FL FL - Collier Co, WhtFem 235UFFL, 45-70, in shallow grave, Jun'78

Tia Kennedy

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Sep 20, 2018
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Here she is: WA - Seattle, Joyce Lee Kennedy, March 20, 1978

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-- Grace M. Canto Reapp -- -- VT
MP1733 Linda Davis 01/07/1976 Rogers OK
MP17790 Joyce Kennedy 03/20/1978 King WA
MP560 Saunders Rymer 06/20/1977 Bartow GA
MP23376 Irene Van Buren 10/01/1978 Broward FL
Joyce Kennedy is my maternal Grandmother. I wonder about her everyday. I am now approaching the age that she was when she became a missing person, I always believed we would have answers by now. Thank you for helping.


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Jul 18, 2015
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This is a homicide by beating according to the Doe Network page, with blunt force trauma to the head having been the official COD, and yet the body also had signs of lacerations, even mutilation (acc. to NamUs), to the face, scalp and hands. This means that the killer probably both beat and used a knife during their attack on the decedent. The knife / weapon may have been disposed of since then. But this indicates that wherever the murder took place, there was likely some blood left behind. You can clean blood from many indoor surfaces, but oftentimes, the underlying particles are still present, particularly if it's soaked into some kind of textile or porous surface, i.e. concrete or tile.


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Aug 2, 2021
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"Body found in glades," News-Press [Fort Myers], 4 June 1978, 1B.
Body found in glades_.jpg

"Police Probe Body Found in Grave," Miami Herald, 6 June 1978, 1B.
Police Probe Body Found in Grave_.jpg
An investigation is continuing into the identity of a woman whose nude body was found Saturday in a shallow grave near the 21-mile marker on Alligator Alley.

The body, covered with lime, was discovered by two campers. Collier County sheriff's spokesmen said that lime speeds decomposition.

Chief Deputy Ray Barnett estimated the woman to be between 30 and 50 years old, and believes she has been dead between three and six weeks.

"Judging from bruises on her head, she appears to have died from head injuries," he said. Sheriff's officers are checking missing person reports.

Joe Kollin, "Police Hope Art Will Aid Search," Naples Daily News, 16 June 1978, 3A.
Police Hope Art Will Aid Search_.jpg
Her nude body was found buried in a shallow grave June 3 near the 21-mile marker of Alligator Alley. Although in poor condition, the body wasn't very badly decomposed -- it had been preserved by a chemical the murderer used, ironically, to destroy it.

So deputies easily were able to obtain fingerprints. They checked local files but found no match -- she apparently never was arrested here.


Chief Deputy E.G. "Chuck" Whidden of the sheriff's department today said she apparently died from a blow to her head. No bullet or stab wounds were found by the medical examiner.

Her description: white female, age 30-60, probably 50, 170-190 pounds, 5-foot-4, light brown hair.

At the time her body was found by campers in the shallow grave covered by palm fronds south of the Alley, she had been dead an estimated 2-4 weeks, Whidden said.


Whidden said the murderer apparently attempted to make sure the body never would be found. After digging the grave, he covered the soil with a lime-like substance. Then he put the body on it, put the substance on the body, then covered it with more soil. The substance apparently was supposed to "eat the body up and keep the smell down," he said. But "it worked in reverse of what the person intended." After the body was entombed without air, the substance preserved the body instead of destroying it, she said.