Dream Team FBI Task Force for LISK

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
You have blamed everybody and their mother for these comes.
FBI? Your faith is misplaced.
You will still be singing praises 10 yrs from now.

Probably. Since they are the only agency who can investigate interstate violent crime and make an arrest and bring justice to the victims and the family. I am doing what I can. I am even making suggestions on how to move the case forward without insubordination. You seem to insist parabon is the answer. You seem disillusioned.

I can't solve this case unless I fix the obstruction. I do not believe, for the record, I have accused anyone's mother of anything.
Parabon is the way to go to get a likeness of the UID.
The UIDs need to be identified to move the case forward.
But LE is afraid of Pandoras box popping open.
Think about it.
For ex. John Ray wants the 911 tapes.
LE said they are part of the investigation.
The judge said there is no investigation. He said hand them over.
They refuse.
Summer 2019 .
They will either be finding more bodies or the lisk died on his own.
Or it's bittrolff.
I don't think he moved away, at least from the NY area.

Bittrolff just seems to dumb for me.
This is guy the lisk is an obsessive compulsive, very patient. Probably an IT guy , some one with a lot of time. He is not married . Why would a guy like this leave his semen in two woman., doesn't fit his mo of being sharp and hard too catch.
My opinion on LISK is that it is a group of killers. I think they get together, order “entertainers” and then do God knows what to them before they finally kill them. The police STILL refuse to release a 22+minute 911 call from Shannon who stated repeatedly that “they” were trying to kill her. I think some of the members have quite a bit of power for this case to remain stalled the way it is.
Anyone think its a related pair? Since remains were found in 1996 and again in 2011? Father / son.... uncle... some sort of combo that puts the younger killer "at age" in 2011 since there's such a gap?

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