Deceased/Not Found CO - Kelsey Berreth, 29, Woodland Park, Teller County, 22 Nov 2018 - #32 *ARREST*

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    WOODLAND PARK – The Woodland Park Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing 29-year-old woman.

    According to Woodland Park PD, Kesely Berreth was last seen in Woodland Park on Nov. 22nd.

    Berreth is described as a white female, 5’3″ tall, 110 pounds, with brown hair.

    If you have any information on her whereabouts, please contact the Woodland Park Police Department at (719) 687-9262.

    Woodland Park PD seeking public’s help in locating missing woman

    Woodland Park Police Department

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    What we know about Kelsey:

    29 years old
    5'3 and 110 lbs


    Flight instructor with a Commercial Pilot's License
    Worked at a coffee shop in Florissant for a few months
    Worked as a Flight Instructor at Springs Aviation in Peyton, CO in 2016
    Currently works for Doss Aviation as a flight instructor in Pueblo, CO (abt 70 miles from Woodland Park)

    KB spent most of her childhood attending Crestview School in Moses Lake, WA
    Crestview School is tied to the local Seventh Day Adventist Church which held a vigil for Kelsey
    Trained as a pilot at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA

    Address and location history:
    Born in Grant County, Washington
    Raised in Warden, Washington
    Kelsey moved to Sandpoint, ID at some point
    Moved to Woodland Park, CO in 2016
    Had a PO Box address in Florissant, CO
    Lived in another townhouse unit in her subdivision before buying her current home
    Current address: 269 E Lake Ave, Woodland Park, CO
    --Home purchased by KB in May 2018
    --2 bedroom, 1 bath Duplex/Townhouse

    Info on KB's Personality and Interests
    “She’s not the kind that runs off. This is completely out of character…Kelsey is reliable, considerate and honest,” -KB's Mom

    "She's such a good person, a loving person,""She's grounded and responsible. She has a one year old child, she wouldn't just leave her." -KB's Cousin

    'When you're around Kelsey, I think you just feel like a better person, being around Kelsey makes me smile, it makes me smile just to think about her, she's just a good person.' -KB's cousin

    "a little reserved and sometimes soft-spoken" -A former boss

    'I don't think she left willingly. Kelsey's so reliable and responsible, she's a mom, she would never leave her child. She was very excited [to be a mom], and she was a great mom.' --KB's Cousin

    Relatives have described Kelsey as a sweet, quiet woman who radiates a warm energy.

    “When you see her, you want to give her a great big hug and squeeze her cheeks. You can feel the energy coming from her. She’s kind, compassionate and honest,” -KB's BIL

    “She was like the sister I never had.” -KB's BIL

    Kelsey takes a while to warm up to people, but that her relationships are meaningful; Kelsey focused on the quality of her friendships instead of quantity -KB's BIL

    KB enjoyed paddle boarding, canoeing and bike riding -KB's BIL

    KB is a sweet, loving “country girl” who loves horses, hiking and the outdoors. -KB's Cousin

    KB loves hiking, running and bicycling.

    “She looks like such an angel, and I think that she is,” “She’s the kind of person where you feel better when you’re around her.” -KB's Cousin

    “She’s an awesome person. She’s so kind… You can tell she’s a very kind-hearted person,” -a neighbor

    Family info from MSM:
    KB's parents are retired hay farmers and lived north of Warden until a few years ago when they moved to Sandpoint, Idaho
    KB's brother and brother-in-law live in Tacoma, WA
    KB's Uncle lives in Moses Lake, WA
    KB and her mom talked often; they were attached at the hips since she was little and they were best friends
    KB's mom knew her schedule and when to call her/when not to call because she was teaching classes; It was weird when she had not heard from Kelsey
    “She and her brother spoke multiple times a week, as well as her mom.” -KB's BIL
    "They're a very close-knit family" -KB's Cousin

    What we know about Patrick Frazee:

    32 Years Old
    6'3 and 205 lbs

    Went to Woodland Park High School
    PF Jail Record lists "some college"

    Cattle Rancher
    Breeds cow herding dogs
    Rodeo competitor

    Address and location history:

    PF was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Teller County
    Currently lives with his mother at 1713 Wildhorn Rd Forissant, CO
    --property searched by LE and owned by his mother
    --35-acre ranch has a one-and-a-half story home and a 1,300 sq ft barn

    Family info from MSM:
    PF's parents are divorced
    PF's mother is a registered nurse
    In addition to the property searched, PF's mother owns 2 other properties in the area
    PF has 3 siblings
    PF's brother SF works for the Colorado Springs Police Department
    A cousin has worked for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office
    An uncle FF is a retired Kiowa County sheriff

