George Anthony's testimonies

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Part 3



On 8/5/09 you still believed Caylee was still alive.

You and I sparred in that depo as you and JB have been today? Yes.

Today, you no longer believe...


In his July 24, 2008 statement he did not believe his daughter murdered his granddaughter.

He learned in December 2008 that the remains of his granddaughter had been found. This caused him a deep hurt inside, tears, the whole gamut of the whole emotional loss and seeing what his wife and son went through. Prior to that he held out hope that his granddaughter would be found alive.


On 1/22/09, you went and got a gun?

OBJECTION - beyond scope - OVERRULED

SIDEBAR #6 (11:00-11:02)

GA gets off stand and Attorney Lipman is there comforting him.

JURY OUT (11:02)

JB - counsel has no good faith basis for asking such a question when he knows there was no gun involved in the suicide.

JA - it is my understanding that he got the gun to force people who knew something about who killed Caylee to tell and then to take his own life. The defense has brought up the suicide. I intend to offer the suicide note. It shows that on 1/22/09 he had no idea who killed Caylee. It rebuts implications by defense that he did and it is proof. I have case law to support this.

HHJBP: Let me see the suicide note and the case law that supports your position.

JA: I will be offering the suicide note in my CIC. The case law are Nelson vs. Seaboard Railroad and Garza vs. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity National.

JA: The gun incident IS prior to the suicide - so I will correct that with the witness. It is mentioned in the suicide note.

JB: I would request that the question be stricken and the Jury instructed.

JA: That's fine - I'll just ask the question a different way.

HHJBP: I've reviewed State's Exhibit MA, the suicide letter and the cases presented by the State. JB - would you like a proffer of GA's testimony?

JA: I'm not sure what the Court's ruling is.

HHJBP: Are you objecting?

JB: The suicide note is hearsay.

JA: It shows the then existing emotional state under the state of mind exception; that it can establish that at 1/22/09 it is significant that nothing in the note contains any statement of guilt or admission to doing anything to his daughter or granddaughter. The entire note is relevant because it does NOT contain anything about the particular offenses that the defense has accused him of. On a separate note, on page 3 - there is a specific issue raised that GA knew what happened to his daughter, and how it happened in June 2008. The note shows he did not - directly rebutting the implication by the Defense.

JB: It appears that JA is creating a self-serving exception to the hearsay rule?

HHJBP: JB - you asked GA - did he attempt to commit suicide?

JB: Yes, Sir.

HHJBP: Did the state object?

JA: No, sir.

HHJBP: Why did you ask that question?

JB: It's a fact in this case. He did attempt - however genuine attempt it was - only he can say. Whether this gives him a free pass to write I'm innocent because I drank a 6 pack and blood pressure pills.

HHJBP: Could it be that GA was so guilt ridden that he had molested his wife and felt that LE was closing in on him? Is that something that could be inferred or deduced from the evidence? Generally, a witnesses state of mind is not an issue. It looks as though the Defense has made GA's state of mind an issue.

JB: I would ad to that of course the prosecutor did not object.

HHJBP: No he did not

JA: I did not. I was perfectly happy.

HHJBP: Someone opened the door and JA is trying to walk through it.

JA: Even without that - the testimony about GA's knowledge of the smell of dead bodies - He even asked the question - didn't you express guilt in this letter.

HHJBP: Anything else JB? Are you offering this now or later on?

JA: I don't think it would be appropriate to offer it in the Defense case, but I was planning on him identifying it and entering it in Rebuttal. However, I do plan on asking him about his thoughts and feelings.

HHJBP: I think the door has been opened, but I want some time to contemplate and read a few more cases in this area - but it is fair game on cross examination to cross GA concerning the suicide which was brought up under direct by the defense. Okay, 5 minutes?

Five minute break to 11:30.
Part 4



Why did you obtain the fire arm? Two reasons - I wanted to go get answers that I believed I could get from individuals that I felt in my mind were responsible for Caylee.

JA: You were going to force them at gun point to tell you?

GA: When he picked up the gun, the 2nd or 3rd of September, the Sheriff's department came to the house, and because ICA was there, told him that they had found out he had purchased the gun and it was in violation of having a gun and alcohol with someone who was incarcerated. It was taken from him

On 1/22/09 were you going to take your life? Yes, and I still have those feelings.

Did you write a note? Yes. He was shown the note and identified it. He agreed it was a true and accurate statement of his thoughts and feelings as of that date.

Have you also sent text messages to friends, lawyer? He knows he sent them and that he called his sisters, mother and father to tell them good by. Told them not to worry (GA breaking down again) He needed at that time to go and be with Caylee because he felt he failed her.

Were you prevented of accomplishing your goal? Yes, if it weren't for LE, he would not be here today.

In that note, did you express some of the unanswered questions you had? I know I did, but I don't know exactly what I wrote. He wrote the note over many hours.

