CT - Jennifer Dulos, 50, deceased/not found, New Canaan, 24 May 2019 *ARRESTS* #65

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Agree. I'd enjoy taking a class with this witness on the psychology of language. But I see no indication that if your language fluency is medium, you are more inclined to lie. MOO.

Would like to see a full work up by the good professor of the correlation between bilinguals and lying under oath during 8 hrs of testimony in a murder trial.

Big difference imo between word choice in non native language that could occur due to being bilingual and lying imo.

No mention in the report about evaluating MT's proficiency.

Her understanding was that she was testifying to bilingualism in general.

Answered the questions she was asked.

Watched the videos in 2021.
Unbelievable JS just can't quit with this Herman report.

Good morning you all
This is their cornerstone (they think) that exonerates MT. Even assuming that Dr. Herman’s conclusion regarding JFD is accurate, it is still no proof that MT, or even fD, would be innocent in all of this. To even consider this possibility, you have to know for certain that the motive was to get custody of those kids because JFD was incapable of parenting them. But if that was truly the case, then they would not have had to murder her. Except-she is dead, and the defense has concluded that she is and that it is likely that fD did it. So what are we to assume? It is that fD would not have gotten custody based on that report. Therefore, another path had to be taken-that was to eliminate her permanently. I just don’t see the report, in any event, as being helpful. It is solely designed to continue to harm the Farber family and the Dulos children.
Atty Schoenhorn told her in 2021 that MT:

Native Spanish speaker
Grew up in South America
Spanish speaking family
This isn't factually correct imo if this was the brief to the good dr.

Wonder how getting the brief wrong impacts things and early years with language imo are QUITE important....

As @sds71 brilliantly pointed out MT was born and spent first 6 years in Tennessee when her father was finishing up his residency and training and I believe Mama A was obtaining her masters iirc for her counselling grift.

Gotta love Jon Schoenhorn who as an attorney NEVER lets facts get in the way of ANYTHING HE DOES.


How can this judge unseal a report that Judge Heller, in the family court, has ordered “sealed”?
I don't think he can but its above my pay grade. Seal was imposed by Family Court Judge and I think it would have to be lifted there before it can be introduced anyplace else. I cannot see Judge R as having the ability to do what he seemed to do this morning. WHAT WAS HE THINKING???????????????????????????????

Schoenhorn already tried this move in his litigation suing the Clerk in Family Court to get the file transcript iirc and HE LOST.


How can this judge unseal a report that Judge Heller, in the family court, has ordered “sealed”?
Because JS lied about what he was unsealing. He said it was a document from the day prior. The judge assumed, I think, he was referring to that one page document shown yesterday about who had seen the report, where and on what day.

Why is the Judge letting all this roll off his back????
JS: if you had had more time, would your report have been longer?

Correct. And she was only asked last minute by defense counsel. When the judge said by midnight time Friday past. And it is apparent that lead defense counsel did not request the expert’s reports the week prior, when that was on the record and the state got that request on the record before the judge and counsel. That reports, CV, resume need be provided by defense to state. Stall and delay or avoid tactics in full mode by defense counsel IMO. MOO
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