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This case is particularly frustrating to me. It seems there were so many leads and so many of them don't seem as to be pursued far enough.
This case is particularly frustrating to me. It seems there were so many leads and so many of them don't seem as to be pursued far enough.

Tara's case was on over the weekend again, I watched glued to the TV....You are correct in saying the leads are not being pursued far enough......When I called OPD, it was more like I was bothering them, they didn't seem interested at all in taking all my information.....I just feel if they would follow through with my links and knowings the case might be solved and also I know one other person has a totally different lead of a possible sighting but so far NOTHING that I know of has been followed through with

There was a black truck in her yard that evening....I know that 100%...not by reading or etc....I put this case on for some friends to see what their ideas are and showed them what I had found and etc....One lady in that particular group wrote to me...She has a rental house right out from Tara's and was renting the home to a dear friend of hers....Her friend had started to her house on the night Tara went missing and she was backing out of the driveway and a black truck almost ran her over, she had to stop because it scared her so bad, she stated she got out and looked at where that truck came from and she told my friend it came right from Ms. Grindstead's house and it was about 1:00 a.m.....................and also on a forum they talked much about a man that lived near Tara being out walking around that evening and he came close to Tara's house and this man was in the truck, got very angry at this man, (I think the man in the truck was waiting on Tara, and he knew this man had saw him and it scared him) he started threatening him, so bad that this man feared for his life and only until much later did this man choose to come forth and tell LE what had that would be the 2nd person to know that a black truck was parked in the grass area of Tara's the very night she went missing...........but as far as I know right now, they have never tried to find out who the truck belonged to or anything close...The answer of who her abductor might be may be answered in the owner of that truck since the DNA on the glove did not match any known men that Tara knew
and also at the end of this show the FBI agent that was investigating this case from the start stated that no clues were found when they did the 2nd search...NOT TRUE.....when Tim Miller did the search with his crew...3 or 4 Cadaver Dogs alerted to a body of water close to where that old farmhouse was burnt by Arson...and also they alerted to what would have been the middle part of that farmhouse...I call that Significant...but he talked like they just dismissed that info...I do know that some water areas have been drained and nothing showed up.....but if as many as 2 cadaver dogs alerted to a certain spot....I would have them digging, draining, digging again until I found out what made them alert too (if it was my family missing)
I will take my last breath on this earth believing one Israel Keyes was the person in that truck, and when he abducted and then killed Bill and Lorraine Currier, he took them to an abandoned farmhouse in Essex Vermont, he raped Lorraine, and then killed them both, he told APD he planned on going back and later burning the old farmhouse, but it was torn down in April of that year, so far they have not found the bodies, but they found DNA in what was known as the basement area of human was enough to get him charged with their murder....He was known as a serial killer and I know some will think I'm off my rocker here, but I will stick to that knowing as long as I live....too many similarities
He told FBI agents that he picked victims at random
He liked pick people that he knew would get a lot of media coverage, because he got as high watching and reading on a computer about the cases he done and knowing the cops had not caught him and he laughed when they run out of leads and etc...
He told them he always traveled RURAL AREAS...Ocilla is rural
He loved Small Towns to pick some victims
He never left any fingerprints or dna when he killed someone..usually known to wear gloves!!!!....(could easily be the white glove found in her yard)
He ALWAYS drove the victim's car.......Tara's car seat was much further back than she could have ever drove it
He took the curriers from their bed, forced them into their own vehicle, then 2 days later their car was found at an apartment complex very close to their home
He never took things like jewelry or anything that would get him caught
He usually got known victims ATM cards, but in Tara's was late at atm's close I feel
THE UN-EXPLAINED ENVELOPE with cash in it left in her stated that just was not Tara, that she always put money away in her purse
Israel Keyes also told FBI he robbed banks to support his many travels all over the US..2 has been 100% proven that IK was the bank robber
My BIG QUESTION is has any official in Ocilla checked to see if there was a bank robbery in surrounding towns??? could be one of the larger towns...he drove sometimes hundreds and even thousands of miles to mislead cops in his known cases
I feel this money belonged to Keyes....and maybe he got in such a hurry he forgot it....In his known victims, if they had no atm card, he would take a purse and etc
This farm house was burnt by Arson.....I feel 199.9% this was all the work of Keyes.....He told FBI he had burnt quiet a few places in the past 14 years and as recently as 2011, he traveled to Texas for a family wedding, broke into an elderly couples home (they were not home at the time) took several things like tools, gold coins and then burnt the house totally down and he said he went into a wooded area to watch it burn
He also stated he planned on taking his future victims to old churches???? He was very clear he was an Atheists so no-one will ever know what the purpose of taking victims to old churches was, but he was a very sick, demented person
He also confessed to FBI that he would travel to a small town, stay 2 or 3 days and scout out the people, the feel of the town, and then decide what kind of victim he wanted to kill there and if the town felt right, he would bury a murder kit in a place there that could easily be found by him when he returned to that town to do his kidnap and killings
Sweet Potatoe Festival was going on in Ocilla, he knew that the people would be busy enjoying things to do at the festival, that gave him an opportunity to just blend in as he often did and I feel it gave him a perfect opportunity to scout out a person to kidnap and kill, he knew most of the families would be tired and etc....most would remain in their homes....Perfect for him to take Tara
I have many many more things such as certain links and etc...
but it just seems they are dismissing this case and definitely not taking any new leads
I have been giving this case some thought and finally came up with a couple of ideas that probably are nothing other than pure fantasy and if the right questions were asked of all the potential persons of interest while hooked to the 'lie detector' this should have come to light already.

