GA - Rapper Young + others indicted on RICO & other charges, May 2022. Trial ongoing April 2023, interruptions, lawyer arrested. Fulton County.

Atlanta PD Sgt. Charles Ross is testifying right now. It's becoming harder to keep track of what he is testifying about because they are not following the overt acts anymore and sometimes the microphones in the courtroom are not working.

Also, for the past couple of witnesses, there have been a lot of times that attorneys have asked to approach to have bench conferences with Judge Glanville with objections they have.

The microphone on the witness stand has just gone out and it's harder to hear now.


A lot of buzz on social media today about Young ’s fit. He’s wearing a designer sweater w/ a wolf print on it. Despite claims that he’s taking shots at prosecutors, the hip hop superstar’s girlfriend, Mariah the Scientist just confirmed to me that it’s a “pure coincidence.”

1:35 PM · Dec 4, 2023 from Atlanta, GA

Showing bodycam footage from the 10/23/18 (going past midnight into 10/24/18) of defendant Quamarvious Nichols. This is overt act 77 in the indictment.


4:02 PM · Dec 4, 2023

Judge Glanville often says, "I sustain the question." or "I sustain the answer", for a long time I thought he was misspeaking and meant to say he sustains/overrules the objection, but he does it so often that I'm not sure.

4:49 PM · Dec 4, 2023

After Westmoreland, Schardt and Young 's attorney Keith Adams cross-examined Ross.

5:06 PM · Dec 4, 2023

Careton Matthews Sr. also briefly cross-examined Ross, before the state returned and questioned Ross again.

5:10 PM · Dec 4, 2023

We are done with Sgt. Charles Ross testimony after multiple lawyers cross-examined him. We are also done for the day, as jurors have been dismissed for the day.

5:20 PM · Dec 4, 2023

Before they were dismissed, Judge Glanville again asked jurors to notify the court if anyone contacts them about the case.

5:22 PM · Dec 4, 2023
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Y'all, we need a little more buzz about the sweater, lol. ;)

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...​

ATLANTA — It is now the second week of testimonies in the YSL RICO gang case involving Young and his five co-defendants.

Several law enforcement witnesses testified on behalf of the state earlier Monday, but the buzz was not in the was on social media.

December 05, 2023 at 1:42 am EST

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