End of proffer.

HHJBP: Objections, JB?

JB: Much is beyond the scope of Direct, don't see the bearing of the gun.

JA: I believe counsel asked the witness about his knowledge of August to January. This is direct rebuttal.

JB: Counsel, please tell me what question you believe.

JA: I rely on the Court.

JB: I could cover the areas - decomp, his behavior with LE at first, behavior on jail video, financial interest, media appearances, abuse and knowledge of duct tape and gas cans.

JA: Questions were not limited to date and scope.

HHJBP: The subject of cross deals with the issue of GA's attempt to commit suicide. The issue of suicide was brought out in the Defense's cross(?) of GA. Those questions are a logical progression in that the gun had a relationship. So the Court will permit this ine of questioning. As I said before, you can mark and have him identify the note. As you know, until it comes into evidence, you can't question him about the contents.

Jury being returned (11:42)


Did you purchase a gun in August of 2008?

Yes I did.


What was your purpose in purchasing the gun? He wanted answers from people who he thought knew what happened to Caylee.

Before he had a chance to do that, LE found out and came and took the gun away because ICA was home on bond.

On 1/22/09, 6 weeks after remains were found, did you travel to a hotel in Daytona Beach to take your own life? Yes, sir.

Why? He doesn't know why that day. His emotional state, even through today, is very hard to accept he does not have a granddaughter anymore. That day felt like the right time to go be with Caylee.

Did you call relatives?


He wanted to talk to his parents, his sisters, his son, his wife - to say goodbye for the last time. He did not recall the conversations. He was supposed to be going to a meeting.

Did you write a letter then? Yes. He was drinking alcohol and taking pills. He wrote the letter to his wife to tell her how he felt and how he didn't want to be in this world anymore.

Did you include questions you had about what happened? He does not remember what he said in the letter. It had numerous pages. He probably repeated himself. He had to express what he was feeling.

You wanted CA to know why you would be dead when she found the letter? Yes, because I couldn't tell her face to face.

He was shown the letter - 8 pages. He recognized it as the letter he wrote to his wife and family as he prepared to take his life.

But for the intervention for LE, you would not be here today?

OBJECTION - relevance and asked and answered - SUSTAINED

JA: I didn't ask in front of the Jury.

That is correct, is it not? Yes.

No further questions.


Do you need a break Mr. Anthony? No, I'm fine.

JA asked you about sparring with him at the depo? Yes.

And that sparring ...


Do you recall JA reminding you of your oath? I'm sure he did.

This sparring was to try to pin your answers down on the gas cans?


The questions had to do with the gas cans and duct tape? I know we talked about gas cans, duct tape, a lot of things.

The sparring related to the gas cans and duct tape? He guesses it was verbal sparring.

Would you classify my questions today about gas cans as sparring? Yes.

ICA was out on bond when he got the gun. When she came home, they met with a person from the Department of Correction regarding house arrest. The rules were explained. He was given a list of what could and couldn't be in the house. He knew that he couldn't have fire arms in the house and if one was found, she could go right back to jail. Within hours of them pulling up, they were there and they almost took ICA back to jail.

His emotional state when he purchased the gun...

OBJECTION - unresponsive - Listen carefully GA

He did not buy a gun before his daughter got out on bond.

Attempted suicide - you bought a 6 pack of beer? I don't know how much alcohol I purchased. It was beer. The pills were blood pressure pills? I had just gotten them a week before.

So you were drinking beer and blood pressure medication? Whatever it was, I took a large amount of medication along with drinking beer. He doesn't know what was recovered.

All of this was subsequent to 2 search warrants? 12/11/08? He wasn't there.

LE went through a lot of his things? They completely went through the house. They went through YOUR things? Everything in that house was associated with me. Yes, they went through my car.

You know the car was not in the search warrant?


You know your car was not listed and they went through it anyway? Yes.

They went through a lot of your personal things? I wasn't there.

They got the gas can on that day? I don't know.

You were given a property list? He wasn't there when the warrant was served and he can't recall the 70 or so items taken.

As ex LE he knows the warrant should be left at the home.

They took the duct tape on the gas can? He doesn't know.

When you came back from doing the Larry King show on 12/11, did you see that gas can ever again in your home? He did not come back to his home on that date. He doesn't remember when he came back. The house was in shambles. Things were flipped around.


Did you go to the Ritz Carlton? Yes.


Came back home before the second search warrant was executed? Yes sir. I was there. He doesn't remember if he saw the gas can on that day.