    Info from people who know PF:
    “He worked on my horses for a real short time till he punched one in the gut with a rasp and that was about the last time I let him work on my horses,” -MG

    'It's a characteristic that was ongoing for years. Anytime he was at a rope and his horse didn't act right, he'd rip on his face, kick him. In the community, we were all at ropings and stuff, but if the horse doesn't do exactly what it's supposed to do you don't just beat them.' -MG

    'One time we were at a rodeo in Cripple Creek and he got mad because his horse didn't do good and somebody didn't heel just right to help him get in the money and he got so mad he left out of Cripple Creek Rodeo, flipped his horse trailer with his horse in it and almost killed that horse.
    'He got mad, tries to get his vehicle out of there and there's too many cars tightly packed in. Lots of people were there. -MG

    'He was in a rage of being mad and angry, because the heeler didn't heel and they lost out the money. It was kind of a sad deal, especially trying to get the horse out that was traumatic for everybody.' -MG

    A former girlfriend of PF declined to speak to the press but her partner commented saying that he knew Frazee to be aggressive with horses and dogs but that he did not beat his girlfriends.
    “He cheated on her while she was in the hospital, take that for what it’s worth,” the man said of his current partner’s former relationship with Frazee

    'Patrick is a horseshoer, I heard once he was thumping on the horse "saying this is how you've got to do it," that horse reared up and kicked him right in the forehead, he got a bunch of stitches and his [then] girlfriend hauled him to the hospital to get stitches.' -High School Classmate of PF

    'Oh yeah, he's a recluse for sure. I haven't seen him in 10 years or so.' -High School Classmate of PF

    A neighbor heard 'mixed things' about Frazee's alleged rough behavior with animals.
    He was quiet and shy. He had his own friends circle and stayed close to his friends,' he said.
    'He did come across, "I'm a big tough cowboy." But that's that cowboy way, got be strong.
    'That's how he was raised, he raised horses. I think if you're raised country that's normal, if you're raised city it's going to seem harsh. It's not wrong in his eyes. Sometimes there's neglect and over abuse yes, he'd tread the fine line on it I'd say. You've got make a horse submit to what you want to do. You've got to be kind of firm. You shouldn't hit them.' --Former Neighbor HF

    Two friends of Patrick defended him and rejected any suggestion he was cruel towards animals:

    'He's an old fashioned cowboy. He's just old school, he does things the old way. He shoes horses modern, but he trains horses the way people used to do it, I wouldn't say that he's cruel or not. He's a stand up real good guy. I've just known him for years and he's a great person.'
    The friend said he had not met Frazee's fiancée but added: 'I know the day I saw him he was a great dad to the daughter and he's a good guy. He was fine. --Man who saw PF shoe horses in Sept.

    'I know him, when we had horses he used to trim our horses hooves. He was a very nice young man, I knew him all growing up, we used to go to the Gymkhana and the rodeos when he was younger. I've known him since 2003 and I never saw him do anything inappropriate or out of order.' -DR, runs the propane store

    "I've always considered him to be a gentle soul. Soft spoken and just really down to Earth and practical." “couldn’t imagine him doing anything that would harm anyone.” -Friend, SO

    Relationship info reported by others:

    KB and PF met online according to her cousin
    PF helped KB move from WA to CO only months after they met
    KB told her cousin she was happy when she moved to be near PF
    KB often talked about her boyfriend (PF) at her aviation job in 2016
    Baby K was born Oct 2017
    They were engaged but did not have a wedding date set
    They have never lived together -- KB's mom

    "The relationship has been good, um, they're loving, um it hasn't been ideal, you know given given the economy and things, you know, they had plans that haven't worked out as they would have liked but they've dealt with that and they've made things work regardless." --KB's mom

    "I mean they had plans, you know, they were planning to find a place for them to live and so forth and the economy with prices dropping out...Kelsey's fiance has some cattle and stuff and prices were poor and so the money just wasn't available as soon as they had hoped, but they make it work."-- KB's mom

    There were no records of any domestic issues between the couple --Woodland Police Chief Miles De Young

    “Like most relationships it has ups and downs but for the most part it's a good relationship,” -Frazee’s lawyer

    KB's parents were skeptical of Frazee from the start, describing him as an "odd duck" --close friend of the family from church

    Misc Info
    KB owned two vehicles-- a red truck and a car used for commuting to work
    PF also owns a red truck
    Neighbor AG gave KB a baby gate the week before Thanksgiving
    AG had always assumed Frazee lived there with Kelsey and the baby as she would see him come and go in his red work truck.
    AG never heard any arguing
    An employee at Starbucks said Kelsey would pull in to the drive-thru about once a week to get a chai latte

