GUILTY CO - Shanann Watts (34), Celeste"Cece" (3) and Bella (4), Frederick, 13 Aug 2018 *CW LWOP* #70

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Oct 13, 2012
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Sorry if already answered, I have not gone back through every page.

My area does not get Dr. Phil until 3PM today. Is everyone waiting on the show? Does someone have a link to see the full interviews early? I’ve seen the small clips from People, etc.
A link to the full episode was posted a couple of pages back. I just finished listening and made the following notes:

Sandy said it felt like they were lying on their backs in the middle of the ocean and being pulled under.

Bella didn't see CW kill Shanann, but saw CW wrapping her in the sheet. CW told her that Mommy is sick and they need to take her to the hospital.

He smothered CeCe with her blanket at the oil site and was taking her up to the oil tank when Bella had gotten herself unbuckled in the truck and said, "Please Daddy, do not do to me what you did with CeCe."

Sandy wonders if Bella was thinking "where are Grandma and Grandpa?"

They played "Daddy is my hero." :(

Lawyer said that there were supposed to be other people at the oil site that morning and CW called them off. (We knew this.)

Dr. Phil asks if the mistress has been questioned further. Lawyer says his understanding is that she hasn't, but they're not that close with the investigation. He says it's the hope of Sandy and Frank that this tape finally puts to bed any speculation that CW found Bella and Celeste dead at the hands of Shanann, and that Shanann's memory can be put to rest as a loving mother and a caring wife.

Dr. Phil asks as painful as it is, if the Rzucek's are glad to hear this horrific confession. An attorney says, "I think it might take some time, really, for them to see it as a silver lining. Right now, I think it's mostly painful." He also says that he thinks it's helpful for them to have answers to questions that they would have asked themselves forever. They'll never understand the real question, "Why does somebody do this?"

They discuss the Rzucek's decision to not seek the DP.

Dr. Phil discusses CW's narcissism and his porch interviews. Says his story was falling apart from the minute he opened his mouth and CW is a malignant narcissist and those are the ones who slip under the radar and do their damage. "He's sick, he's demented, he's off the street where he should be."

Dr. Phil says let's talk about the fact that CW has made it clear that Shanann was a good and loving mother, had nothing to do with this, and let's honor her and let's honor those children.

Dr. Phil says, "Sandy has said, when this tape comes out, she's going to be devastated."

They talk about the toll this has taken on Sandy and Frank. Lambert says it has taken some time. They have processed it together. They found strength and comfort in each other throughout the process.

Dr. Phil says even though she has been briefed on what this tape says, Sandy says when it comes out, she's going to be devastated and wants some guidance from Dr. Phil how to handle it. He says he absolutely refuses to allow his platform to be used to sensationalize Chris Watts as opposed to honoring Shanann, Bella, Cece, and Niko, and respecting this family.

Lambert said that CW said once he got started, he couldn't stop. He suggests Dr. Phil talk to Sandy about that, as someone who knows how sick minds work.

They show a preview of the Rzucek's interview. Sandy says, "To hear my granddaughter beg for her life, yeah, it's pretty, pretty rough," and "Our daughter watched her husband kill her."

Frank Sr. says, "He took Celeste's Yankee blanket and smothered her, in front of Bella."

Frankie Jr. says, "I'm glad this is going to shut up all the people who are still saying Shanann did it."

A beautiful photo and video montage is played at the end to "In the Arms of the Angels." Heartbreaking. :(
Heartbreaking to post this update:

Bella Watts Walked In on Dad Chris Watts Disposing of Mom Shan'ann's Body: Lawyer
Posted: Mar 05, 2019 10:01 AM PSTUpdated: Mar 05, 2019 10:01 AM PST

By Inside Edition Staff, Inside Edition

The last moments of little Bella Watts’ life were filled with terror and confusion, as the 4-year-old girl walked in on her father disposing of her mother’s body before he turned his ire on her and her sister, an attorney for the victims’ family said.

Bella Watts Walked In on Dad Chris Watts Disposing of Mom Shan'ann's Body: Lawyer
MAR 5, 2019
Bella Watts Walked In on Dad Chris Watts Disposing of Mom Shan'ann's Body: Lawyer
The last moments of little Bella Watts’ life were filled with terror and confusion, as the 4-year-old girl walked in on her father disposing of her mother’s body before he turned his ire on her and her sister, an attorney for the victims’ family said.

“What are you doing with mommy?” Bella asked her father, Chris Watts, as he wrapped the body of his pregnant wife, Shan’ann Watts, in a sheet after strangling her, Steven Lambert, a lawyer for Shan’ann’s family, said during an appearance on "Dr. Phil."

In a clip of the interview, which will air Tuesday and was obtained by People, Lambert told Dr. Phil Chris killed his wife and daughters after he and Shan’ann fought over his affair.

“… [H]e essentially confessed to having an affair, that he wanted a divorce, that it was pretty much over between them,” Lambert said. “She said something to the effect of, ‘Well, you’re not going to see the kids again.’ As a consequence of that conversation, he strangled her to death.”
MAR 5, 2019
Killer Dad Chris Watts ‘found God’ before confessing new, horrific details of family murder
Convicted family murderer Chris Watts is believed to have some type of religious awakening that prompted him to share new details about the brutal murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters with investigators in a late-February interview at the Wisconsin prison where Watts is serving multiple life sentences.


