Cords, Knots, and Strangulation Devices

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    I agree with you that Dr. Meyer's statement there is very confusing. We know the knot is posterior, and his cut is on the right, as shown. But his description of his black marks seems backwards - but I read it as "single black ink mark" to leftside tail or victim's left, and "double black ink mark" going to rightside tail or victim's right - because that is the only way "cut on the right side of the neck" and "posterior knot is left intact" can work as shown in photo. IMO then the blood spot is on the left tail, but it seems too far toward the posterior knot to be from the triangular abrasion, and may be from some abrasion or ear/mouth discharge that was redacted from the AR. I have not seen photos released of the left side of her face and head where there may be something only the killer would know.

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    I agree, Sandy, that the black marks seem backwards from the way I would describe them, but I don't know what the orientation was that Meyer used. Would a medical orientation require describing it as if looking at the cut from the center of the loop? (I don't know.) But even more puzzling is the stain on the left side of the ligature. It's not bright red, like blood. It's reddish-tinged, like the fluid that drained from her nasal cavities because of the skull fracture.
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    From JR’s under oath deposition in 2001, Darnay Hoffman is questioning JR about knots and the garrote. JR is attempting to distance himself from both:

    Q. Did any of your basic training involve — and I don't know if they still do this — learning various nautical knots?

    A. No.

    Q. Do you sail at all?

    A. I used to.

    Q. Did you pilot your own sailboat or did you —

    A. Yes.

    Q. — have someone —

    A. Yes.

    Q. — do it for you?

    A. No.

    Q. Did you receive any training in sailing?

    A. No.

    Q. Are you familiar with the various knots involved in sailing?

    A. I am really not. I should be, but I am not.

    Q. All right. So how would you generally moor your craft?

    A. I would tie it up on a cleat.

    Q. Was there any sort of knot that you used that you could identify that has a technical term?

    A. I don't know the technical term for it.

    Q. Have you had occasion to be able to look at the knot that was tied around the so-called paintbrush garotte?

    A. I have not.

    Q. Is there any reason why you haven't?

    A. It is very painful for me, Mr. Hoffman.

    Q. I understand that. But with your nautical training, do you think that you could in any way be able to identify the sort of knot?

    A. No.

    Q. Okay. Do you know whether or not any — if your private investigators hired anyone to look at the way in which that knot was made and to give a report on it?

    A. Not to my knowledge.

    Really? JR was a trained naval officer as well as a competitive sailor. The whole family was involved in sailing. In the summer of 1995, BR spent the summer taking sailing lessons and won an award for best all-around camper at summer camp. JAR was an advanced Eagle Scout and climber.

    Your couldn’t find a family that was more experienced and/or knowledgeable in knots, than the Ramseys’.

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    do not take me wrong.

    I used cleat as a term how the paintbrush was used to strangle JBR because of my lack of vocabulary.

    It was the 1st word in the thesaurus.

    [edit] it seems that "bung", "plug", "stopper" would be a better word.

    [edit] an idea looks more like a survival experience than something connected with strangling/killing humans.

    [edit3] I would think of this idea used to block blood in a broken leg/arm or in a similar situation - 1st aid

    I used similar idea when bandaging my leg.
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    Yeah, they just didn't know anything about anything.

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