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Here's when the baby cries; can't really "catch" her look.


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They both know the truth. Their original police interviews betray everything Sandy said today.

I said the same thing on another board earlier today. When in doubt, watch/listen to the parents' interviews with LE early on. Real deal, everything else is BS.
I am watching the video again. I am blown away that 11 jurors (many in blue) were present in court today. Willmott said that she's never seen anything like it. Well, I've never seen anything like Arias. I am so grateful that these jurors were there to support the family. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their dedication. God bless them.
I only managed to catch bits and pieces today on HLN and just wanted to thank everyone who waited so long for justice for Travis.

It has been one heck of a ride with this trial.
It was so good to see the pics of the LE vehicles taking her to Perryville. Just so glad its finally over.
When I was there when it was 120 degrees, it wasn't even July- it was the end of May! Memorial Day weekend. The heat is coming Jodi, soon, 6 weeks!!!:desert::desert::desert::hot::hot::hot:

Just a taste of hell before she gets the real thing
Here's a good shot! Anyone have the REAL thing??!! TIA! :wave:

off you.... :jail: :behindbars:


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If looks could kill that baby would be dead. How dare that baby interrupt Jodi's moment.

It seemed like she wanted the judge to take some sort of action. That's how special and important she thinks she is. Whatever.
When Samantha spoke she said the only reason everyone was in the courtroom for all this time was Jodi and her evilness.
When Juan spoke he says it drives the family crazy that Travis may have been conscious when his throat was slit

So, evil angry Jodi goes rogue and decides she must respond. She trashes the family yet again then twists the knife and tells them Travis was certainly alive when she cut his throat. Just to hurt and haunt them

Maybe that was a setup and Jodi took the bait. Travis's family knows what she is (a lying liar who lies :snake:) and I don't think she can say anything to hurt them after all these years of listening to her whoppers. Every time she opens her mouth, she digs a deeper grave for herself.

Best wishes to the family of Travis Alexander. I pray for peace and comfort for them.
I heard the slashing his throat and the gun shot first part but mutters something about a previous trial. I am going to try and find it.

Well, Killer did try to claim that everything in her testimony in the previous trial was the truth.

Also that she had tried to "settle" the case prior to both trials.
But..But...But...She had to wear stripes to court today. She had to listen to victim statements. She couldn't take anymore. We got to watch her explode. It was kind of interesting that she was so self involved she didn't realize what she was saying. She really is as she appears, a totally remorseless murderess.

The pic jeffgoldesq has on his twitter certainly illustrates her demeanor when crossed, or as she likes to say, when her life is being threatened.

I am posting it but if not allowed or it won't go to at least a thumbprint, feel free to remove it... I don't like to look at her anymore than necessary either.
It seemed like she wanted the judge to take some sort of action. That's how special and important she thinks she is. Whatever.

That's exactly what I thought! The reason she lingered was because she expected the judge to say something and she didn't. Also, KCL says she was holding that baby in the victim room so she was probably looking for a baby and nope no baby. It did give her the opportunity to glare toward he family one last time though.
So is JW saying if JSS gives JA LWOP she is caving to a lynch mob on social media? Give me a break!!

Yeah, that wasn't the wisest thing to say to a judge: "You're not bright enough to make up your own mind and I'm afraid that you might be swayed by outside sources."

I watched less than a minute of her exit interview outside the courthouse, but decided I just couldn't listen to more crap that even she doesn't believe. Good question for someone to ask: "How would you feel if your brother or son were dating ja knowing what you know about her? Would you feel comfortable having her babysit your children or nieces/nephews or even pet-sit for you?"

ETA: That's also assuming that the judge was wasting her time tracking social media. Highly doubtful JSS does that, and frankly, I'm impressed that the dt had enough time to do so.
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