FL - Jared Bridegan, 33, father of 4, ambushed & killed, Jacksonville Beach, 16 Feb 2022 *3 arrests, 1 guilty* #2

Wonder what evidence will be suppressed ? Attorney-client conversations/texts would not be admissible anyway.
I’m not sure if the document online lists specifically what will be suppressed. It’s 27 pages so I didn’t download it today.
I don't this the defense (Gardner especially) is finished with this. From the last Motion, she wanted the indictment thrown out -- they are going to milk this admission until the cow dies:

The State Attorney’s Office has admitted that it did intercept the communications through a search warrant, but the prosecutors say they never read them, so it was not a violation of attorney-client privilege.

Prosecutors said they were alerted to the protected communications by a taint team, which included the Secret Service, but the defense argues an ATF agent accessed the communications before the taint team alerted prosecutors. And because the ATF is among the government team prosecuting Gardner, her attorneys say that’s a violation of her rights.

Defense attorneys say if the request to remove the prosecutors is denied, at the very least, the State Attorney’s Office should be
sanctioned and the communications thrown out.

Gardner seeks the indictment against her dismissed
Haven't watch this yet, but for those interested, here's a 14+ minute video from yesterday.

Mario Fernandez Saldana and Shanna Gardner’s attorneys argued that prosecutors violated their clients’ attorney-client privilege by accessing documents on their electronic devices.

DOB: 4/28/1988

DOB: 3/18/1987

I have downloaded this document in chunks because the file is too big.




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Wednesday, May 15th:
*Motions Hearing for both (@ 9am ET) – FL – Jared Galen Bridegan (33), father of 4 ambushed & killed (shot 4 times), his 2-year-old daughter was just feet away in the back seat, Jacksonville Beach, Feb. 16, 2022. – *Shanna Lee Gardner-Fernandez (36/now 37) indicted & arrested (8/17/23 by ATF agents in West Richland, Wash.), charged & arraigned (11/3/23) with 1st degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation to commit a capital felony & child abuse. DA will seek the DP. Held without bail on Fugitive warrant (in Benton County, WA). Was extradited on 10/20/23 to Florida. Plead not guilty. No bond.
*Mario Enrique Fernandez Saldana (34/now 36) arrested (in Kissimmee, Orange County, 3/22/23) & charged & indicted (3/16/23) & arraigned (4/4/23) with 1st degree murder with a weapon, conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder, solicitation to commit a capital felony & child abuse. In Orange County jail waiting for transfer to Jacksonville in Duval County. Transferred to Duval County on 3/22/23. Held without bond. Plead not guilty. DA will seek the DP.
Trial was set to begin on 4/13/24 for both was cancelled with no further dates.
Judge London M. Kite. State attorney Christina Simak Stiller. Gardener defense attorneys Jose Angel Baez, lead counsel & Patrick K. Korody.
Saldana defense attorneys Frank John Tassone, Jr., Jesse Driecer & James Hill.

Case & court info from 3/16/23 thru 5/2/24 reference post #451 here:

5/7/24 Update: A judge was expected to rule Thursday on whether the State Attorney’s Office should be disqualified from prosecuting the couple accused of conspiring to kill Bridegan in 2022. But the defense teams for Shanna Gardner & her estranged husband, Mario Fernandez, filed more motions & asked to examine the lead prosecutor, delaying Judge London Kite’s decision. Gardner & Fernandez will be back in court on 5/13/24 for ruling on motion & defense’s motion to adopt argument presented during co-defendant [Gardner’s] hearing on 4/19/24.
5/13/24 Update: Judge London Kite issued her ruling Monday & ruled there will be no change of prosecutors, but with some harsh words for the prosecutors' handling of confidential materials in the case. Ordering additional guidelines, she said they can move forward with seeking the death penalty against Saldana & Gardner in the murder-for-hire death of Gardner’s ex-husband Jared. She specifically discussed the two documents in question, a timeline & text messages. For the timeline, she said there’s no evidence the state opened it or intends to use it. Therefore prejudice could not be substantiated. She said the text messages do not bear the hallmarks of attorney-client privilege. But Kite said the state’s handling of the materials “left it all open to a high probability that attorney-client privilege information would be exposed both to law enforcement & the state without proper review.” She said that’s not necessarily misconduct. However, “It was poor judgment.” The court found it wasn’t substantial misconduct because the state, when alerted, acted appropriately by disabling & shutting down restricted access to the platform, Kite said. Dismissal would be inappropriate, the judge stated. The option that the court is left with, she said, is to suppress the timeline & text messages from the case. Moving forward, Kite said it also will be necessary to conduct a thorough case management discovery hearing with both sides. “What was happening before these issues were brought to the court is not acceptable,” the judge said. She scheduled the next motions hearing for 5/15/24 @ 9am & case management hearing on 5/24/24 @ 1pm.
Court Order denying defendant's Motions to Disqualify Office of the State attorney for the 4th Judicial Circuit & Order Granting Suppression. See post #464, page 24, thread #2.