    Search expands for Colorado mom, 29, last seen on Thanksgiving
    Kelsey Berreth's cousin speaks out for the first time since fiance's arrest | Daily Mail Online
    Pasco relatives pray for miracle as search continues for missing Colorado mother
    Pasco relatives pray for miracle as search continues for missing Colorado mother
    Fiance accused of killing Colorado woman missing for month
    Fiance of missing mom Kelsey Berreth ‘punched a horse in the gut,’ cheated on his ex while she was in the hospital, sources claim: Report
    Mother of missing Colorado mom speaks out on daughter's disappearance
    Mother of Kelsey Berreth asked about relationship between and her daughter and her fiancé
    Kelsey Berreth: Police Search Fiancé’s Ranch In Hunt For Missing Colorado Mom
    Fiance of missing Kelsey Berreth voluntarily releases cell phone, DNA sample to law enforcement
    Fiancee of missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth is arrested and charged with murder | Daily Mail Online
    Patrick Frazee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
    Kelsey Berreth's Fiance Is a 'Gentle Soul' Who Would Never Hurt Anyone, Friend Says
    Neighbor of missing mom Kelsey Berreth says she saw red pickup truck, possibly fiance Patrick Frazee’s, at her home the day she went missing
    Cops process evidence found in Kelsey Berreth's murder investigation now in Idaho | Daily Mail Online
    Members of Sandpoint church continue prayers for Kelsey Berreth
    Fiance accused of killing Colorado woman missing for month
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    November 22nd - Thursday
    • KB last seen on video surveillance shopping in Safeway (noon hour)
    • KB exchanged daughter with PF (fiancé)

    November 25th - Sunday
    • Text from KB’s phone to her employer
    • KB's phone pinged in Gooding, ID (5:13 pm)
    • PF received text from KB’s phone

    December 2nd - Sunday
    • KB's mom called PF on KB's whereabouts
    • Missing person reported - KB's mom (12:37 pm)

    December 10th - Monday
    • Press Conference

    December 12th - Wednesday
    • PF Attorney releases statement - PF is cooperating with investigators

    December 13th - Thursday
    • Candlelight Vigil Held for KB

    December 14th - Friday
    • Search Warrant Franzee Property/Residence

    December 15th - Saturday
    • Twin Falls law enforcement was requested to help

    December 16th - Sunday
    • The search of Patrick Frazee's property concludes Sunday night

    December 18th - Tuesday
    • Five law enforcement vehicles seen leaving PF Property
    • PF and 2 others made trip to Waste Management Landfill

    December 19th - Wednesday
    • LE at Kelsey’s Residence

    December 20th - Thursday
    • LE at Kelsey’s Residence

    December 21st - Friday
    • Arrested- 1st Degree murder and Solicitation of Murder
    Inmate #: 2018001543
    Booking #: 18-02029
    Case #: D602018CR330
    Archonix XJail Public
    • Press Conference 10am MST
    • LE at Kelsey’s Residence
    • PF - Hearing on Advisement - 3:30pm
    Inmate #: 2018001543
    Booking #: 18-02029
    Case #: D602018CR330​
    • Vigil held for KB in Moses Lake, WA

    December 22nd - Saturday
    • Twin Falls, ID Police Department issued statement they are working with CBI and FBI to prepare and serve several search warrants, including processing items of possible evidence with the assistance of the Twin Falls County and Twin Falls Evidence Technicians.

    December 27th - Thursday
    • Temporary Custody Hearing - 1pm
    Case #: D602018JV26​

    December 31st - Monday
    • PF - First Appearance - 9am
    Inmate #: 2018001543
    Booking #: 18-02029
    Case #: D602018CR330​
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    Bumping my post from the last thread for anyone who missed it the first time.

    Admin note: Viewers from around the world are here to read about Kelsey's case. They do not come here to read personal information about our members, about our member's son or daughter, neighbor, post man, etc. Our forum is not a chat room. If you want to discuss personal stories or tidbits take it to your inbox/conversations.

    Stay on topic regarding the details of Kelsey's case.

    Two day thread reply bans will be issued for personal off topic posts or idle random chit chat.
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    Admin Note:

    At this time, the only person charged in this case is PF.

    Do NOT sleuth the Idaho nurse (IN, KK, KL) who has not been charged with anything at this point in time. You may link to MSM and discuss what is said in MSM about her, but no sleuthing and posting about it here. Obviously we do not have all details, so do not make accusations against her until/unless LE advises that her status in the investigation has changed.
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    Idaho couple shares more on why they went to authorities in Kelsey Berreth case

    CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste sat down with Twin Falls couple Patty and Joe Rockstahl. The couple claims they learned of information from one of their employees, a best friend of Krystal Lee. Their employee told them that Lee and Frazee's had a relationship that started just after high school.