According to the lawyers’ account, Watts revised his story in last month’s prison interview with investigators from multiple agencies, and shared a shocking new claim: That his daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, were still alive when he drove them, with their mother’s body in his pickup truck, to an oil field where he buried Shanann, smothered both girls, and stuffed each of his daughter’s bodies in an oil tank.


Watts reportedly told investigators that Bella had walked in on him as he was wrapping Shanann’s body in a sheet, and that he told Bella her mother was sick and needed to be taken to the hospital. Following the 45-minute drive to the oil field, Watts reportedly admitted that Bella witnessed him smother her younger sister and pleaded with him not to do the same to her.

Asked why Watts would suddenly decide to share this new information with investigators, given that his case is closed and the sentence has been delivered, one of the lawyers said that he believed Watts had discovered religion since he arrived in prison.

“He is claiming that he is remorseful, and he has found God,” Thomas Grant of the Grant & Hoffman Law Firm told Dr. Phil.
Not insane in the legal sense of the word at all (as an attorney, you know this). He knew and knows right from wrong; he just doesn’t care, in the service of his desires. Sociopath and narcissist, not insane.

Oh yeah. Not close to legally insane. But still deranged, you know what I mean? He was a threat to his loved ones, friends and society being free, even if he himself never knew it.

We use the concepts of evil or and crazy to describe these creatures. I see someone whose perception is so distorted. Who is incapable of feeling or understanding what normal people do. It's a horrifying defect and all the more horrifying because he seemed so normal, as many have said. Just a laid back, quiet surfer type guy. Snowboarder speak. Average Joe who loved and cared well for his kids, worked hard. etc. Not one person who knew him talks about sensing something off.

I encounter psychopaths in my cases but I've known a couple apparent psychopaths in my daily life. Both women. One was a nurse who was then working as a waitress at the golf course I worked at. She claimed she came out of state so she couldn't work as a nurse but I think she lost her license for some reason. It became apparent very quickly that she was at least sociopathic. She had no empathy of any kind and seemed confused by people feeling sorrow for others. She sort of grabbed my face one day to see how I did my eyeliner. It made me shudder to be touched by her. Inhuman.

The second one appeared very sweet. Worked at my old law office on a prisoner release program. Claimed to have been lured into doing some sort of fraud by her husband. Yet he was free and on the outside with her kids. In retrospect her excuse (he made the money and one of them needed to be able to care for the kids so she took the fall), was suspicious. She DID have me somewhat fooled. At first. She was so sympathetic. Her eyes would well with tears talking about her kids.

But after a couple months I realized she was doing little things to cause disharmony. She lied about me and others. She cam in my office one day and pleaded with me to realize she was a friend and ask what was wrong. I told her I knew she was a liar and could never trust her. She was arrested for leaving work at lunch when we were out and stealing from Walmart. She had stockpiled a hoard of things she had stolen. Despite having realized she was a liar and ship stirrer, I was shocked by the level of her criminality.

And yet, her nature did not take too long to come out, despite being able to fool people at first.

But CW? In his whole life no one ever came forward and said they noticed one thing. No criminal record. No people coming forward (like with Patrick Frazee) to say he was cruel or deceptive.

It is odd and he's inexplicable to me.
I don't know if I can make it through these interviews. He is STILL blaming Shannan for her own murder! :mad: At about 8 minutes in he's talking about how he told a friend about NK and that SW was going away for 5 weeks. The friend tells him to not to fall into that trap (i.e. NK). And then CW says he wishes SW hadn't gone away for 5 weeks but had only gone away for 1 week. He said if she was only going to be gone for 1 week nothing would have happened. What a pathetic liar. Excusing his affair and excusing his murder of SW. :mad:

Some people were confident that new info would come out of this interview-info that would implicate other people, show that he was coerced, or info that would otherwise shed him in a better light (if not exonerate him). Most of us knew better. Since there has been all but radio silence, I have to assume that they are all feeling regretful and are busy making peace with all the bad things they said about SW.
Oh no, there are pages and pages still bemoaning poor Chris’s fate, it was not his fault, SW drove him to it, it was the patches, the constant videos, the lack of sleep.
So he told the truth to the public defenders and they were willing to go ahead with a not guilty, whatever he wants? Where's the bar association?

It's not an ethical violation unless they put him on the stand knowing he was going to lie. The state must prove its case. The defense would file motions and try to exclude evidence, etc.
I don’t think Shanann ever truly knew that CW cheated on her, I think she had suspicions after the CC fiasco. I believe that chris lied to her and somewhat shut her up about questioning it further.

I believe CW killed her in her sleep while she was on her stomach!

I think he was too big of a coward to come clean and admit the affair!

I think he was to big of a coward to face her while he snuffed the life out of her.

A big fat MOO
"I didn't want my attorneys to lie for me for two to four years ... They would've done anything I told them to do," he said. A few weeks after his arrest, Watts said he confessed to his attorneys that he killed his family. Watts told investigators he doesn't regret taking a plea deal,

For those who are more familiar with the legal system than I am,
if the client confesses to the crime, aren't the lawyers legally bound to report that?
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