Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #25

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Apr 22, 2010
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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

Media, Maps & Timeline thread (No Discussion)

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Permission has never been given for members to sleuth BM. In fact, at least 20 Admin posts (I stopped counting at 20) have specifically stated NOT to do so. Members have been told they may "discuss" what is contained in MSM or other approved sources. This is different that "sleuthing".

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Members are responsible for previewing their posts to make sure they appear correctly. When one member posts a broken quote and it gets requoted over and over, eventually it becomes impossible to know who originally said what as the wrong words get attributed to another member. Not nice !

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Major thread cleanup was required.

Please stick to discussing the case itself and move on from bickering over opinions, credibility, who's right/wrong, who owes who an apology, etc. This type of dissension is not productive in the discussion.

Can we mention the elephant in that video? I'm not sure, since it is a rumor, but it's discussed in an approved source. Gonna report myself.

I haven't had time to check out the precise wording re the "elephant" ;)

TD took a video with Barry. Period. He is not an expert and if he is presenting unsubstantiated information about the girls, it is rumor and should not be relied on. Unless he can tell people how he knows that information, I think it should be taken with a large pinch of salt. If it's about the girls and is not in MSM or from LE, please do not discuss.

Let's just rely on what the experts in the video have to say.

Clear as mud? ;)
Please STOP asking for or posting links to documents related to the property that was searched.

If you wish to sleuth privately behind the scenes, that's fine, but do NOT post about it on this public thread. These homeowners are entitled to their privacy.
Hey Everyone,

This post lands at random.

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We have to make these reminders occasionally.

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Members and guests do not come to the thread to read about Websleuths members, they come to read about the case. If your post is mainly filled with I, Me, Mine, My, etc then there is a good chance the post is all about you instead of all about the case.

Do not take this personally. Of course we want your opinion on the known facts of the case, which translates into saying "my opinion," or "I think", or “I believe” ... and that is fine as long as it follows with something directly involving the case.

Please keep the focus on the case so it doesn’t turn the discussion to all about you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

WS Administrator

Read The Rules folks.

It took almost 1 1/2 hours to clean up this thread simply because members disregarded The Rules about sleuthing individuals who are non POIs/suspects.

If this happens again, offending members will be banned from this discussion.
Please continue discussion here.


Sleuthing Barry Morphew is not allowed. Discussing or speculating on what is contained in MSM or other approved sources is allowed but no background sleuthing of him or his businesses or his social media. Making direct accusations about him or trashing him are not allowed.

Approved sources are MSM, LE, Profiling Evil podcast, Lauren Scharf podcast or social media, Tyson Draper interview with Barry Morphew, Investigation Discovery, Crimeonline.

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The property owners and the bike repair person are off limits for sleuthing, as are all individuals not officially named as a POI or suspect. Members may sleuth privately but not post their findings in this public discussion thread. If you wish to sleuth with other members behind the scenes, please use the private messaging feature where you may add up to 20 members to the conversation.
there is a new TD video with his brother interviewing him and people sending superchats with interesting questions. i don't think we can discuss it here, YET. but he has some very intriguing (new!) info about his run-in's with BM! i highly recommend a listen. :x

*eta: it sure has me thinking about those 2 "strange" cars now.

*i cannot WAIT to read the arrest affidavit.

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The flyer is curious-the photo on the right would not be one that I would have chosen. Is it because her ring is highlighted? Where did the photos come from (who supplied those particular photos). This was a more traditional missing flyer-height, weight, eye color. I liked that now it is “reported missing on May 10”.
Also-the photos from last night-who do you think supplied the photos of Suzanne at a clinic? They looked like selfies.
Where did you see them?
Here’s the missing persons flyer that investigators were distributing yesterday.
@osu - if anybody could find the poster I knew it would be you!! Can you please post the same in the media thread for us. I don't know who to copy the file attachment but you probably have the link to upload the poster. Thanks again. :)
Agreed. ^^^

And absolutely -- BM has not been cleared.
LE's actions would indicate where the factual evidence has led thus far... and it's not away from the husband.
These are facts that that LE have stated and not opinion.

We know from LE that certain aspects have been ruled out :
  • Abduction by a random stranger (LE never issued a 'be on the lookout' or even a description of clothing)
  • Mountain lion attack
  • A bike accident and washed down the creek
  • A bike ride that Suzanne's family says no one saw her on
  • A stalker
  • Left of her own volition
So what does that leave ?
A very small window of opportunity for someone who knew Suzanne better than most of us.

Speculation and opinion : I'm not going to assume anything BM says at this point is true because with the first 3 or 4 versions of 'what happened to Suzanne' -- no make that, "Let me tell YOU what happened..." (from the TD video) , his credibility was gone.
Why so many stories ?
Why not just pick one and stick with it ?

He was leaving his options open, maybe in more ways than we know.
I'm on page 59. At this rate, I'll never keep up!
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