France, 23 yr Sandra found dead after disappeared on May 9, 2019

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    Mysterious case 1 week ago
    Sandra disappears after two snapchat photos


    Sandra B. disappeared on May 9, 2019 in the village of Milly-la-Forêt in the French Essonne.
    Four days later, her best friend Amina accidentally spotted Sandra's car in Valenton. When the police inspected the car, she discovered the body of the missing person, who was handcuffed and tied.

    A young French woman disappears without a trace, four days later she is found dead in the trunk of her car - tied to hands and feet.
    The French police are puzzled: On Sunday night investigators found the body of the 23-year-old Sandra B. in the trunk of her car. The young woman from the Parisian suburb of Creteil had suddenly disappeared on Thursday. Her Peugeot 206 was barely six kilometers from her home, her best friend Amina had accidentally discovered the parked car on a main road.
    Sandra's disappearance had worried her family a lot. The commercial specialist, who lived with her mother and her little sister, led a quiet life. She had recently completed her studies at the University of Paris-Est-Créteil and started an internship at Franprix in Milly-la-Forêt in Essonne. In her environment, Sandra was considered a "respectable" woman.

    Girlfriend finds the phone with an app
    On Thursday afternoon, Amina received two photos via Snapchat from Sandra. On the photos from Milly-la-Forêt are two monuments to see: a statue of the city center and a church. Shortly afterwards, already on the way back, Sandra informed her sister that she was driving on the motorway. Then radio silence.
    On Thursday evening, the family alerted the Créteil police, who did not hand in a missing person report until the next day. In the meantime, however, Amina managed to locate Sandra's mobile phone near Noisy-le-Grand with a paid app. The police later found the device slightly south of Quincy-sous-Sénart.
    Handcuffed and tied
    When Amina drove a bus through Valenton on Sunday, she spotted Sandra's car on the roadside. Moments later, friends and family stood around the car, trying to spot something inside with the flashlights on their cell phones. Then they saw a body in the trunk. "I noticed first a hand, an arm and then shoes," Soumima tells the newspaper "Le Parisien". When the police inspected the car at 11:00 pm, she discovered Sandra's body, bound by hands and feet.
    According to initial findings, Sandra B. had been at work until 1 pm on Thursday. What happened after that remains a mystery

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