CO CO - Angelica Sandoval, 21, Alamosa, 23 Feb 2011

Family members posting on the local news' FB page:!/

Angelicia Esperanza Sandoval
Missing since 2/23/2011 10pm from her front yard (700 block of 13th st in Alamosa CO)
Eye Color: Brown, had white cat eyes contacts in at the time
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 100lbs
Hair: dyed black hair original hair color is dark brown
Tourquoise tank top, tight light blue jeans
The man we believe has her is Henry Parra


SOME local media outlets are saying she is 5ft 2 inches and 110 lbs. FWIW.
I guess her full name is Angelicia Esperanza Sandoval and I think someone has posted on the "Family Member's board" about who they think did it and i only found one guy in Pueblo Co with that name in his state.. waiting on a response from family friend and relatives
From her facebook it sounds like she just got a tattoo on the 21st, a name I think. Anyone know where or what it is? That would help someone recognize her if it's in a spot that is visible.
“She had been to the laundry mat,” Sandoval said. “She had her baby with her. She came home late and brought in the baby and the laundry, then went back to the car to get her purse. She never returned.”

Sandovall said Angelica’s brother went to see what was wrong when she didn’t return to the house. He found her purse on the street between two cars, but his sister was gone.

More at Link:
Considering she went back outside to get her purse, never returned, and her purse was found on the ground between two cars is very scary to me. Points to abduction.

Was she followed home from the laundromat by his HP fellow? Perhaps a stranger?

Prayers for this beautiful young woman!
Posted: Saturday, Feb 26th, 2011
By JULIA WILSON Courier staff writer

ALAMOSA — Michelle Sandoval is living every parent’s worst nightmare: One of her children, 21-year old Angelica Sandoval, is missing.
The Alamosa Police Department has set up a task force to investigate Angelica’s disappearance, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been called in.

Sandoval and Angelica’s friends and relatives are not waiting for official results. They held a candle light vigil for Angelica in front of her house Friday night, and plan to hold another one on Saturday at 6 p.m.

The family has divided up the Valley and set up search groups of three to five people with the intention of leaving no stone unturned, no field unsearched, and no dumpster overlooked.

more here

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- One family is frantic for any information about a missing woman. Angelica Sandoval vanished more than two days ago.

She was last seen on Wednesday in front of her home in Alamosa. Her family says she was getting back from doing laundry.

I have been so crazy busy at work, barely able to follow.

Just watched the 10 o'clock news, and nothing new;( Alamosa is a few hours south of me, but our local news is following, and I will let you guys know if I hear anything!!!
I have been through Alamosa alot, in fact used to have family there. It is not a very big town , population around 9000.

My prayers are with her family tonight, hoping for the best. It will be a very daunting task searching , there is so much open space there.
Sounds like maybe it is the child's father?? Or a scorned ex BF?
SO sad
Be on the lookout for this young woman missing from neighboring Alamosa, Colorado. (possible abduction) Believed to be with a Henry Parra possibly in New Mexico somewhere

Here is that guys name again " Henry Parra " who is he ? Ex boyfriend ?

I can't figure out who this Henry Parra is either... but I think the father of her child's name is George? She makes reference to him on her FB page, saying something along the lines of her baby girl looks just like her daddy George.

It also appears she's seeing someone different- initials JJ- even as she sometimes seems to waiver on how she feels about her baby's father.

Additionally, on FB, when she's talking about this girl who is stalking her, she never names the girl, but she does say the chick is from New Mexico. It seems to be a really ugly issue, whatever's going on between them. She tells the girl to go kill herself, her friends chime in with comments about hoping the girl drinks bleach and dies, Angelica herself while accusing the girl of stalking her, threatens to do some serious damage to her if she ever "catches" her.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that authorities feel she is possibly in New Mexico right now, while we're learning this "stalker" girl is also from New Mexico?

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