Found Deceased CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #29

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A Chaffee County woman is missing after a neighbor said she went out for a bike ride Sunday and never returned
Chaffee County woman missing since Sunday after neighbor said she went out for bike ride

Media, Maps & Timeline thread (No Discussion)

Suzanne Morphew Case Archive (developed and maintained by WS member AmandaReckonwith)

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Permission has never been given for members to sleuth BM. In fact, at least 20 Admin posts (I stopped counting at 20) have specifically stated NOT to do so. Members have been told they may "discuss" what is contained in MSM or other approved sources. This is different that "sleuthing".

If members can't comply with TOS and Admin reminders, permanent thread bans or a lengthy Time Out will be issued.
Members are responsible for previewing their posts to make sure they appear correctly. When one member posts a broken quote and it gets requoted over and over, eventually it becomes impossible to know who originally said what as the wrong words get attributed to another member. Not nice !

The word QUOTE in square brackets starts the quote and the /QUOTE in square brackets ends the quote. Those words or symbols in square brackets are commands, html language that determines how your post will appear.

When you click on Reply, always remember to NOT type anything inside those square brackets. DO NOT MESS WITH SQUARE BRACKETS ;) You can avoid them entirely by going past that last set of square brackets that contain the /QUOTE, drop down a line or two and type your response.

If you don’t know how to quote properly, please private message a Mod or Admin and we will walk you through it. We’d rather spend a few minutes doing that than spend time trying to clean up the mess it makes, or having to close a thread so it doesn’t get even worse.
Major thread cleanup was required.

Please stick to discussing the case itself and move on from bickering over opinions, credibility, who's right/wrong, who owes who an apology, etc. This type of dissension is not productive in the discussion.

Can we mention the elephant in that video? I'm not sure, since it is a rumor, but it's discussed in an approved source. Gonna report myself.

I haven't had time to check out the precise wording re the "elephant" ;)

TD took a video with Barry. Period. He is not an expert and if he is presenting unsubstantiated information about the girls, it is rumor and should not be relied on. Unless he can tell people how he knows that information, I think it should be taken with a large pinch of salt. If it's about the girls and is not in MSM or from LE, please do not discuss.

Let's just rely on what the experts in the video have to say.

Clear as mud? ;)
Please STOP asking for or posting links to documents related to the property that was searched.

If you wish to sleuth privately behind the scenes, that's fine, but do NOT post about it on this public thread. These homeowners are entitled to their privacy.
Hey Everyone,

This post lands at random.

Some posts have been removed or modsnipped due to lengthy personal anecdotes.

We have to make these reminders occasionally.

Threads are dedicated to discussing the case at hand. We have many members and it is easy for a thread to get derailed with off topic personal posts and responses . Please do not make a post that is mainly about you. This thread is not about your life, where you’ve been, how you have been treated or your feeling about other posters or what people think or are saying about you.

Members and guests do not come to the thread to read about Websleuths members, they come to read about the case. If your post is mainly filled with I, Me, Mine, My, etc then there is a good chance the post is all about you instead of all about the case.

Do not take this personally. Of course we want your opinion on the known facts of the case, which translates into saying "my opinion," or "I think", or “I believe” ... and that is fine as long as it follows with something directly involving the case.

Please keep the focus on the case so it doesn’t turn the discussion to all about you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

WS Administrator

Please continue discussion here.


Sleuthing Barry Morphew is not allowed. Discussing or speculating on what is contained in MSM or other approved sources is allowed but no background sleuthing of him or his businesses or his social media. Making direct accusations about him or trashing him are not allowed.

Approved sources are MSM, LE, Profiling Evil podcast, Lauren Scharf podcast or social media, Tyson Draper interview with Barry Morphew, Investigation Discovery, Crimeonline.

Random youtube videos or blogs are not allowed unless approval is given by Tricia or Admin.

Preview your posts to ensure they appear correctly, otherwise broken quotes may result in the removal of your post.

Off topic posts, including long personal anecdotes, will be removed.

Links are required to substantiate all information stated as fact and to ALL images. If a post is your opinion, please make that clear so it does not get misinterpreted as fact.