Lunch recess
Good afternoon Mr. A. We left off where you got back from the hotel and you were at your home. And on December 20 a second search warrant was issued for your home4.
And you got confrontational with the officers.
And you were asked to step outside.
And you told Sgt. Allen

They then confiscated further materials from your home?
Next, the SA issued a subpoena for your fingerprints. In Dec 2008?
I'm sure they did. I don't remember the exact date.
How many times have you had an investigative subpoena issued to you by SA?
That's not something you gave voluntarily, right? They had to issue a subp.
In early Jan 2009 the video surfaced of JH and DC searching in the wooded area?
Yes, I guess so.
So when you became aware of the video, did you ask DC what he was doing in the woods?


I didn't know anything about a video being shot.
This was early Jan 2009. You don't recall sir?
I dont' remember.
My question is did you as DC what he was doing in the woods?
They had just found your granddaughter in the woods, no?
Have you EVER had a conversation with CD about what he was doing in the woods?
After all the investigations and subpoenas, did you feel the walls closing in on you?


You knew you were being investigated, didn't you sir?


Was the pressure getting to you Mr. A.?

GA: From the beginning I've always cooperated with any sort of LE if I could help bring my granddaughter back home.
JB: All of that ended when you asked LE to leave your home, correct?
That was a tumultuous time in our lives to lose our granddaughter and the potential to lose my daughter.
My question was, All of that ended when you asked LE to leave your home, correct?
I was upset that day. I opened myself up for every part of the investigation.
Was the answer yes or no?
I have completely cooperated, so that would be a yes.

On the day of your attempted suicide, you were calling everybody to let them know of this attempted suicide?
You called me?
Yes, I guess so.
So you wanted everyone to know you were going to attempt suicide?
And after this alleged attempt you immediately went to meet with the media?
How long before you made media appearances?
If you give me a particular date, I can give you what you want.
January 22 was the alleged attempt.
It wasn't an alleged attempt. I really did it.

No further questions.


You went to California for a Larry King interview?
And the purpose of that was to publicize the disappearance of my granddaughter and how it affected my life.
Did you learn when you arrived or after you arrived of the finding of your granddaughter.
When you arrived back in town you went to the Ritz-Carlton?
You didn't arrange that did you?
Did you have a small window of privacy with your wife to deal with the news you just heard?
We arrived on the plane after 5 hours and everyone got off and then we were told in a vehicle as we left the airport. We were just trying to hold on.
Were you communicating with Mr. Baez during that time?
In the evening.
In fact you and your wife had dinner with Mr. Baez that evening, did you not?

Part 4


Jury coming back (1:59)


We left off where you had just gotten back to your home and on 12/20 there was a second search warrant. You got confrontational with the officers? Yes. You had to be removed? I was asked to step outside. You told Sgt Allen, page 79, Line 17 and 18 - take your *advertiser censored*ing.... minions and leave.


You told Sgt Allen...


They then confiscated additional items? Yes.

Next, the SAO issued a subpoena for your fingerprints?


I'm sure they did.

How many times have you had an investigative subpoena issued?


That is not something you provided voluntarily? Your fingerprints? Yes.

This is also around when the video surfaced of DC and JH searching the woods? That's possible.

You had noticed the video and become aware. Did you ever ask DC why he searched the woods a month before Caylee was found?


When the video surfaced, did you go to DC...


He did not know anything about the video until it was released.

He did not go ask DC what he was doing in the woods in November. He was told of the video in December, but he did not get that info from DC. He has never asked DC what he was doing in the woods.

OBJECTION - asked and answered - SUSTAINED

After all the search warrants and subpoenaes, did you feel the law was closing in on you?

OBJECTION - assumes facts - OVERRULED

OBJECTION - assumes facts - rephrase

Was the pressure getting to you?


Was the pressure getting to you


He has always tried to give al info and cooperate.

All this cooperation ended on 12/20 when he asked the OCSO to leave? The loss of my granddaughter was - to lose their granddaughter and the potential to lose their daughter...

All your cooperation ended on 12/20? I was upset that day.

He stated he has always cooperated.

On the day of his attempted suicide, you were calling everybody to let them know you were going to commit suicide?


You even called me? I don't know.

You called to let people know you were going to do it.


After the alleged attempt, you immediately left the hospital to go to Putnam County to be on TV? Did you not go and have several media appearances? Not from leaving the hospital - no sir.

He stated it was not an alleged attempt - he tried to take his life - it happened.

He did not know when he was on Fox after that?

OBJECTION - asked and answered - SUSTAINED


You traveled to California to be on Larry King?


The purpose was to talk about the disappearance of his granddaughter and how it affected their lives. They learned the remains had been found in the morning just prior to boarding their plane.

When they arrived back in town, they were taken to the Ritz Carlton. He did not arrange or request that. They were taken there to have a small window of privacy to be with his wife. On the plane they had a little bit of time. When they arrived, they couldn't get off the plane until everyone else did and there were numerous police officers. He couldn't say what their exact emotions were at that time. They talked to JB later that evening.