5/12/24 Docket update: Defendant's 2nd Disclosure to Prosecution (Gardner). Defendant's witnesses to be called at evidentiary hearings and/or trial: 1. Henry M. Cox, III, esq 7 Megan White, c/o Korody Law filed by Baez.
*Henry Arthur Tenon (61/now 62) – Plead guilty (3/17/23) to 2nd degree murder & will testify against Saldana & Gardner. Status hearing on 5/20/24.
Live updates:
Live updates:

Good good read......still waiting!!!!
What did her parents know and when????
Forever, my question

Good good read......still waiting!!!!
What did her parents know and when????
Forever, my question

She had been plotting to have him killed since 2015?! Wow, it seems like her parents could be behind this too. Starting to sound like Adelson Part II.

I will be shocked if she gets bond.
7:42 p.m.: Court has adjourned. Judge London Kite will take both the state and the defense’s presentations under advisement. The next court date will be May 24 at 1 p.m.

As mentioned earlier, this is a good timeline article.
I am just trying to pull up the Defense's case for grantinng Shanna bond.....

It does seem so weak. Why would a judge grant bond?????

Started a little after 5:30 p.m.

Defense witness #1: Hank Coxe, Gardner’s former attorney

  • Cox talks about how he sent a letter to State Attorney’s Office saying Gardner would surrender if they wanted her to and no one responded.

Defense witness #2 via Zoom, was clergy member of LDS church

Defense witness #3 Marlow Rogers, Shannon’s Washington neighbor

Defense Witness #4 Megan White, Shanna’s older sister (lives in Utah)

  • “She was being run out of her home” (when she moved out of Florida)
  • Kids have expressed they miss mom
  • “There have been times where LB has had problems when he’s been struggling and later on when Shanna has called he’ll find that she’s been having a rough day also so it’s a connection that goes beyond distance.”
  • Said if Shanna gets bond she’ll remain in the state and parents will come down with the kids.
  • “I don’t think they cared about how he [Jared] treated their daughter.”
  • Q: “Stampin’ Up released a letter about Jared’ death? A: “Yes.” Q: “Despite this, you’re saying has your family hasn’t talked about Jared’s murder?” A: “We’ve discussed it but we haven’t speculated.”

Defense’s arguments:

  • “They could have called Kim Jensen to the stand for you, your honor.”
  • “They chose to call a detective who couldn’t even get his facts right.”
  • According to defense, Kim Jensen was brought in during a traffic stop and essentially forced her down to the SAO. When she made statements to detectives, the defense said these were not recorded. So it’s hearsay
  • “You have no evidence of any planning, plotting or participation.”
  • Ms. Gardner has no criminal history
  • Asks court to not take into consideration family’s money when/if setting bond.
5:51 p.m.: The defense calls Hank Coxe to the stand, who was Gardner’s first attorney.

5:47 p.m.: Baez cross-examined Detective Chris Johns with Jax Beach PD for the defense.

  • Showing text messages to the detective about how “I’m gonna kill someone” have been used in other conversations but doesn’t mean Shanna is actually going to kill someone.
  • “The next message says, ‘I need a break from my kids, like I’m ready to kill them,’” Baez said. “and that’s a lot of how Shanna Gardner speaks.”
  • Baez: “So you’re the lead detective in this case where they allegedly looking for a hit man. You have it right there in black in white … and you never go talk to the person that they’re allegedly looking for?
  • Johns: “I believe when we were looking for her her phone number had changed and we were unable to contact her.” Then said he had to check his notes
  • Baez: “You knew you were testifying in a capital death penalty case and you didn’t bring your notes?”
*shifting to night of murder

  • 17:16 “She [Kim Jensen] in fact told you [detective] that this was just how they spoke.”
  • 17:17 (Baez) You don’t have any text messages about hiring a hit man in 2020 or 2021 or anything like that? (detective) “no”
  • 17:20 [Baez] You are aware there’s not a single text message between Shanna Gardner and Henry Tenon that exists on this earth? [detective] “No I’m not aware of that. [baez] “And you never found any phone records between Henry Tenon and Shanna Gardner.”
  • (Baez) 17:20 “And in fact Henry Tenon told you that he never met Shanna Gardner”
  • No DNA evidence tying Shanna to crime (detective agreed)
  • 17:23 *Mario had access to trust account. “There’s not a single check signed by Shanna Gardner from that account.” (Detective) Not that I’m aware of
  • 17:37 ***Baez comment about how this is detective’s first homicide case
7:42 p.m.: Court has adjourned. Judge London Kite will take both the state and the defense’s presentations under advisement. The next court date will be May 24 at 1 p.m.

okay - I have 5/17 for Gardner next. But this article from the quote says 5/24 - and since I do not have access to the article is this for both of them of JUST Gardner?? Per court site Gardner's next hearing on 5/17 .... can you tell I am confused...

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