    "She was in love with him from a very young age," Patty Rockstahl said, adding, "She was very vulnerable and I think she cared for him, and he took advantage of that… He was her first love, I understand, and… he had a hold on her."

    The Rockstahls said they were told Lee, a nurse from Idaho and a mother, visited Frazee as recently as November – the month Berreth vanished. They claim their employee said Frazee threatened Lee, and she may have helped him dispose of evidence.

    "Do you know what the threats were?" Battiste asked.

    "Patrick told Krystal that little girls go missing off the playground all the time," Patty said.

    "Krystal was so scared, he was so angry that he said things that made Krystal think he had killed before. So of course, she's going to be terrified," Joe Rockstahl said.

    The Rockstahls said they were told Frazee asked Lee three times as early as October to help kill Berreth, the mother of his child, but Lee refused.

    Asked what they heard was Frazee's motive, Patty said, "That he felt that Kelsey was going to harm the child, that she was crazy."

    "Is Krystal Lee a murderer?" Battiste asked.

    "I don't believe so. I don't," Patty said.

    See videos at the link: Idaho couple shares more on why they went to authorities in Kelsey Berreth case
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    Kelsey Berreth’s parents file civil lawsuit vs. Patrick Frazee

    (Sorry if this has already been covered)

    What confuses me is that during CB’s interview she said that she thought that the relationship between KB & PF was loving. However when CB filed the civil suit it specifically says that they are accusing PF of inflicting physical, mental and emotional acts of violence towards KB PRIOR to her death.

    These statements don’t match up.

    Do you think that CB was fibbing about the loving relationship on TV since she knew that PF had baby K and she didn’t want to anger him or accuse him of violence towards KB because he may do something bad/flee the country with baby K?

    Or do you think this is just an “after the fact” statement based on the information she has now gathered from those closest to KB & PF during their relationship. Are KBs friends telling KB’s mom & dad that PF had been acting violent towards KB prior to her death?

    Super confusing.
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    Please continue...
  10. NoeticSoul

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    IMO She was just placating PF until he was arrested to keep the baby safe.
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    Hi Dexxie, it sure is confusing.

    I don’t think CB was “fibbing”, I do believe a family atty or LE helped her with her statement & what to avoid discussing in future interviews.
    In retrospect, one has to consider, she (CB) was ready to seek custody of baby K. Iirc, prior to P’s arrest, LE commented they were “looking into the matter”, regarding P having the child. If she didn’t think P was to blame for KB’s disappearance, she prob wouldn’t have applied for custody. A lot of kids are raised by a man.
    The civil suit was probably filed as soon as the DA reviewed P’s sealed arrest affidavit with the B’s & their attorney, imo. My attorney friend said the B’s & their counsel would have been aware of the affidavit, even tho P was not.
    I can’t help but think the DA has texts or emails back & forth between P/KB, P/KK & until I hear otherwise, I think KK likely contacted KB. Based on what I’ve read, KK is/was in love with KB. If so, I believe she knew of KB & baby & disliked the situation.
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    And also to make him feel secure he might slip-up, IMO

    ETA On the advice of LE
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    Drone footage this afternoon of Midway landfill

    Attached Files:

  14. mustloveco

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    Drone footage #2

    Attached Files:

  15. PommyMommy

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  16. gliving

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    Finally, there is a no-nonsense report on the landfill story. It includes an aerial picture showing just how orderly and sectionalized the WM Midway Landfill is. I don't think it will be a problem for LE to search for what they want. A dirty job, yes.
    Kelsey Berreth Search: Investigators Look In Landfill
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    LE enforcement doesn’t execute search warrants on landfills, unless they have a compelling reason to do so.

    For obvious reasons.

    Two months have passed, so I doubt this search was based on surveillance footage.

    Right now, we only know of two people who are involved in this crime.

    I don’t think PF is cooperating, so I think it’s more than likely that KK is the source of this information.

    Then again, they’ve been on to her for a while now, so it would be a bit surprising for her to divulge this now, especially if she had been offered some sort of a deal.

    This is weird.

    Perhaps it’s some third party.
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    To answer a previous query about who might help in the search, the Colorado Springs Police Department has jurisdiction over this search, regardless of who the news thinks served a warrant. CSPD has reciprocal agreements with every LE entity within El Paso county and has free certified training for those officers in such areas as SWAT. When the abortion clinic shooter started, the second wave of respose, after the one initial officer responding to a prowler call, were reciprocal officers. The one killed was a reciprocal from the University of Colorado Police Department. The third wave of responders were the available officers of the CSPD and the fourth wave were off-duty officers of the CSPD who are on the call list.
    I hope I answered it fully, this time.
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    This is what I am thinking as well - IMO (that old comment about complexity comes to mind...)
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