GUILTY - Tammy Moorer trial for Kidnapping Heather Elvis, 8 Oct 2018 - #10

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2:29 You say that was the last phone call and she never had another conversation with anyone and that’s not so. She did speak to someone on Sydney Moorer’s phone later.
Also the very last notification her phone sent out was in the wildlife refuge.
I don't know if you're talking to me or if you're talking to JerseyGirl. I see what you're saying, though, and I didn't even notice that part of her post when I quoted it. I only posted it for reference to the times I mentioned in my question to dixiegirl. The post I quoted from the Timeline thread was from over 2 years ago. I doubt she'll know why she typed that so long ago. We didn't know about the Waccamaw Refuge ping until this trial, IIRC, so that would be why that ping is not listed.

We really need a new timeline posted over there, since we have some new information from TM's kidnapping trial. Not it!

ETA: I quoted your post before you edited it, so I just wanted to say that the Atalaya Place activity creeps up in the back of my mind sometimes too.
What if SS had stayed longer than 5 min? I know.. lots of what ifs.
~3:25 - 3:35 am - HE's phone moved from her residence on White River Drive to the Peachtree Boat Landing.
3:36am: A security camera at a private residence 1.7 miles from the M home recorded a distinctive late-model Ford F150 coming from that direction and heading toward Peachtree Landing
3:37 am - HE's phone was at Peachtree Boat Landing. Four outgoing calls were placed from that phone to SM, but there was no answer
3:39am: A security camera at a business D&S Siteworks 1.2 miles from Peachtree Landing recorded the Ford F150 heading toward the landing
3:41am: All data and GPS signals ended on Heather's phone
3:45am: The security camera at D&S Siteworks recorded the Ford F150 returning from the direction of Peachtree Landing
3:46am: The security camera at the same private residence recorded the Ford F150 returning from the direction of Peachtree Landing toward the M home
3:47 am – Suspicious activity/car report is made @ Atalaya Place, Myrtle Beach SC
~4:00 am - HCPO patrolling the area of Peachtree Boat Landing discovered HE’s car locked and abandoned with all its windows intact. No signs of Heather.
Both quotes RSBM: And what if the HCPO had arrived at the landing just 20 or 30 minutes earlier?

How can all of these things have just fallen into place for them?
Exactly, this actually may be a help to the State to hear, more of TM's theories.
I couldn’t agree more ! Every time TM ,or any of the defense witnesses talks or change their stories , it gives the prosecution more to work with.
TM’s own defense lawyer asked her to stop talking in front of the jury during her foot testimony.
TM knew the jury could only use evidence shown in court for THIS trial & hoped to hoodwink them ,IMO.
I wonder if the prosection will investigate any of the shenanigans we believe happened during this trial ?
That includes the Defense being made aware of the sequestration violation days prior to it being revealed to the Judge. Did anyone else see the male prosecuter whip his head around when the Deputy testified to that fact?
Welcome back to posting MissJames.:):)
Your entire post seems very possible.
It is what was used by LE in many of these points, and finally NL put her case together.
Surely, as you state, there will be more with future cases.
TY! I’m so far behind y’all , I apologize if I’m rehashing old info. There are so many plausible theories on this case from WS’s , my mind is blown.
I only live about 90 minutes from MB but I took a mental health break from missing person cases & just couldn’t follow this one closely.
Then I saw a clip from this trial .... into the Moorer rabbit hole I go
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