George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin General discussion #3

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That is not what I asked. Others have stated that someone merely following them would put them in fear of their life. I am asking based on that, and that alone.


Well... George was eyeballing him hard from his car... Got out of his car...and began following TM... There was enough fear for TM to run. The kid thought he lost Zimmerman... But no....Zimmerman ends up right behind him again! So given that set of circumstances... Yes. Fear for life.
Agreed. For all we know GZ could have tripped and fell on the sidewalk while trying to detain TM. Then got up and continued to pursue. There are a number of scenarios that could have happened. It's too hard to say what really took place.
If someone that was chasing after you fell, would you run away in the opposite direction... Or would you hang around?
That's never been the issue Karmady. Not being charged with something doesn't mean it didn't happen. Rapes, child abductions, murders, DV all go unreported and uncharged.
Stalking is a behavior that gets charged if reported and the kid was dead so all reports at the scene were from GZ who had lots of secondary gain reasons for switching things up. It does matter very much if GZ was taking repeated actions like following in a car, then on foot here and there while TM was walking home and TM was scared enough to tell his friend and about and god forbid confront his stalker over it.

Agreed- stalking and harrassment are crimes that LE will generally do nothing about until they are repeated. They usually want to see a pattern before charging a person. If you report it, the first time they will generally speak to the person and warn them (and the victim should make sure they make a record you reported it) when it happens a second or third time, they will then take action. That is why it important to report before it goes that far!!
you know in all my self defense classes i've taken - the first thing they tell you is if you are being followed that you should turn around and confront them and yell why are you following me, and most of the time that scares your possible assailant because they are not expecting it, and i know at least 1 time - it did work for me

I have not taken any self defense classes but have read just what you posted. Don't look like a scared shrinking violet type.

One night after a concert, my husb and I were walking to the almost empty parking garage and this guy was following us asking for money. I told him no. I wanted the guy to go away but my clueless husband kept on talking to him and the guy kept on following us. I walked faster, ahead of my husband because if something was going to happen I did not want to be near it and I certainly did not want the guy near our car.

Anyway, I finallly turned around and yelled "Back the *advertiser censored** off!" He stopped and walked in the other direction. Worked that time!
Good night everyone see you guys tomorrow. Gets some sleep.. I know I

I will open the discussion thread in the am before 9am
Where's the evidence that he persued him? He stopped and there is no other credible evidence to suggest he didn't, even the own state can't say he did not return to his vehicle.

You can because what Trayvon did is illegal and a crime


The incident happened away from GZ's vehicle,also you can hear the rapid breathing/wind during the GZ call to police.
Trayvon went to a store to buy tea and candy.What is his crime?
Considering he had a head-start on Zimmerman, and disappeared from Zimmerman... Yeah, I'd say he retreated and was able to retreat. That's not an imminent threat.


Please apply that to Zimmerman and we wouldn't even be here. Trayvon would be enjoying his life and his parents would still have their young son.
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