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    A timeline of the disappearance of Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old geologist in Arizona

    June 23, around 9am
    •Daniel arrived at the job site to meet with Kenneth (assuming Ken Elliot)
    •According to Kenneth, Daniel was acting strange and saying things that did not make sense, like asking Kenneth if he wanted to go home to Phoenix to rest.
    •15 mins later, Daniel waved goodbye & left abruptly
    •Kenneth contacted Steve, the project manager, who said no one from the company had heard from or seen Robinson throughout the day.

    Around 3 p.m.
    •Kenneth was made aware that Robinson had not been located and was not responding to texts and calls from work and family.
    •Ken started to look for Robinson in the desert.
    •Ken followed Robinson’s tire tracks heading west into the desert

    June 24
    •LE instructed Daniel’s dad to check his son's social media pages
    •the dad confirmed to police that all of the photos on his son's Instagram had been deleted since his disappearance.

    July 19
    •his Jeep was found in a ravine about 4 miles from where he was last seen

    Other key info to note from article:
    •multiple of Robinson's friends and family members, and a waitress at a Waffle House he visited two days before he disappeared, reported odd behavior leading up to his disappearance.
    •On the same day, he had texted his sister that he had an emergency but neglected to answer any of her calls in response
    •Robinson's sister also said one time he went over to her apartment and sat in silence for 30 minutes before getting up and leaving.

    •His dad told police that in the weeks leading up to his disappearance, Robinson had told him that he met a woman and was in love with her.
    •His dad found this strange since his son "didn't appear to know anything about the woman."
    •A co-worker told police that Robinson had mentioned something about a girl, specifically about wanting a woman he liked and couldn't have, but overall wasn't making sense when talking about her.

    •Robinson had made contact with a woman prior to his disappearance, according to a police report.
    •he was her Instacart delivery person, and she invited him into her home when he arrived with her delivery because he seemed friendly, she told police.
    •After exchanging phone numbers, Robinson showed up at her home unannounced a few times. He then told her he loved her, according to the police report.
    •She asked him to stop contacting her and he didn't again.
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    Interview with PI


    Another video from News Nation Nowhere
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    The Arizona Republic

    Months after he was reported missing, police haven’t acknowledged the suspicious circumstances surrounding his disappearance

    Published Oct 04

    Dad leads ninth search for son Daniel Robinson, hundreds of volunteers help |

    Published Oct 03

    His dad led another search for Daniel, prompting hundreds of volunteers to spend their Saturday morning looking for any trace of him.

    The search took place in the area Daniel was last seen near Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road.

    "Roughly 200, a little over 200 volunteers are here," David said of the turnout Saturday, though more than a thousand people signed up for the search.

    Buckeye Police also conducted targeted searches earlier this week using robotic technology

    The department said no foul play is suspected, and recently released a partial report that's more than 50 pages documenting its investigating efforts thus far.

    The next search for Daniel will be Saturday, Oct. 9 at 7 a.m. Volunteers are encouraged to get to the location by 6:45 a.m.

    David said he's in need of volunteers who drive SUV's and ATV's.

    Missing geologist Daniel Robinson sent a desperate text to woman he barely knew before he vanished | Daily Mail Online

    Published Oct 05
    (Article contains information regarding the woman he just met/began texting, etc)

    Daniel Robinson disappeared just hours after sending a woman he barely knew a desperate final text message, can exclusively reveal.

    'The world can get better, but I'll have to take all the time I can or we can, whatever, to name it,' he wrote to the woman identified only as K******.

    'I'll either see you again or never see you again.'

    Eighteen hours later, Robinson turned up at a remote work site deep in the Arizona desert outside of Buckeye. He stayed for 15 minutes, then drove off. He has not been seen or heard from since.

    Robinson met K* on his side job delivering groceries for Instacart.

    When he turned up with a liquor order at her home in the Phoenix suburb of Laveen on June 12, K* and a friend who was with her, invited him in.

    'K* said she believed Daniel was very nice and she and her female friend asked Daniel if he wanted to hang out with them,' the police report said.

    K* - whose last name is redacted in reports - and Daniel exchanged numbers, but she insists, nothing else happened.

    Within a week, he arrived at her house unannounced, and with only a brief exchange of messages between them, Robinson texted K*: 'I couldn't stop thinking about you.'

    By June 20 his message was 'I love you.' She tried to rebuff him.

    'Honestly you showing up at my house unannounced made me extremely uncomfortable, she replied. 'I don't see us hanging out any time soon.'

    The next day he turned up at her house again.

    'This isn't normal nor acceptable,' K* told him. 'If someone has expressed that you've made them uncomfortable, you need to back off.'

    'Do you hate me?' Daniel replied. 'I don't hate you but please leave me alone,' K* texted back.

    He took 15 hours to respond with his final text to her. Eighteen hours after that he vanished.

    Workmate Roger Prutsman was also concerned about his colleague. He told police he knew something was wrong.

    When he asked Robinson what was bothering him, he replied: 'What if there was a girl you liked, but you couldn't have?'

    Gray went over Daniel's case again last night, and he has a copy of the incident report (with the woman Daniel delivered food to), including his text messages with her.

    Segment starts about 1:41:00.

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    After spending months searching for his son in Arizona, David Robinson wishes authorities were more aggressive in their efforts to find him.

    His 24-year-old son, Daniel Robinson, was last seen on June 23 after leaving a work site in Buckeye, Arizona, in his Jeep Renegade. The geologist's car was discovered by a rancher on July 19 about three miles away from the work site where he was last seen. The vehicle had suffered crash damage and a pile of his clothing and belongings was discovered nearby, the elder Robinson said.

    Robinson, who lives in South Carolina but has been in Arizona for the past several months, said Thursday that a volunteer search team is continuously looking for clues and evidence within an 11-mile radius of where his son's Jeep Renegade was found.

    As mystery surrounds the death of Jelani Day, families of missing Black men plead for more accountability

    Police Release Report on Missing Arizona Geologist Daniel Robinson | All About Arizona News
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