***GUILTY***The Verdict Waiting Room #3

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Leonie Mellor ‏@leoniemellor 54s

Gerard #badenclay family have arrived to courtroom 11, level 5 in anticipation of verdict. @abcnews @ABCNews24
Oh my gosh I can't believe the time is near. I feel sick!!
Oh, my stomach's in knots atm. Please let it be the right verdict.
Sending Allison's family HUGE love!!!

May justice be served.
I had a strong feeling it would be today - but not this early!!

I'm sitting here in my office alone and have butterflies in my stomach.

Please by the right verdict - anything but guilty of murder will be an act of dishonour.
oh my! hope it's what we're all wanting to hear.
had a feeling it would be today and was hoping before lunch as i'm leaving work early and won't be able to check back until later tonight!!
fingers crossed!!!!
Strength to the dickies may they hear what they want to hear today.

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Triple M Brisbane ‏@TripleMBrisbane 28s

Jury in the murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay's reached a verdict - court to resume in 30mins. #newsroom #badenclay
Well it's the day we have all been waiting for.
Glad I can be here right now, all plans cancelled.
I hope the right verdict has been reached.
Nerves are making me feel ill, can't imagine how the Dickies feel.
Thinking of all of you

TimArvier ‏@TimArvier9 31s

There is a lot of emotion here already outside court 11. Friends and family of Allison openly crying. Lawyers have now arrived #badenclay
I have decided to refuse to accept a not guilty verdict.. so that's that for me.
Husband just called to let me know and I was like already on it, TV on, Twitter and Websleuths loaded. Gosh I have major butterflies going on.
Leonie Mellor ‏@leoniemellor 43s

@francenenorton will bring you the verdict as soon as we hear. Crown Pros Todd Fuller has just arrived at crtrm. #badenclay @abcnews

Louisa Rebgetz ‏@louisarebgetz 53s

Jury has reached a verdict in #badenclay murder trial. Court will resume about 20 mins. Full details @abcnews
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