CO CO - San Juan, Photo of Unknown Girl age 9-12 - Possibly missing


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Feb 4, 2016
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View attachment 285544 I superimposed the image of the unknown girl over the image of Vicki McCulkin, and... Wow. With the exception of the chin/face shape (Vicki seems to have a longer face) the lips, nose, and eyes all line up nearly perfectly.

I know this is a kind of off the wall thought, but is it possible that the photos are of the same person, just photo taken at two different times? Which might account for the difference in the face somewhat. She was of the age where pretty drastic changes would have been going on as she transitioned from child to adult.

According to an ABC news article I found Garry Dubois and Vincent O'Dempsey were known to the family through the estranged husband, though it does not say (or if it did I missed it) how long he had been know to the family. He is reported to have raped and killed both 13 yr old Vicki and her 11 yr old sister Leanne along with their mother, so he is known to have been interested in children.

Is it possible that since he had targeted the children and mom that he had taken pictures of her at a younger age (the photo on the flyer) that was then passed around? The one that the news story uses could then be the older photo of her.

Of course this is just speculation since McCulkin's second wife claimed he killed his own family.

News Link: Suspects for four decades, but charges did not stick