CO - Rebecca Bates, 64, Trinidad, 2 May 1986

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    Rebecca was bludgeoned and stabbed to death during a domestic disturbance in her home. Link to her son 's Nicholas Joseph Dolce NAMUS page. He is wanted as a suspect in her murder. He was last seen in September 1986. He is known to use many aliases and the aliases are listed on NAMUS:
    Nick Dolce; Richard Jake Dankert; Edward D Bear; Nick Dolsi; Ed Valica; Edward Valica; Marty Whitehorse; Eli Velasquez; Nick Sanchez; John McGregor; Amos A Maes; Nicholas Dulce; Edward Dale Valicia

    Dolce cross-dresses as a female, plucks his eyebrows, and dyes his hair black, according to the Porchlight link. He is also known to use drugs and alcohol.
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