Holly Bobo Case Status Hearings, 12/17/2014


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Jul 10, 2009
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From the above link :

- "A helicopter will be flying around the court square area during court, and of course he'll be looking for anything that don't look right," he said.

- Byrd said he is calling in help from Parsons Police Department and Perry County Sheriff's Department.

- They will have double the security in front of and inside the courtroom.

- "Everybody goes through the scanner, even the judge," he said. Each of the three men will have their own officer by their side.

- "The street where they load and unload the defendants, those will be armed with rifles and shotguns," Byrd said.

- He said the streets around the courthouse will be closed.

WOW !!!

OMG! I have never heard of this !?!
Sounds like Stowe has something big on TBI at least the article I read does. jmo

DGC, I don't know if MA is involved, only from reading elsewhere so I sign up for updates on these guys from jail to jail. Can't follow JA though via Vinelink, he's in federal custody. MA has been mentioned over the years though.

As for the extra protection, well, that is a huge effort to protect these guys. Has the county turned vigilante on these perps? Sounds like a change of venue at it's inception to me.


Stowe decided, not TBI funding being depleted etc...hmmm

My guess is that the TBI have royally bolted the investigation to the point where the prosecution has been compromised, and this is being done for political purposes so that the public knows exactly who is to blame. Otherwise taking such a drastic step seems a massive over reaction, particularly with a major trial coming up where TBI agents would have to be called as witnesses unless they elect to re-analyze everything.

The extra security could be because they are going to dismiss the charges, and they don't want a lynching happening afterwards, maybe.

Guess we will find out shortly.
Well thanks in advance to all of you who keep us updated during the court appearances. You are often my only source of info during the day when these things are going on and I'm at work in the middle of nowhere without enough reception to play streaming video.

This whole thing with the extra security and the DA telling the TBI to get lost (or not) has got me all :scared:
Just my :twocents: ... fwiw:

JMO but I think the reason for all this extra, extra security at the courthouse today is NOT because of possible vigilante type action by the community -- but is necessary because of ZA and JA past criminal records, which include altercations with LE officers and agencies, violence, drug use/mfg., etc. And also, didn't JA try to escape from jail at one time ?

ZA and JA are lifelong criminals with rap sheets a mile long, and no telling WHO their contacts are outside of jail in that community and what attempts to escape will be made by these 2.

It is mind-boggling HOW and WHY it took LE almost 3 years to arrest these perps for Holly's kidnapping, rape and murder, considering the perps boasted about what they did. WHY ? Yes, they needed probable cause -- evidence -- etc. But WHY so long, and WHO was protecting WHO ?

ZA was arrested a couple of days before Holly's kidnapping for assaulting an LE officer, so why was he out of jail so quickly with just a slap on the wrist ? WHY ? Connections, IYKWIM ?

Something stinks and has always stunk in this case ...

So there's a new Sheriff and DA in town and IMO, they have had enough of the crime and corruption at all levels, so they have made a decision to do something about it.

Of course, JMO and :moo:
Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 26m26 minutes ago
Documents filed state Jason Autry claims to have alibi. #HollyBobo

Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 26m26 minutes ago
Zach Adams just walked into courthouse. #HollyBobo

Chris Conte ‏@chrisconte · 25m25 minutes ago
Henry Co. Sheriff releases statement on #HollyBobo DA cutting ties with TBI, wants differences worked out @NC5
Will Nunley ‏@willnunley · 9m9 minutes ago
For those just waking up: We have all 3 primary #HollyBobo suspects in court at 9, and the D.A. is battling the TBI on several major issues.
Bryan Carnaggio ‏@WBBJ7Bryan · 8m8 minutes ago
Before entering courthouse Jason Autry looks at camera and says "I didn't do it. I'm an innocent man." #HollyBobo
Thanks for the updates. RIP Holly.
Carley Gordon ‏@WSMVCarley · 9m9 minutes ago
Dylan Adams, Zach Adams and Jason Autry all in the courthouse #HollyBobo
Can we get a new thread started for today's hearing? So it isn't jumbled into this thread? I'll alert this post to ask a mod.
All Rise! Judge has taken the bench. :judge:

Discussing scheduling matters.
When he came in it looked like he had a black eye - on the right side. :waitasec:
Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 2m2 minutes ago
Zach's attorney says she hasn't received evidence yet so hasn't filed bill of particulars #HollyBobo

Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 1m1 minute ago
DA Matt Stowe says they're waiting on lab results from evidence found at scene where skull was found. #HollyBobo
Yikes. Judge is disturbed that this case has not moved since March.
Will Nunley ‏@willnunley · 53s53 seconds ago
NOW: Judge asks D.A. if he knows who he wants to face the death penalty. #HollyBobo on @NC5 live stream.

Jordan Buie ‏@JordanBuie · 2m2 minutes ago
Jdg McGinley: The court can see no progress in the case. I feel like the court’s scheduling order has been totally disregarded. #HollyBobo

Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 3m3 minutes ago
Stowe wants Zach Adams to go to trial first. #HollyBobo

Brittany Nicholson ‏@WBBJ7Brittany · 5m5 minutes ago
Judge McGinley says he's seen no progress in this case since first indictment in March. #HollyBobo

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