The property owners and the bike repair person are off limits for sleuthing, as are all individuals not officially named as a POI or suspect. Members may sleuth privately but not post their findings in this public discussion thread. If you wish to sleuth with other members behind the scenes, please use the private messaging feature where you may add up to 20 members to the conversation.

Posts discussing screenshots or comments from social media about an email purported to be from the Sheriff have been removed. They are considered rumor until/unless they are sourced and vetted by WS approved sources.

Also, it is against TOS to solicit or discuss private messages. If you want to private message with someone, just do it without announcing it on the thread.
Per WS guidelines, Barry is considered a victim too because he's a family member and has not been named a suspect. If the motives of a spouse are fair game, then so should the motives of the anonymous family member(s)* who communicated with Profiling Evil and Lauren Scharf.

* Note that because they insist on anonymity, we cannot actually know that they are family members. I trust that Profiling Evil and Lauren Scharf wouldn't knowingly lie to their audience, but neither one explained how they determined that the anonymous persons actually were family members.

Tricia made a thread specific exception in this case to allow Barry to be discussed as a POI as he is obviously being treated publicly as one by LE even though they have not officially categorized him as such. Approval was given to discuss him as a POI based on what is in MSM or by LE (but not to sleuth him). All other family members are still off limits under the WS victim friendly policy because they are obviously NOT being treated publicly as POI/suspects.

WRT, Lauren and the PE hosts, they are under absolutely no obligation to explain to the public how they vet their sources.
Please move on from bickering over anonymity of sources. It is just going round in circles, is derailing the thread, and belabouring an issue is no way helpful in determining what happened to Suzanne or by whom.

If MSM or LE or other WS approved sources cite anonymous sources, members are free to consider anonymity and credibility and either rely on the information provided or take it with a grain of salt.

Some of the discussion remains but if those remaining posts result in further disruption of the thread, they will also be removed.

Thread is open again.

Members are allowed to have their own ideas and express them, but to belabour them in this discussion is strictly dominating the thread and inciting conflict that Mods and Admins don't have time to deal with. State your opinion and move on. We have guests and members who do not come here to watch circular arguments going nowhere.

If certain members wish to continue arguing one particular aspect, please do so through private messaging where you can add up to 20 members to the conversation.

Last warning ... move on from the discussion of family anonymity and possible motive on this public thread. Do not ignore Mod or Admin warnings. When a thread becomes too labour intensive for WS staff, other measures can be taken to get this thread back on track without all the inflammatory, antagonizing, argumentative posts that have taken over this discussion.

For this one time only "It's a Crime" can be used as a source because the host is interviewing Mike and Chris.

This is NOT to be taken as blanket approval to use it on a regular base as it is not normally a WS approved source.
Sleuthing GD and even posting his business and/or parents addresses is absolutely a violation of The Rules.

It has been said over and over again in this thread that members cannot sleuth people who are not officially named a POI/suspect. The Rules do not permit it and Tricia has only given approval for members to speculate on Barry as a POI/suspect based on what is in MSM. That's it.

Also, Profiling Evil is an approved source. Members may link to their social media but NOT to just any random Twitter account that happens to retweet what the PE fellows have tweeted. We don't need a bunch of random links showing up here and being mistaken for approved sources.
Rumors are not allowed. "Word on the street", Plunder and reddit are NOT approved sources. OP and all responses stemming from it have been removed.

You folks know that posting rumors is a violation of TOS so be prepared for temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges if it happens again.

Moderators and Admins are very busy and we get very tired of having to say the same things over and over again when every single member is responsible for familiarizing themselves with TOS and posting appropriately.
To the members who persist in discussing rumors, please read this.

First of all, rumors are not allowed .. but y'all know this.

If one member posts a rumor and someone responds, the OP and the response get removed. However, there are then responses to responses that appear pages and pages later. ALL responses that are sourced back to that one rumor post get removed. Moderators don't have the luxury of time to edit all the subsequent responses to make sense and retain context in the discussion.
Absolutely agree with your post.

And instead of searching or investigating, he’s pretty much chalked it up to it being God’s will. SM would be fine if she just saved one life as a result o_O

Where is she?!!!


OMG, that was the most BIZARRE thing he said in that whole interview!!! Seriously, who says something like that??? Saved one life as a result of what, taking a bike ride?! Getting attacked & eaten by a mountain lion?! SMH! :mad:o_O

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