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Fiancé bails on marriage by faking his death.

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by KESfromMA, Aug 20, 2014.

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    A Connecticut man took fear of commitment to new heights — when he faked his death to avoid getting married, his angry former fiancée claims.
    Posing as his father, Tucker Blandford, 23, of Stamford called his soon-to-be-bride, Alex Lanchester, 23, of West Midlands, England to break the news of his “suicide” — just months before their Aug. 15 wedding date, Lanchester told the UK Metro.
    “Alex, this is Tucker’s dad. There’s no easy way to say this … I am sorry to say that Tucker is dead,” Blandford said, according to Lanchester.
    “He had been suffering from depression. He threw himself in front of a car, ” Blandford said, disguising his voice.
    Heartbroken, Lanchester called his mom to offer condolences — only to learn it was all an elaborate lie.
    “It hit me. That voice on the other end of the phone had sounded eerily familiar,” she said.
    She added, “I realized it was Tucker pretending to be his dad. My whole world crumbled.”
    Blandford later copped to his bizarre escape plan via text, saying he got cold feet, she said.
    “He’s such a coward . . . After this I’m not sure I can trust a man ever again,” fumed Lanchester, who spent hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations.
    The couple met at the University of Connecticut while she was studying abroad on a student visa. They had been together for roughly two years, Lanchester said.
    Blandford wooed her with fine dining and gifts, and even introduced her to his parents, she said.
    “He was such a gentleman. He showered me with jewelry,” Lanchester said.
    When her student visa expired last year, Blandford proposed, she said, adding that he got down on one knee at the airport as the lovebirds said a tearful goodbye.
    “I said ‘yes’ straightaway . . . I was super happy and smiling like an idiot,” Lanchester said.
    He promised to visit her in England so they could start planning the wedding. He canceled the trip — but set a date for their wedding to appease her, Lanchester said.
    She booked venues, shopped for a wedding gown and spent more than $1,000 on invitations.
    Lanchester had already booked a flight to the United States for the wedding, so she came anyway.
    “It may be our wedding day, but I’m going to spend it making my own awesome memories — without him,” she said.
    Blandford couldn’t be reached for comment on Tuesday.
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  3. meanmaryjean

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    Dang! $1000 on INVITATIONS?
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  5. newone

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    I'd say this young lady 'dodged a bullet' by not marrying this flake.

    Hope she kicks up her heels and has a blast soon and often.
  6. Indy Anna

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    I wonder if the jewelry he showered her with had much value. Could she sell it to help pay wedding expenses? Or was the jewelry also fake?

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