Found Safe Germany - US soldier Jonathan Lane, 31, Ansbach-Katterbach, 27 June 2023


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Sgt. Jonathan Lane, 31, a member of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach, was reported missing from his residence June 27, U.S. Army Europe and Africa said in a statement.

After attempts to contact him were unsuccessful, he was reported absent without leave, or AWOL.

After multiple attempts to contact Staff Sgt. Lane, he was reported absent without leave (AWOL) on June 29th after failing to report for duty on June 29th.

Staff Sgt. Lane, CH-47 helicopter repairer, is assigned to the 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment (General Support Aviation Brigade).

The Army’s Department of Emergency Services (DES) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are currently investigating the incident along with local law enforcement.

The 12th Combat Aviation Brigade’s number one concern is the health and safety of our Soldiers. Staff Sgt. Lane’s unit has tried multiple times to determine his whereabouts and make contact with him; however, all attempts have been unsuccessful.

Interesting updates, his car was found in another state and he seems to have been sighted as civilian using another name just after going missing

Using google translate

Update from July 7th, 2023.: Last whereabouts of the US soldier known - under a false name at the US base in Ramstein
The trail of the missing US Army Staff Sergeant Jonathan Lane stationed at the Ansbach base apparently leads to Rhineland-Palatinate. The US soldier's vehicle was found in Urbach (Neuwied district). A US military police spokesman confirmed the find


According to this, it is said to have been last seen on June 23, 2023 at the Ramstein Air Force Base and in the nearby US Hospital in Landstuhl. There he introduced himself "as a civilian by the name of David Hersher". He is said to have been wearing a blue shirt. After that, the trail is lost after he left Landstuhl Medical Center at around 3:18 p.m.
However, an investigation has revealed that on June 23, Lane was at Ramstein Air Base, according to a statement from the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division.

Ramstein is more than a three-hour drive from Lane’s Bavarian duty station. Lane was wearing a blue T-shirt and posed as a civilian named David Herscher, the CID statement said.

Lane was last seen entering the gate at nearby Landstuhl Regional Medical Center around 3:18 p.m. that same afternoon.

Army authorities on Friday declined to say whether he received treatment at the hospital, citing medical privacy rules.

Lane’s unlocked Dodge SUV was seen June 23 by a German passer-by parked two hours north of Ramstein in a densely forested area near Urbach, about 28 miles north of Koblenz.

The passer-by later saw the vehicle again and called police, who found it in the woods June 28, Dirk Mohr, a spokesman for the Koblenz Police Department, said Friday.

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany – A U.S. soldier initially listed as missing and spotted last year at an Air Force base in Germany under an assumed name has been found and taken into custody, an Army statement said Friday.

Lane was apprehended with help from Ansbach and regional police in the vicinity of the southwest German city of Trier, CID spokesman Thomas Hamilton III said Friday. No further details regarding Lane’s discovery and capture were available Friday, according to brigade officials and Hamilton, who added that the investigation into the case is ongoing.

Read more at: Soldier who posed as civilian and went missing last year found in Germany, Army says
Source - Stars and Stripes


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