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Feb 12, 2005
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If anyone has a link they would like added to our resource board please leave it here. I'll be happy to add it to the right area. If you have questions or thoughts you can leave them here too. Thank you and any input will be greatly appreciated!!!

I would like to start a thread about ANDREW GOSDEN. I am sure there was one here once, but I cannot find it or how to go about searching for it. Andrew Gosden inexplicably left home taking a one way ticket at age 14. He was found on CCTV arriving at London, Kings Cross, then ....nothing. The Thames was dredged and so on. No confirmed sightings. My own theory is that as Kings Cross is a known area for picking up young boys he may be alive but unable to reach out for help. I have even wondered given his high intelligence if he was somehow targetted by the illuminati. It could just be he was bullied and left believing he was protecting himself or his family. He did not apparently, have a mobile or use social networking as it was just a bit too early for that.


loads of other links if you do a search. A man did once go to a police station saying he had information, but by the time the police arrived to open the station up then the man had disapeared. There have been 'sightings' but nothing seems to have led to finding Andrew. I guess I feel a lot because he was/is so similar to my own son at that age.

I guess it is worth trying anything as one theory could be he was met at Kings Cross by someone and traficked out of the country?

Anyway if there is already a thread all well and good

I should mention that my own child was taken briefly in an Oxford Market (thankfully returned almost immediately,) I have never forgotten that moment and my eventual anguished scream. A crackpot woman I knew had taken her to the next market stall to show me how easy it was to steal a child...........
Hey - question for fellow Brits.

I've got a question about access to UK court records. Is there any way to access court records online? From Crown courts and Magistrate's courts?

Similar to this: https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/caselookup.aspx

For the Supreme Court of Arizona. I can't seem to find a UK equivalent... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Hello all.

I'm a new member and have been fascinated by the incredibly hard work you have all been doing in this website.

I'm researching a project about Internet sleuths and the work they do. I've read about a few cases that have been solved or at least helped by sleuths.

Does anyone know of any UK specific cases that have been either solved, reopened or pushed forward by this website or others.

It would be really good to to have a discussion with anyone who may be able to help.


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