Gerard Baden Clay's murder appeal

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Aug 17, 2012
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JMO while waiting and looking at the facts:
Baden Clay claims he is innocent – “I did not kill my wife”.

His Defence Barrister appealed that the Jury were wrong to give the verdict of Murder because they could not have been satisfied that the evidence proved beyond all reasonable doubt that there was a motive and intent.

The Qld Appeal Court Judges have ruled that he was guilty of Manslaughter.

The High Court Judges, on Wednesday, will either agree that he is guilty of Manslaughter or will reinstate the Murder verdict (that is if they don’t order a retrial).

Baden Clay will serve his sentence while still claiming that he went to bed around 10 pm and woke to find Allison not at home; he sent many texts to her mobile (which has never been found) asking her where she was; and that he knew nothing more of her whereabouts (while her body lay under the bridge more than 13 kms away).

He will serve his sentence, and be released still showing no remorse for what happened….. no rehabilitation will have occurred and he will take his place in society again ….. ready to pursue his money-making / borrowing activities. With the fast pace of our changing World, I guess he will have assistance to keep abreast of the changes.

…….. I guess this is the way it goes and the manner in which our society functions.

Can't help but be reminded of that old axiom that "Behind every lie there is a grain of truth"
This has been at the crux of every single utterance from Baden Clay.
Regarding the words "I did not kill my wife...."
This may be translated ... "I did not not check that her vital signs, (breathing and circulation) were actually, positively extinct."
Therefore, he can say "I cannot positively say that I killed her, because I dunno if she was actually properly deceased, when placed in her final resting place. Never checked with stethoscope. Never checked any vital sign at all really. Scouts Honour, she might have been a bit unconscious, possibly"
The actual definition of "Death" may be slightly variable, according to the witness available at the time. (I can elaborate on that if necessary)
Some things he CAN say honestly is:
He had words with a girlfriend the same night as Allison went missing. Later he advised same girlfriend that "They should lay low for a while."
He CAN say that he checked with her Insurance after her body was found, but before that same body was positively identified.
He CAN say that his wife was missing. And he reported her missing.
He CAN say that he sustained facial injuries, (Gillette razor); and chest injuries (Caterpillars); and hand injuries (light bulb story); at roughly the same time time as his wife disappeared.
He CAN say that he visited Doctors plural on the same day that Allison was reported missing. Reason for the Doctor visits: to obtain written documentation as to the cause of his injuries.
(Not obtain counseling for broken marriage, anxiety or depression)
He CAN say he had a proven history of deceit, fraud, and adultery. (Need to think up words how to put that into positive light.)
He CAN say say that he deliberately carefully positively spun a web of deceit, most cloudy from the day of Allison's disappearance. Check that, can't say or admit same. (Tarnished personal image etc)
He CAN say plenty about himself in public, but he appears to be completely unable to speak one favorable or beautiful word about Allison June Dickie Baden Clay.
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