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    The chubby, affable guy in the baseball hat and overalls moseys over to the cash register, greenbacks in hand. Behind the counter, Charlotte Daingerfield and daughter Jackie Spears smile big at him. "Okay, a hand job -- that'll be $3," says Daingerfield.

    "We've been waiting for you guys to open for weeks," the burly gent says gleefully. As he leaves, he chuckles at the cans of Lick-a-Pussy erotic gel on the shelves.

    You'd expect this kind of customer-proprietor exchange at any sex shop in Montrose. But this isn't Montrose. This little establishment is nestled in a quiet strip center off Highway 6 in Tom DeLay's Sugar Land. And it's not a sex shop -- it's a bakery.

    Daingerfield and Spears started Nooky's Erotic Bakery to fill a niche. "We're the fourth-largest city in the country, and there wasn't one erotic bakery in town," says Spears incredulously. After a year of research, Spears, a baker, and her mom, a former accountant, have unveiled Nooky's to a curious, if not frantic, Sugar Land community. It's somewhat surprising, but the suburban folks have flooded in for Jackie's custom cakes, which depict things like three-dimensional boobs, a "coochie cake" (think about it), a smiling schlong wearing a crown ("King of the Dickheads") and even a "trannie" cake, which features -- you guessed it -- the anatomically correct organs of both genders.
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