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    No more than 10% of an article may be copied and a link to the source must be provided to give credit to the author.

    Posts that copy more than 10% will be edited and posts with no link will be removed entirely.

    If you copy an image from another site, be sure to provide a link to the original source or the picture will be removed.

    Do not cut and paste information from pay sites or password protected sites.
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    Members may link to a paywalled article so that others who have paid for a subscription or wish to get one can read the article. However, members can not copy/paste or quote directly from the article. It is not only a TOS violation, it is a violation of copyright law.

    Members may briefly paraphrase what the article is about or they can copy the Google hit summary to give an idea of what the article contains in the event people wish to pay for the article.
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