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Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 54s

Mr Dickie: Allison, I love you and I miss you and you will be in my heart forever. #badenclay

Vanessa Fowler, Allison's sister, is now reading her victim impact statement. #badenclay

Vanessa: I have been robbed of a life with my sister. #badenclay

Vanessa: I miss her. I miss the way she smiled. #badenclay

Vanessa says her life has changed dramatically. She has moved closer to her parents. #badenclay
I like GBC has to sit there and listen as they get to say how he has affected them and his daughters. That they get to tell the world how they feel.

If he could, he would of run off like his cowardly family, but he has no choice, I bet he does not raise his head and make eye contact with any of them
So glad the verdict is finally in and is Guilty of Murder. Praying for the extended Dickie family & Allison's precious girls. Looking forward to the airing of the prerecorded Dickie family program's - Sixty Minutes - to show the "true reality"
Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 9s

Vanessa says she has two children or her home but has willingly taken on responsibilities with her nieces. #badenclay

Vanessa says her life has been turned upside down, changed forever. #badenclay

Vanessa says her sister was strong, resilient, passionate, devoted, confident and generous. #badenclay
thankyou, Constable Kieron Ash... Mr Beady Eye Copper...
What a heartfelt victim statement, heartbreaking, doesn't bear thinking about if it had been written and he had been found not guilty.
His entire family should be made to listen too.
To the Dickies, you rock, may you all find peace now, and be able to move forward. You will do those girls proud.
'Allison, I love you, I miss you and you will be in my heart forever. '

Channel 7 reporter is struggling not to cry.

Allison's eldest sister, Vanessa is now up.

'As a sister, I was devastated and deeply offended.'

She's moved from the Gold Coast to help her parents. ... and has changed her role to become a carer to Allison's children ... how this has impacted her own family and children's lives.
Allison loved life and her daughters and was loved by all. She was generous and resilient. And always dressed elegantly.

Having three children and two mistresses in her life, she remained strong and never let depression take over.
If he could, he would of run off like his cowardly family, but he has no choice, I bet he does not raise his head and make eye contact with any of them

Maybe what "help I can't breathe was about"...... To try and run away like his family did.
ABC News 24 saying Allison's family shouted "Yes" as the verdict was read. I would have liked to hear and see that.
Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 36s

Vanessa says her sister dressed well, smart elegant "and in all colours". #badenclay

Vanessa says Allison never allowed depression to take over her life. #badenclay

Vanessa says her sister was passionate about teaching resilience skills to children. #badenclay

Vanessa says there is now a dark void inside them were they remember Allison's smile. #badenclay
My fav tweet so far

"@KateKyriacou: Vanessa says her sister dressed well, smart elegant "and in all colours". #badenclay"

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Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay.

Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay. Photo: Supplied

12:15pm: "No matter what the future holds our days will never be the same," Mr Dickie.

"[I have] the immense privilege of caring for Allison's three magnificent daughters. After two years of living and caring the girls, I would not change anything ... unless I could bring Allison back."

Mr Dickie said he took much inspiration from Allison's "three strong, resilient girls".

"They said goodnight to their mother and went to bed and woke up the next morning to find her gone forever," he said.

"They will grow up into beautiful, loving, strong women ... because they are the product of their mother's strong character ...

"I have failed in my duties as a father.

"You asked me for my daughter's hand in marriage and I consented and gave my position ...

"You abused our trust with your lies and deceit ...

"The girls' father has taken their mother from them forever.

"Allison I love and I miss you and you will be in my heart forever."

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/que...the-verdict-20140715-3by69.html#ixzz37V21DMOR
Gerard apparently hyperventilating, having trouble breathing. Elaine out of courtrtoom in tears. Mrs Dickie reading her victim impact statement, very emotional. GBC lawyers up and checking on GBC. Four statements to be read.

Now GBC knows what it felt like for Allison when she was losing her breath when he was suffocating her.

Justice has been served.

Guilty, guilty, guilty.

My faith has been restored in humanity.
Oh wow the girls hurt by the smear campaign too .. that was a very good victim impact statement ..

Meanwhile GBC is crying, perhaps he does feel some remorse.

He's just crying for himself, not anyone else
I just popped back in to say a couple of things:

First - thanks to all who have PM'd or emailed me - your kind words are much appreciated.

Second - and most important - I'd like to thank all here on WS for their constructive comments and reasoning throughout this long journey. As many know, this case was very close to home for me - both literally (I live only a stone's throw from the BC house) and personally (I know many of the people involved or those close to the case, including on the forensic side of things).
I'd like to think that we here on WS played a small but significant role in getting justice for Allison. Some of the information we discussed here was used at both the committal hearing and the trial itself, as many would be aware. So it's not just a bunch of bored people playing at detective - there has been a LOT of very sound reasoning and thinking applied to the case here. There has also been some very perceptive lateral thinking by many people. Very good work from all.
I wonder if there will be repercussions after this verdict, in terms of information being released that we didn't know before, or others allegedly involved. Time will tell.
But for now, I'm logging back off. I'll continue to lurk and read, but real life beckons.....
A jury of the Supreme Court in Qld has categorically found that Nigel and Olivia lied on the stand under oath.. their testimony was discarded as feeble, unreliable and without credibility on any point.
Kate Kyriacou @KateKyriacou · 7s

Vanessa: My heart breaks for the three precious girls who have been left behind. #badenclay

Vanessa says for the girls to now know their mother was taken away at the hands of their father is unimaginable. #badenclay

Vanessa says during the trial there has been an over exaggeration on the negative aspects of Allison's life. #badenclay
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