They had dinner with JB that evening


SIDEBAR #7 (2:14-2:19)

He cooperated with law enforcement, Mr. Baez and anyone who he thought had the remotest chances of finding Caylee.

On 1/20 - this was the day after it was declared that the body in the woods was Caylee?


The anger toward law enforcement on 12/20 was the day after the body had been I.D.'d.


Yes, they were taken from the airport to the Ritz Carlton. He did not know who took them to the Ritz. Was it GMA who paid?


He doesn't know who paid for it?

OBJECTION - asked and answered - SUSTAINED

Did you have to do anything for that stay? No. Sir. He doesn't think he has been on GMA since then.

No further questions.

Witness is excused (2:23)
JA cross.

Mr. A. you cooperated with LE?
Did you also cooperate with Mr. Baez?
Did you also cooperate with anybody who could help find caylee?
And December 20, it was declared that the body in the woods was in fact Caylee?
So was this anger you expressed to LE the day after you had final confirmation that your granddaughter was dead?


Mr. Ashton asked if you were taken in a car to the Ritz Carlton.
That wasn't by LE was it?
I don't know.
The people who paid for you to stay at the R-C was Good Morning America?
I don't know. I don't remember.
You had no idea who picked up the tab?
Have you since then been on GMA?
I don't think so. I don't ever remember being on GMA.

GA off the stand.
JB: Defense calls GA. [AGAIN!!!]

JB: Did you just see the video I put up?
Did you see the duct tape?
Was that your duct tape?
I don't know.
Did anyone at the command center bring duct tape?
I don't know.
Which location is that sir? We had numerous command centers.
JB gives address.
Where was the video taken?
I have no idea. It wasn't [at the address you gave].
Was it as Publix? How many different Publix did you go to?
GA gives addresses.
Do you know which one that was taken at?
NO sir.
Where was your command center in aug. 2008
Did anyone gbring duct tape to your command center at that loca;tion?
I have no idea.


You came from Ohio, right?
Yes sir.
That's where Henkel Tape comes from, right?
I'm not sure.
And you had a dog named Mandy? (Mandy-sp?)

How was dog buried?
In our yard, where we lived.
Did you pick up the dog at the vets?
Was the dog wrapped in a blanket?
Was the dog then placed in a plastic bag?
I dont' remember exactly.
Was it also wrapped in duct tape?
I don't remember. You're going back almost 25-30 years.
When you moved here did you have a dog named Beau?
When did he pass away?
15 years or more years.
How old was Casey at that time?
4-5 y/o
Was Beau buried in a blanket and wrpped in duct tape?
Did you have a cat named Penny?
Was Penny burried in a plastic bag with duct tape on her?
What about Ginger? Was she buried in a plastic bag with duct tape?
What about Misty?
I never had a dog named Misty.
When you found out Caylee was found with a blanket with duct tape, did you tell LE that is how you used to bury your pets?


Bill Schaeffer says what a stretch to the imagination. He's saying this jury will not believe this!!
No further questions from JB.

JA: Did you ever take a dead pet and throw him in a swamp?
No sir.

No further questions.
GA is excused.


He saw the video and the duct tape. It could have been his or someone else's.


Did anyone else bring duct tape to the command center? Which command center.

You didn't recognize the command center? 4466 John Young Parkway. He never had a command center there.

He does not know where the video was taken, but it was not on John Young Parkway.

It was at a Publix, but he did not know which one. They had command centers at two different Publix. There was one on Chickasaw and one on Curry Ford Road.

In the first week of August in 2008 they had a command center at Lake Underhill and Chickasaw.

He had no idea if anyone else brought Hinkel duct tape to the command center or if that was his duct tape shown.

He came from Ohio. He did not know if Hinkel duct tape was made in Ohio.

Did you have a dog named Mandy in Ohio?


SIDEBAR #8 (11:09-11:11)

The dog had to be put down or was deceased. The dog was buried in their yard where they used to live. He picked the dog up at the vet. He thinks the dog was wrapped in a blanket. He doesn't remember if the dog was placed in a plastic bag. He doesn't know if it was wrapped in duct tape. This was before ICA was born.

They had a dog named Beau. How was Beau buried?


He didn't recall when Beau passed away. It could have been 15 or more years ago. ICA was 4 or 5 years ago. Was Beau buried in a blanket, plastic bag and duct tape? He doesn't remember.

He had a cat named Penny. Was Penny buried in a plastic bag with duct tape? No.

What about Ginger? Was she wrapped in a plastic bag with duct tape?

What about Cinnamon and Misty? Never had a dog named Misty.

When you found out your granddaughter was found in a blanket, in plastic with duct tape, did you tell LE that was how your pets were buried?

OBJECTION - improper impeachment - may we approach?

SIDEBAR #9 (11:15-11:17)



Have you ever taken a dead pet and thrown it in a swamp?



Witness Excused at 11:!7
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