If this was a fiction story in a book I would have read that they asked if there was any connection between Tara's disappearance and recording equipment or video cable or cd/dvd and one or more persons would have had spikes on the readout. . . . and because of that the story would take a dramatic turn whether it was a runaway or a crime in the end.

But this is not fiction. This is real life and so all we can do is wait and see what turns up. Whether runaway or crime . . . one thing that strikes me about this case is how neat and tidy it is according to news reports.
So either it really is a case that is very neat and tidy or it was really very untidy in one or 2 ways and reporters just don't know all that the L.E. knows.

I remember another case where an actual crime took place and news reports said there were no footprints in the snow outside the home of the victim and yet years later we find out that was untrue.

The neat and tidy part of this case points in very limited directions and that encourages me to think someday the truth will come out.

Note: When I say neat and tidy I mean no obvious crime scene with pools of blood or obvious signs of struggle and no screams or drag marks outside or on the floor inside (so far as we know), cash left in unlocked car.
Just enough oddities (such as car seat allegedly moved back) to create confusion but not enough sloppiness to say for sure a crime was committed or that someone ran away. I find that very thing to be of interest.
1. glove found on yard about a footstep from her doorsteps, it contains dna but nobody matches, nobody.

2. A house mysteriously burns down, possibly arson, a month after she dissapears, in the same city.

3. her brother in law fails one question from a lie detector test, the question was if he had an affair with tara, it showed deception.

4. a married cop, (close friend of her) drives one hour and ten minutes to her house, the day after she dissapears and leaves a business card, he had left 22 voice mails the previous night.

5. Three months before she went missing, a former student, comes to her house and knocks violently in her door, trying to force his way in. The neighbors calls the police and it becomes a disturbance. The married cop was inside her house, visiting at the time.

6. Her ex boyfriend was in town the same night she went missing, he went to a local tavern, and then did a ride along with a former friend of his, sergeant sean fletcher. That ride along he did becomes his alibi.

7. In an interview he gave to the media, the ex boyfriend said , that she had been at her house, the week before she went missing and told him, that if he didnt return with her, she was going to commit suicide.

8. The police finds 100 dollars in her unlocked car dashboard, and her seat had been moving back, too back for her, she was only 5'3.

9. No sign of forced entry, the only items that were missing was her keys, her purse, and her earrings. Her cell phone was found plugged in charge.

10. two witness saw a black truck park in her house after she dissapear.

These reasons make this case one of the hardest cases ever, too many distractions, i found more reasons to suspect of heath dykes but everyone could have done it, what do you guys think??
4. a married cop, (close friend of her) drives one hour and ten minutes to her house, the day after she dissapears and leaves a business card, he had left 22 voice mails the previous night.

What was the content of the voicemails?
Where are you, where you at, call me

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I'm new to this case thanks to Payne's podcast. One advantage of coming in to cases after a longer period of time is kind of the "fresh eyes perspective"... I started back at the beginning of many threads that were started the week Tara went missing in 2005. Several questions & observations have come to mind. One of which is in regards to her clothing from the night of the cookout. Multiple sources seem to state that it was on the floor & her expensive shoes were there as well which would be unusual because she would have taken care of them. The necklace was also found on the floor. It was also stated that the bed looked like the comforter had just been pulled up quickly. (Not nicely made etc)
One thought that came to my mind (as a single woman in my early 30s) is that this could easily be the scene after a "romantic encounter" - Guest arrives (possibly meeting her after the party or perhaps she picked him up & took him back to her house which would explain no additional cars & her seat being adjusted later) in the heat of the romantic moment the clothes and necklace are discarded hastily on the floor...
If true so many questions emerge. Not only WHO but then did the crime happen there or was she then lured away?
This theory could also factor in to play the lamp being askew & the clock getting knocked under the bed during the romance.
Like I said, just a thought that came to mind while going back to initial evidence. Not sure if anyone has suggested the same theory in the past decade or not. It didn't sound like from early evidence the bedding was taken for evidence or potential DNA. Was her clothing? If MH or DH has DNA on either well that would be a bombshell!

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My thoughts exactly daystar. And why weren't sheets on bed taken for analysis of dna...months later bed sheets still on bed when Godwin went there. And why didn't the GBI find fingernail and necklace pieces...which could have been from happenings earliertthat day with pageant girls preparations but still looks like alot of shoddy crime scene processing IMO. But I'm no expert...

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