CO - David Lee Johnson convicted of raping nurse at hospital, 1998

Discussion in 'Past Trial Discussion Threads' started by meljean, Dec 6, 2009.

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    I do not know where to put this. Please Mods, change if you need to place elsewhere.

    I am searching for information on a killer who is incarcerated in Limon, CO at present.

    His name is David Lee Johnson, DOB 1/11/1966. He was sentenced on September 23 of 1998, I believe.

    I was told he had stalked and murdered a nurse? But I cannot find any information on the Web about him. I did find him in the Limon prison files, picture included was him.

    Is there anyone who could get me specifics of case, or tell me where to look.

    Thank you for helping
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    Welcome to WS!

    Do you know where in Colorado his crime was committed? Do you know the name of his victim?

    I don't know how to search for the information, except to use Google. I know there are others here that know how to find just about anything! Good luck!
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    From June 2006:


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