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Feb 21, 2013
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ahhhhhhhhh, me thinks that Jodi heard thru the grapevine and knows that 11 of the jurors voted for death..bwahahahahah

Hows that make you feel brat?

and as to the media, lol oh my stars, Jodi started the media frenzy all by herself when she did her numerous interviews..I tell ya, the gals in the big house follow the news, and the perryville woman already know Jodi is on the way, bwahaha

My prayers are with travi's family..They have shown so much class, so much strength..

as for JM, he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he did his thing and fought the good fight...

it was the 1 lone hold out juror who was a stealth, mo

and another thing..thank the universe that I have websluthes to talk, cry, laugh, to have, well, I have a place to come and share my views..

my family just doesnt get why I follow trials, or crimes..

and another thing..Ill say this once more...some of you know, some of you dont..

but from 94 to 96 I served prison time In Texas..I was caught with 28 grams of cocaine..I was looking at a 20 yrs sentence..however, upon my plead of guilty the judge gave me 3 yrs flat,.I did my time, served my time..wow, that was many moons ago..I could tell ya'll some stories..but I wont..

just know , that Jodi will not be a queen in prison..trust me when I say that there will be women who are crazier, meaner, more evil..Jodie will be the lowest of the lowest on the totem pole so to speak..she will always have to watch her back..

prison and jail are 2 different things...prison is hard time...never trusting anyone, always watching your back, having to fight to defend yourself..its a miserable experience..

I hope, no wait I pray, that 1 day Jodi gets sent to gen pop...yup, you heard me right, because in gen pop...

well, its on...shes what I would call, free ranging

and anyone can get to her..shes out in the open...ya'll get what I'm saying?

and trust me, womens prisons are just as bad as mens prisons..

well, I could say more but I wont..this is not the place...nor the time..

now, I hope that the judge gives Jodi life w/ no parole, or natural life..arizona alittle differ then texas..

ok, said my peace lol

I've been around a long time and not much makes me cry anymore, including the JA case. But reading your post today brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your message.


Jan 29, 2015
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You and the juror are extremely astute. Jodi says she is not a liar just because she lies and seems to think little white lies aren't a big deal. But it's those stupid little lies that reveal who you are. She doesn't seem to understand it.

Funny isn't it? She doesn't understand that lying "by definition" makes one a liar. Even though she thinks talking about a 12 year old makes one a "pedophile by definition"
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