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Jan 29, 2019
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I’ve been down this Orlando missing rabbit hole for the past week and wanted to comment about some thoughts I had. Hathaway’s exes need to be looked at a LOT harder than they have been. First of all, his baby mama “can’t believe he would do something like this”? I call major BS and my alarm bells first went off when I saw that she said that. My personal theory is that there was a female accomplice who was possibly the car mover in these scenarios. From the first time I saw the Kesse video I instinctively thought it was a woman in man’s clothing. I could see a monster like Hathaway easily controlling a gf with fear for herself (or a child) if she didn’t do what he wanted.

These suspicions became even more solid when I read there was a tip letter sent re: an ex of Hathaway confessing to being an accomplice to several murders prior to 2007. https://www.wftv.com/news/25893254/detail.html

he link is dead but copy and pasting it into way back machine brings it back. In sum, a man sent Ocasio’s father a letter claiming that his ex girlfriend, who used to date Hathaway, had confessed to him that she was an accomplice to several murders prior to 2007. He even attached a map and told them what they would find there.

Just seems far fetched enough to be true in my mind. And the map is very specific. Her reaction when questioned was also very strange. The reporter actually asks her if she thought it was “funny”. What I would give to know her identity. I’m feeling like there may be an additional link to the Kesse case if we knew who he was dating during that time and where she lived.