish a project. Doses right for nurses. As I was wrapping up some stuff a director came by and said go home we will take care.

LDB: they knew you hadn't seen Caylee?

Caylee is a subject of convo they watched Caylee grow up she was always at my office so everyone knew Caylee since she was a baby. How was your vaca and I said crappy because I didn't spend it with the girls.

LDB: did you tell your co workers it smelled like a dead body?

It was a expression of speech.

LDB: did you go home?

yes straight home

LDB: look through work purse?


LDB: tried to contact casey?

yes, still did not answer, I thought it was strange Casey had Amys info...

LDB: in the meantime had you sent a text to your daughter?

yes trying to get ahold of her all day, obviously she was lying where she was at?

LDB: did you reach amy?


LDB: pick her up?

yes, florida mall

LDB: ask amy to take you to casey?

yes, she explained to me she had seen casey a few hours prior and I told her I hadn't seen casey and she was lying to me and I had to find casey to find out what was going on. she said she knew where casey was because she dropped casey off.

LDB: ?

I was just driving she was telling me where to go, university park, I dont remember the name but she took me directly to TL apt.

LDB: once you get to TL apartment where do you go?

(IMHO: Cindy hasn't changed AT ALL)

she knew right were to maniuver the cars and we decided amy go to the door and I would stay in hall way so Casey would come to door and see amy. in tonys apt there was a balcony area and I stood near the stairwell.

LDB: who did you see come to the door?

Amy motioned for her to come out and Casey came out and that is when I popped around.

LDB: what did you say?

what are you doing there, we need to talk.

LDB: see Caylee?


LDB: look in apt


LDB: did she tell you where she was?

with the nanny

the cig smell just emenated from the apt and I knew Caylee wouldn't be in that environment and I stepped out.

LDB: ?:

we are going to go get her and sit around and talk. amy saw I was upset and had gone downstairs and was at my car.

LDB: did Casey agree to go with you?

reluctantly, put her flip flops on and did not have purse or cell phone.

LDB: did she say she was coming back to tony's?

yes I said that would be fine but not until I see Caylee.

LDB: does everyone get in your car?

yes. Casey sat in front passenger and Amy started to get behind Casey but Caylee's carseat in my car made her go to other side.

LDB: did you continue to question Casey?

yes I did, I realized that was not an opportunity because did not want to embarass Casey or Amy. Amy gave directions to her home, convo was limited.

LDB: when amy got out, ask where is Caylee?

yes, dropped amy off ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
living with RM and made a comment that she needed to start answering my questions and she told me that she would take me to see Caylee and we started to drive and..

LDB: any where specific?

Casey started making excuses why it was not good for me to see Caylee. I was asking why the car was at the tow yard.

LDB: did you get answers?

no, I was driving closer to our home I wasn't getting a location of where to pick of caylee so why not go home. the police station on persing and if she wasn't going to give me answers I would get help to get them. I pulled up to the door and started to get out and realized they were closed. I got back in the car and told casey this was her last chance and she was trying to explain to me that she (long pause) we had talked about issues we were having and arguing in the car and I dialed 911 in the car.
HHJP: you may. madam court reporter.

side bar

okay, my comment that Cindy hasn't changed a bit, she hasn't! I thought she had until today~ Did you hear her go into it was strange that Amy knew just how to get to TL apt even though she said she had only been there once...and they dropped Amy off you know she was living with RM and and and at the time and! I just pray that the State knows how to work this unusual person so we can get her even more unusual daughter off the streets.

LDB: excited utterances. Mrs Anthony gave testimony at the time. they are not hearsay at all they are not trying to prove the matter.

HHJP: I am trying to fashion an instruction. the evidence you are about to hear is about Cindy's state of mind. Excited utterance. Do not take into account the defendants criminal acts.

LDB: there are statements of Miss Anthony there are statements in the call and in the third call Miss Anthony gets on the phone and answers questions as well, I believe the limiting instructions would be only for the first but not the third, I do not believe there is any reference in that call to the money or the car being stolen.

HHJP: stolen car and bank account I will specifically mention.

LDB: I do not mean to use the transcript, we have the recording synched to a transcript for the jury to watch but I do not intend to put the transcript into evidence. when the recording plays the transcript with appear with highlight of words spoken. we are to provide copies and I have them marked as exhibits so the record can be clear as to what the jurors saw and heard.

HHJP: mr baez I think that is what you requested.

CM: I cannot make out what he says.

HHJP: To be honest I did not look at 2.4 but I can look it up.

CM: I cannot make out what he says.

HHJP: 2.5 has to do with Williams rule evidence

CM: ?

HHJP: I sort of looked at 2.5 which follows that...

CM: ?

HHJP: probably could use some 2.4 I can add however the defendant is not on trial for a (?) wrong that is not in the indictment.

CM: see or hear...the final...?

HHJP: just a second.
HHJP: the evidence is only to mrs anthonys state of mind and as an excited utterance and not anything else such as stolen car or bank accounts. however the defendant is not on trial for any crime that is not included in the indictment.

CM: i certainly think the courts special instructions...violition of 404 and 403 that not with standing I appreciate what you have done.

HHJP: lets bring in the jury

(Cindy back on stand)

you may be seated

HHJP: jury, the defense?

LDB: we seek to introduce "ML" into evidence

HHJP: noting previous objections it will be received into evidence. I have two things to read to you. One is a stipulation. On July 15th 2008 Cindy made a call to OCSO the recording is a true and accurate representation of the call and it should be considered as true in your dilberations. The 911 call is to be considered by you only as to you Mrs. Anthonys state of mind and as a excited utterance. Ignore stolen car and bank account. The defendant is not on trial for anything not included in the indictment. You may publish.

911 call being played.
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