Identified! CO - Montrose Co., 'Windy Point Jane Doe' Fem 642UFCO, 35-40, scoliosis, Jul'94 - Susan Hoppes

Hoppes had no known connection to Colorado. Lillard said she abruptly left the home where she was staying in Washington, reportedly departing with two others, but it is not clear how she wound up in Montrose County. Lillard said investigators would forge ahead to fully solve the case.

“Back in 1993 when she was reported, there wasn’t a lot of information other than she was a missing person and there were no suspicious circumstances at the time. It was a basic missing persons case,” Lillard said.

Washington authorities added information as they received it and Hoppes was entered into the state’s equivalent of NCIC. (As stated earlier, she was cleared from that database in 1994 for reasons Lillard has not determined.)
FWIW, knowing about Bundy and his Colorado crimes, this is the sort of location I could see him dumping a body at. He is known to have traveled through this general region and killed a woman a couple hours' drive away in Grand Junction. Seems like they believe the victim to be a bit older than his typical victim, though.

Regardless of any potential Bundy connection, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of connection to UT here. These remains were found close to the state line, and the public land is practically seamless around here. Recreationists and locals frequently travel back and forth over the line and there's plenty of back routes through wilderness. NM and AZ would also be good to focus on.
I forget if Ted was operating in WA in 93. Also, i agree, Susan doesnt seem to fit that young, long hair-parted-in-the-middle look of some of Bundy's victims. And wasnt he fond of hitting victims in the head w a crowbar, wood, etc?


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Amy Johnson is still on the case. The Washington-based private investigator, whose extensive research helped shine a big light on a cold Montrose homicide case, came to the scene this week.
Johnson had been seeking missing Washington State woman Susan Hoppes, who vanished at age 45 in 1993 under suspicious circumstances, since 2004.

Despite repeated efforts to shake loose information that would identify “Windy Point Jane Doe,” decades passed without investigators here knowing her true name.

Wednesday, Johnson, formerly a florist, brought along a bouquet she had arranged personally and placed it at the ledge of a cliff nearby, a commanding Colorado view stretching out before her under a storm-brewing sky.

“When you stand there, for me, personally, it’s a feeling like you know so much about her personally,” Johnson said.

“Just to know that she laid up there for almost an entire year — I’m grateful that they found her, but it’s pretty bittersweet, that someone so evil traipsed through there and left her, abandoned and alone.”

Johnson’s years of research pointed her toward likely suspects; however, because Montrose is investigating the case as an active homicide, she isn’t detailing all of her theories of the crime right now.

Despite what she has learned, Johnson would still like to know the final missing pieces in the Hoppes’ tragedy.

“My thing about all of this is there could be somebody out there that this spurs some recollection; some sort of connecting piece,” Johnson said.

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