***GUILTY*** Mark Sievers - 1st Degree Murder & Conspiracy

Discussion in 'Dr. Teresa Sievers' started by beach, Dec 4, 2019.

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    ARACHNE1 Wow, sure looks like the female who faithfully sat behind MMummert through out the entire trial. But, hard to tell from a "still" photograph. Perhaps if they had an annoying "looping video" of constant eye rolling and mocking smirks, I would be able to confirm it was her.:D:D:D.... backing slowly out of the room before someone throws a stapler at me.
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    6th photo down..... hmmm???
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    It seems like it's all in the family. And somebody's getting a free vacation, plus getting paid to do nothing, charged to JAC, no doubt. Too bad we had a touch of red tide over here.
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    Jennifer Wood aka Jennifer Mummert, from that site, is also firm administrator for Mummerts law firm. The heavier girl is Jennalee and his assistant. Yes, all in the family.
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