CO CO - Edna Quintana, 55, Saguache County, last seen on foot, 3 May 2023

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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has issued an Endangered Missing Alert for a woman who has been missing for two weeks.

CBI said Edna Quintana, 55, was last seen on Wednesday, May 3. She was in Saguache County when she was last seen and is on foot, according to CBI.

More MSM Woman goes missing in southern Colorado

From what I can gather, she doesn't drive.
On 05/03/2023 Edna disappeared, while she was reportedly walking or hiking on a hill near County Road 46-AA, just outside of Saguache, Colorado; Edna was reportedly wearing a blue Hoodie with a "COLORADO" logo, blue jeans and white sneakers.


Updated: 5:37 PM MDT July 28, 2023

SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. — The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is trying to identify human remains that were found in Saguache County Wednesday.
Authorities were searching for Edna Quintana, a 55-year-old woman who has been missing since May, when they discovered skeletal remains in the foothill west of Saguache Peak off County Road 46AA.

They believe the remains belong to a man who was approximately 5-foot-9 with a pants size of 36Wx30L. CBI said the remains are not connected to Quintana's disappearance, and the search for her continues.

CBI released photos of a cross and shoe that were found with the remains:

According to a press release from the CBI, 55-year-old Edna Quintana was last seen May 3 in the Saguache County area. She is described as 5’5″ tall, weighing between 120-145 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

CBI said Quintana was reported missing on May 6 by family, and that she was in the Saguache County area when she was last seen. She would be on foot, CBI said. Family was unable to contact her and she never returned home.

Quintana has medical issues and CBI said there is concern for her health and well-being, which has labeled her missing endangered.

If you see her or know of her whereabouts, you are urged to contact the CBI tip line at (719) 416-5815, or SCSO at (719) 655-2544.
The search for dear Edna Quintana has actually contributed to the recovery of two missing persons including an unidentified male, and Salida's Suzanne Morphew, missing since May 2020.

In July 2023, while LE was also searching for Edna Quintana, 55, of Saguache, missing since May 2023, they found the remains of a man who was later identified as James Montoya, 26, missing from Lakewood. Unfortunately, Ms. Edna has not revealed herself yet but she's been instrumental in helping two other families recover their missing loved ones.

Hoping for news about Edna !
The health issues are worrying. :(

Can't find out if she had her phone with her ?
Also didn't see if they used SAR dogs to locate Edna ?
By now it's prob. too late, but I hope they did this immediately upon finding her missing !
On 05/03/2023 Edna disappeared, while she was reportedly walking or hiking on a hill near County Road 46-AA, just outside of Saguache, Colorado; Edna was reportedly wearing a blue Hoodie with a "COLORADO" logo, blue jeans and white sneakers.

I fear Edna's case will soon go to the shelf because there have never been any solid details about her released by media, no appeals by family, etc. I've never seen the info by NAMUS reported by MSM. It's all so strange.

For example, did Edna reside in Saguache and just go for a walk and never return? Was there a fight and she got out of a vehicle to walk and never made it home? Was she an informant?
Perhaps this is a known homicide to authorities and they are keeping details very quiet. MOO

Nonetheless, thank you, dear Edna -- we know your spirit has indeed helped other families.

ETA: I'm finding any reference to "County Road 46 Aa," Saguache, to result in mostly vacant land for sale that backs to BLM property which extends into the National Forest.

Ride horses, ATV's, or snowmobiles for endless miles. Close enough to the town of Saguache that a person could walk to the town with cafes, grocery store, gas stations, schools, and churches.
Water to irrigate or keep animals would be by a domestic, drilled well.

Cross roads include State Highway 114.

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SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- The search for Edna Quintana, a missing woman from Saguache, led to the discovery of two different bodies, including Suzanne Morphew’s. But Edna’s family is still waiting for answers.

On September 22, a body was found along the side of Highway 17, south of Moffat in Saguache County. On Wednesday, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations confirmed the body was Suzanne Morphew — a woman from Salida who has been missing for more than three years.

But the CBI told 13 Investigates it wasn’t searching for Morphew when they found her body. Instead, they were looking for 55-year-old Edna Quintana.

“Edna's very shy, very humble, very quiet, very soft-spoken,” said Augustina Edwards, Quintana’s cousin. “You probably will not find anybody in Saguache that has a bad thing to say about Edna.”

Quintana’s family, fifth-generation natives to Saguache, Colorado, said she was “not involved with a very good group” when she went missing in early May. They say for the last five months investigators have been searching Saguache County for her, but they still haven’t found her. Instead, they found two other bodies.


“Somebody was looking for their family member and that's how our son was located,” said Corinna Montoya, James Montoya’s mother. “Our heart goes out to them. We are praying for them. I just hope that they have some closure that we found.”

“Saguache County is getting a reputation for being called ‘The Boneyard’ just because they've found over the years so many bodies or bones,” Corinna said.

Montoya’s case is still being investigated and the family continues to wait for answers, but they said Saguache County is the place to dump bodies because it is so secluded and off the grid.

“You could spend a significant amount of time in an area and not be seen by anyone not be noticed and have time to do just that,” she said.


Quintana’s family told 13 Investigates they hope the discovery of two bodies will bring more exposure and answers to Quintana’s case.
Family members of Edna Quintana are still searching for answers after Edna was last seen May 3 in the area of Saguache County. A statewide alert for Edna was issued on May 17, yet she still has not been located. Skeletal remains were discovered on July 26 when a search was being conducted for Edna, those remains belonged to a man.

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"I miss her, because I was always able to talk to her," said Marilyn Quintana.

56-year-old Edna Quintana has been missing since May 3 this year. Her sister, Marilyn, spoke with CBS Colorado from her home in Saguache, which is where Edna was also from.
Edna was hiking with her boyfriend.

Thanks for the link !
I missed that part.
What does the boyfriend have to say ?
Did they get separated during the hike and he couldn't find her ?
Still missing in Saguache county Colorado, Edna Quintana. CBI confirmed that the Suzanne Morphew case is not connected . My thoughts are if they weren’t looking for Edna they may have never found Suzanne or another homicide victim James Montoya.

Thanks for the link !
I missed that part.
What does the boyfriend have to say ?
Did they get separated during the hike and he couldn't find her ?
Only that EQ left the mountain ahead of him and when he got to his vehicle, she wasn't there.... CBS also not identifying him or seeking him out for details since he's not been named a suspect.

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